Is cheating ever okay?

This article will discuss what are the cases in which people may excuse themselves for cheating, and why. 

Is cheating ever okay?

There are some situations in which people may think that cheating is okay. Here they are.

You were cheated on first 

If you are in a relationship and your partner has cheated on you, sometimes you may act in a flirty way with others just to get some revenge. You may have decided to keep the relationship, even though they have cheated on you, but this doesn’t mean you have forgotten about what happened.

When that is the case, you may be opening yourself up to flirting with other people, and sometimes maybe you won’t even stop at flirting. And there is no way of judging you for your behavior.

But if you are in this process, you should ask yourself a few questions: are you doing this because you want revenge, or because this person you are flirting with is someone you would regularly be attracted to? 

You should also ask yourself if you are doing this, with this person because of how your partner would react to it, or because you desire to do so. That is because, even though you may be cheating on yourself because they cheated on you, you don’t need to put yourself through something you don’t desire just to attack them.

You don’t think they will ever find out 

Sometimes we are in situations in which we excuse ourselves from cheating just because there is no way our partner would find out. But what you need to keep in mind is that, even though they may not find out, you will know what happened.

And this doesn’t mean that you will tell them out of guilt. Not everyone works like that, but you may tell some part of it on one drunken night, or even let it slip by an impulse during an argument. So if you are considering cheating on your partner based on this premise, you should consider it deeply.

Always keep in mind that a true, deep relationship takes work. And how would it be to live long term with someone, and build a life with them, without sharing that sort of thing?

You were just flirting, and things got out of hand 

Sometimes you may consider that cheating is okay if, at first, the plan wasn’t to cheat on your partner. But you may have been flirting with someone, sending teasing texts to one another, and suddenly you are faced with the possibility of really cheating on your partner.

But of course, in some relationships, even flirty texts would be considered cheating. In this case, what is important to keep in mind is that each couple defines their boundaries of what constitutes cheating, so consider the agreement you have with your partner, and how both of you view cheating, and then you can make an informed decision as to if you should go on with the flirting, or even move to more concrete cheating.

You are apart from each other 

Some couples have to deal with distance in their relationship, be it because they are in a long-distance relationship, others may be away from each other for brief periods.

In those circumstances, it may be that people allow themselves to live fun adventures, and think that it is okay since it is distant from where they live their “real lives”. 

People have said it is okay 

You may be out with your friends at a bar, and suddenly you are all playing some fun game such as “truth or dare”, and as you have a dare to do, you should go talk to that cute person sitting at the table next to you. And even though you are already in a committed relationship, you choose to go ahead and call this a free pass.

In this situation, what classifies cheating, and what can make your behavior okay, will usually depend on each person, and each couple’s boundaries. What you can use as a principle in this situation is that if you are not telling your partner, then chances are this must be cheating.

There is no more sex in your relationship 

Human beings as sexual, and the sexual drive can vary from one person to the next. It can also be that in a committed relationship it is not every time that your partner will be as sexually available as you are, and in other times it may be that the lack of sex is a sign that something is not working in the relationship.

In all those cases it can happen that the person that needs to have sexual intercourse will assume that cheating to satisfy this need is okay. And in reality, if that is what you need, just to orgasm, no emotional connection whatsoever, it can be okay, but then again, you could just satisfy yourself.

If that is not the case, and you feel that cheating would be related to making you connect to someone, you should know, before doing it, that taking this step may harm your relationship more than it will fix it. Try to talk it out with your partner and understand what is happening.

Having an affair because the marriage is “already over”

When you are in a relationship that seems to be over, and the two of you barely talk anymore, let alone properly communicate, it may seem interesting to put yourself out there, and meet another person. You may consider that living a new romance, and being appreciated by someone will be great.

And even though that feeling you get in that affair can be good, it is not something that will not help, or fix your other relationship. You committed with the other person, so cheating can add a lot of complications to your life.

 Be sure that you take all of that into consideration, especially if it is a marriage that not only involves a personal commitment, but also legal commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is cheating ever okay? 

What are signs my husband is cheating on me and he feels guilty? 

When your husband is cheating on you, but he still feels guilty about it, that may show up in some of his behaviors. First of all, he may become more secretive about his phone, and what he has been doing on the computer.

Aside from that, you can start to notice that his sex drive has changed, and whenever you ask him something to indicate you are wondering what is happening, he becomes extremely defensive. In some cases, the cheating husband can over a lot of justification just to give you the idea that they are not. cheating on you.

What are the signs of cheating? 

When a person is cheating their partner this can become clear in some way since the person begins to show some subtle hints, even if they don’t want to be caught. One of them. maybe your relationship with them started as an affair.

If your partner is always accusing you of cheating or has changed the way they used to spend their money, being that they are spending a lot more now, it can also be a subtle sign of cheating. 

When your partner comes up with many different sex moves and begins to criticize you a lot are also things to look out for. When someone is cheating on their partner, it is likely that the everyday problems in the relationship just disappear.

A partner that is cheating is also one that starts to pay more attention to how they look and often forget the stories they have told you or not. They will also be sharing less with you, but they try to keep tabs on your schedule more. 

When your partner is cheating, it is also likely that they will be random interests, and they get easily irritable when you try to confront them. 

What are the most common traits of cheaters? 

Some personality traits are more common in people that cheat when they are in a relationship. First of all, they are often extremely private people and will make a point of keeping their private life separate as much as they can.

They are also people that will hardly call their partner by their name so they don’t mistake it with the other person’s name. They are often people that are good at lying, and they keep swinging between being available, and unavailable to the person in their life.

Even if they are doing something wrong, a cheater will often use rationality to find some sort of excuse on why they haven’t done anything wrong. And when they are asked if they are cheating, they are people that can control others over the conversation without revealing the truth. Cheaters are also extremely impulsive people that can act as they feel at the moment. 

How can I stop loving someone? 

If you want to stop loving someone, there are some things you can do. The first thing you should do is come to terms with the reality that the relationship has ended. And think about how this relationship was, and what was the thing that led it to be over.

Accepting that you loved that person in your particular way, and learning what love is to you is also important. Trying to keep an eye on what can be in the road ahead can also help you recover.

When you are dealing with heartache, it may also be important to focus on your other relationships, and take some time to yourself, so you can reconnect with who you are.

Finally, you should keep in mind that it takes some time to stop loving someone. Don’t expect too much of yourself. And if at some point it all seems too hard, it may be important to talk to a therapist.

How do I know I am in love?

When you are in love, there will surely be some signs of it. You likely feel euphoric whenever you are around the person, and you cat wait to see them again. Everything the two of you do together feels exciting and new.

They have become your priority, so you always make time for them, and it can be easier to sacrifice yourself for them. When you are in love, the sex can be amazing, and you have an idealized view of them. 


This article explained what are some situations in which people can consider cheating to be okay. It also showed why people in those situations can feel it is okay.

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