Is Childish Gambino depressed?

This article will discuss if the singer Childish Gambino is depressed. For that, the article will show what he has said about his mental health condition, what depression is, and how one can cope with it.

Is Childish Gambino depressed?

Yes, it is possible to say that the actor/singer Childish Gambino has gone through depression. In the year 2013, he posted on his Instagram some handwritten letters in which he expressed many concerns about the future and his work.

After those posts, many people started to say that he might be depressed, and even show some signs of suicidal thoughts. And after a while, he came forward to explain what he was feeling, and why he wrote those letters.

In an interview on the Joan Epstein podcast, he said he suffers from depression. But he said that it is his thought that this has turned into a common thing nowadays. He also explained how, from his point of view, people are having a hard time connecting. 

He also said that his depression is not more important than any other person’s depression.

Along with that, the singer stated that he doesn’t feel comfortable with people suggesting he just take a pill to feel better. As if everyone was trying to fix his condition quickly. So he should just take a pill and feel fine from one moment to the next. 

When explaining why he posted those letters on Instagram, he explained that some people may not understand it, but he is okay with being vulnerable, showing his insecurities, and letting all his feelings out.

Who is Childish Gambino? 

Childish Gambino, who is originally named Donald McKinley Glover Jr, was born in September 1983 in California. He is a singer, actor, writer, director, and producer that has worked in many places.

After finishing college he became the writer of the sitcom 30 Rock and became famous while acting on the show Community between 2009 and 2014. Since 2016 he has been a part of the show Atlanta which he also created.

He has won many awards for his performances, and since 2011 he has also dedicated himself to music. He has released 4 CDs so far, being the last in 2020. In his music career, he has also received many awards. 

He is usually a very private person and tries to avoid social media. He has said in interviews that he feels as if social media made him less human.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health condition that causes the person to experience intense sadness. Not only that, it can make them lose interest in most things in life, even things they used to love. Along with that, depression makes them fatigued and less energetic.

It also makes people hopeless, and feel like they have lost their purpose. It can also make the person more irritable, ashamed, and guilty. The condition also affects the person’s eating and sleeping patterns and makes them isolated from their social contacts. 

In some cases, depression can make the person consider harming themselves, and sometimes even have thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts. A person is usually considered depressed when they experience its symptoms intensely for more than 2 weeks. 

And even though those are the most common symptoms of depression, it is important to know that not everyone experiences it in the same manner.

What are ways to cope with depression? 

There are many ways people can cope with depression. And each person might need to find what suits them best. In most cases, it is the joint treatment with a therapist, a psychiatrist, and some lifestyle changes. Let’s discuss what they are.

Professional treatment

The first important thing when dealing with depression is looking for professional help. Having a therapist will allow you to have some space to discuss your emotions, and how depression may be impacting your life. 

Along with that, it will allow you to have new strategies to navigate your depression, and maybe even understand the root of your depression.

And in some cases, a psychiatrist may also be important. Going to one, that will possibly give you medication, can reduce the intensity of your symptoms, and try to balance your brain chemistry. With the two you might be able to feel better soon.


Although it can be extremely hard for people with depression to exercise, doing it can have huge benefits on your mental health. If you feel it might be hard to do long periods of exercise, try to start with some short walks around your neighborhood. 

This will give you a chance to interact with your neighbors, make you see some sunlight, and also improve your mood and energy levels. Those will happen because through exercising you can feel a rush of endorphins going through you.


Practicing meditation, or breathing exercises can be a great way to move from all those negative thoughts depression can bring. It is a way to connect to yourself, right here and right now. Pay attention to your breathing, and what surrounds you, and get out of the negative spiraling.

Healthy life habits 

Even though depression may change your eating and sleeping patterns, trying to keep them as well as possible is important. From those, you may improve your energy levels, feel less fatigued, and even reduce other symptoms of depression.

Be around people you love 

Having people that love you around you can not only allow you to share your feelings. It also allows you to perceive how other people see you, and that can be great when your self-esteem and sense of self-worth are shaken. 

Along with that, being around people you have a positive relationship with will allow you to move away from those negative thoughts even if just for a while.

Open yourself to positive things

Allowing yourself to experience new things can be hard at any moment in life, especially when you are depressed. It can make you just want to cuddle up in your comfort zone. 

But trying things that can bring you some positive feelings can allow you to feel that your sense of achievement is better, and also redirect some energy from that dark place depression puts you on. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is Childish Gambino depressed? 

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Instead, mental health professionals say that a person’s depression goes into remission. When that happens, it means that your symptoms will be milder, and even disappear. 

You may feel like you can experience joy again, and your interest in things will return. When doctors talk about depression going into remission they are doing that because it is impossible to affirm you will never experience depression again.

That is impossible to say because depression has a genetic factor to it, which is impossible to change, even with treatment. And people that have gone through a previous depressive episode have a higher chance of experiencing it again. 

So as you go into remission, it is important to maintain your care for your mental health to prevent, as much as you can, depression from happening again.

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts are the ones a person has when they consider ending their own lives. When that is the case, they might do so in two different manners. There is a form of suicidal thought in which the person passively thinks about how it would be to end their life. 

Those tend to be fleeting thoughts, and don’t have a concrete plan in them.

But the other form of suicidal thought is one in which the person thinks about it more actively. They can start to think about how, when, and with what they might end their lives. And in those cases, it is important to be extremely careful.

A person with suicidal thoughts may show they are going through with some actions and behaviors. They might become more irritable, agitated, and even have trouble sleeping. Aside from that, they may begin to give away their belongings and say goodbye to people. 

Not only that, people with suicidal thoughts can develop an intense curiosity around violent events, death, and even news that involve suicide.

How can I help a friend with suicidal thoughts? 

If you think your friend is having suicidal thoughts, the first thing you can do is ask them about it. If you do that, you authorize them to discuss this matter with you. And being able to talk to someone may be a relief. Suicide is such a taboo that it can cause the person to feel guilty and scared that they may worry others.

Through this conversation, and from your actions after that, you may show them how you are by their side. You can help them look for treatment, and also be close when they want to vent. 

If you realize that your friend is in the state in which they have been planning the suicide, you should get in touch with the professional that is treating them, and with the rest of their support network.

You all can figure out a way to not leave him alone, and take away things they can use to harm themselves, so they don’t do anything in a moment of crisis. Hopefully, with the proper treatment, they will feel better soon.

Do antidepressants always work? 

Antidepressants tend to work quite well. What some people may feel frustrated about, and don’t realize, is that the treatment with medication also takes time. One will not improve from one day to the next. And they are especially not happy pills.

Aside from that, finding the antidepressant that works for you can take time. It is a trial and error situation. It is impossible to know how each person will react to one of them, and what side effects you might experience. 

So all of that needs to be taken into consideration when you start a medication, which can be frustrating, but once you find the right one, you will experience its benefits of it.

What are ways to prevent depression?

Although it is impossible to affirm that a person will never get depressed, having a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent yourself from getting depressed. Sleeping well, eating, and exercising are great ways to do that.

You should also do things you love, and have people around you that whom you feel connected. Having positive relationships and experiences are also a great way for preventing depression.


This article discussed how the singer Childish Gambino has been open about his mental health condition. How the singer has made it public that he battles with depression, and how it impacts his life. Along with that, the article showed what depression is, and what are ways to cope with it.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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