Is Cerebral public? (+9 advantages of Cerebral)

In this post, we will answer if Cerebral is public. We will also be looking at the various advantages and disadvantages that this mental health subscription service can bring to its users. Cerebral is definitely one of the leading platforms today in both online therapy as well as online psychiatry services, catering to the mental health needs of millions of users.

Is Cerebral public?

No, Cerebral is not public. This mental health startup which launched in 2020 under the name Get Cerebral is basically a mental health subscription service, where users can subscribe to various plans to receive therapy, medications or even both for their mental issues. The platform runs completely online and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Advantages of Cerebral

Using a platform like Cerebral can bring various advantages to any user. The best advantages or benefits of using this platform for your mental health needs have been elaborated in this section:

The platform is completely online

Probably the best thing about Cerebral is that it functions completely online, which means the users do not need to step out of their homes for any issue related to mental health. The therapy, including the psychiatry services can all be accessed from home. This becomes superb especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Therapy becomes easy

Seeking therapy and other interventions for mental health can be quite overwhelming when compared to the intervention itself. However, Cerebral makes all of this much easier. The platform literally guides the clients or users by hand and leads them step by step which anyone can manage no matter how stressed they might be.


It has psychiatry services

The platform not only provides great therapy services, but also offers psychiatry services for its clients. Another great thing about the psychiatry services available in Cerebral is that the client does not have to step out to the pharmacy at all. The medications or drugs reach the homes of the clients since the shipping is also covered in the subscription fees.

It has several plans

Cerebral also offers a variety of plans that users can choose from according to their needs and requirements. The Therapy Only plan offers therapy exclusively for the clients while the Medication and Care Counseling plan offers psychiatry services. The Medication and Therapy plan offers a combination of both therapy as well as psychiatry services.

It offers care counseling

The platform ensures collaborative care for all its users. This means that the clients of Cerebral are not only guided by one mental health professional but a team that collaborates and decides the best course of action. All the clients have access to a care counselor who acts as a support system and also teaches important coping strategies and techniques.

It has additional resources

Cerebral also has many other resources and guides that can be useful for any user, other than the therapy sessions or the psychiatry services. The platform offers guides for mindfulness, stress management, grounding activities, relaxation activities and much more. It also has tracking features through which the client can directly see their progress throughout the intervention.

It provides smart security

The platform is also completely HIPAA compliant which means it has incorporated the best security features for it to function. Security is necessary for online mental health platforms like Cerebral since they deal with a lot of private and sensitive information which can cause great damage if leaked or stolen.

It has insurance coverage

It also offers insurance coverage for all its plans through many in-network providers. This can significantly reduce the costs of therapy as well as psychiatry. This is definitely one of the best-selling features of Cerebral since not many online mental health care platforms offer insurance coverage for their plans.

It has different modes of communication

Cerebral brings plenty of flexibility and adaptability to its clients by allowing them to communicate with their care team through various modes. Clients can choose to message their care counselors or therapist. They can also opt for phone sessions or video sessions which they can pick and choose according to their needs and conveniences.


Disadvantages of Cerebral

While Cerebral definitely has many advantages or pros, it still has some limitations that readers need to be aware of. The disadvantages mentioned below are those which have been experienced by users.

  • The platform does not offer therapy in all the states of the US and thus clients in many states might be discouraged
  • While the platform offers insurance coverage through in-network providers, those who are uninsured may find the plans quite expensive
  • Many users have felt that the platform takes a lot of time to respond and set up appointments and thus those who are looking for quick on-time responses may not like Cerebral
  • The platforms also does not offer other types of therapy, such as couples therapy, teens therapy or group therapy

Best alternative to Cerebral

An alternative to Cerebral that readers might be interested to explore is Betterhelp. While this platform does not provide psychiatry services, it has features for couples therapy, teens therapy and even has weekly group therapy sessions.


In this post, we have answered if Cerebral is public. We have also looked at the various advantages and disadvantages that this mental health subscription service can bring to its users.

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