Is Cerebral legitimate? (+9 Pros Of Cerebral)

In this post, we will discuss if Cerebral is legitimate. We will be looking at a few advantages of this platform that users have experienced and found appealing. In addition to this, we will also be checking out some of the limitations of Cerebral. Online mental healthcare platforms like Cerebral are doing their bit to ensure easy accessibility and affordability to all.

Is Cerebral legitimate?

Yes, Cerebral is legitimate. In this mental health subscription platform, users can have access to therapy as well as psychiatry services. This platform thus has gained more 100, 000 patients since its launch in early 2020. Cerebral also has a 4.7 rating in the Apple app store and a 4.4 star rating in the Google Play store.

Advantages of using Cerebral

By using Cerebral, those who are seeking mental health care online for cost-effective rates can have a multitude of advantages and benefits. Some of the advantages of this platform have been described in the section below:

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

Cerebral operates completely online and thus its services can be accessed from almost anywhere. This makes it very convenient for those users who have very busy schedules and thus find it difficult to make time for therapy. It also becomes useful for those who have physical disabilities and as a result are not able to leave the house often for mental health care visits.


It offers safe technology

The technology that Cerebral uses is quite safe and fully HIPAA compliant. The platform has incorporated various security measures such as end to end encryptions, multi-step authentications and even strong firewalls. Thus, the privacy and confidentiality of the user is well-secure and generally safe.


It provides various formats

In Cerebral, the user can communicate with their mental health professionals through several formats and modes. The clients in this platform can choose to communicate with their therapists, prescribers and even care counselors through messaging, phone sessions and even live video sessions which can be scheduled in advance.

Cerebral is very affordable

When compared to traditional mental health care, Cerebral offers very cost-effective plans for its users. This factor becomes very appealing as the high cost factor mental health care is the main reason why many don’t seek professional help even if they desperately need it. In addition to this, Cerebral also allows insurance coverage through several in-network providers.

It makes mental health care very easy

Mental health care itself becomes a whole lot easier through Cerebral. In traditional mental health care, clients often have to wait for long periods of time while waiting for a suitable professional. However, in Cerebral, users are almost immediately matched with a therapist or a prescriber along with a care counselor who guides them throughout the process.

It provides care counseling

Cerebral offers a collaborative care model for its users. This means that the mental health of the user is taken care of by a set of professionals. In Cerebral, the straw that stirs the drink is the care counselor. This mental health professional provides emotional support to the client while also regularly checking for progress and reporting back to the therapist and the prescriber.

It offers therapy as well as psychiatry

Users in Cerebral can get access to therapy as well as psychiatry. And thus, Cerebral acts as a one-stop shop for all the mental health needs of the user. The therapy services and the psychiatry services are provided by licensed and certified mental health professionals who undergo strict background checks before they are allowed to work with patients.


It has a variety of plans

There are also three different plans that users can choose from in Cerebral. Users who want only therapy can choose the Therapy Only plan, while those who require only psychiatry services can opt for the Medication and Care Counseling plan. The Medication and Therapy plan can be great for those who require both these services for the management of their mental health conditions.

It is beneficial for therapists as well

In addition to benefiting the user, Cerebral can provide tons of advantages for the therapists and other mental health professionals who work in this platform. Professionals here do not have to work from an office and thus can save money on rent and utilities. Furthermore, the platform also takes care of the paperwork and marketing for the mental health professionals.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral brings a range of advantages and benefits for the user, it also has a few limitations such as:

  • Cerebral does not offer couples therapy or teens therapy unlike many other mental health platforms
  • There are no group therapy sessions available in Cerebral
  • Those individuals who do not have insurance coverage may find the platform quite expensive and thus might not be able to afford a subscription
  • Cerebral requires constant internet access, especially for the live sessions. In the absence of such a feature, the platform cannot be used

Best alternative to Cerebral

Those who are looking for an alternative to Cerebral will definitely be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and group therapy sessions, while also providing financial assistance.



In this post, we have discussed if Cerebral is legitimate. We have looked at a few advantages of this platform that users have experienced and found appealing. In addition to this, we have also checked out some of the limitations of Cerebral.

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