Is Cerebral good? (+3 Pros Of Online Therapy)

This post will discuss if Cerebral is good. We will look at this question in detail by exploring the various advantages of this mental health subscription platform. We shall also mention a few limitations of Cerebral. Lastly, we will discuss the actual importance of online therapy through platforms like Cerebral today.

Is Cerebral good?

Yes, Cerebral is very good at delivering top notch mental health care to millions of users. Cerebral has also received mostly positive reviews from its users as it provides a wide range of advantages such as:

It is highly accessible

This platform operates completely online and thus can be accessed from anywhere as long as the user has stable internet and a compatible device. Cerebral can thus be great for those who have very busy schedules and therefore find it difficult to fix regular therapy appointments. It also proves to be helpful for those who cannot leave the house on a frequent basis.

It is pretty easy to use

Most users have been astounded at the simplicity and high ease of use in Cerebral. This platform makes mental health care a practical cake walk for its users. Unlike traditional mental health care settings, the clients here do not have to go anywhere to receive treatment and can avail interventions from the comfort of their homes in a short span of time.

It is safe to use

The technology that Cerebral uses is completely HIPAA compliant and very safe to use. In order to protect the identity and data of the user, Cerebral has incorporated several security measures including end to end encryptions and multi-step authentications. Cerebral also provides physical safety since it does not require the client and the professional to meet each other face to face.

It has licensed professionals

The platform also uses licensed and certified mental health professionals and thus the users can be guaranteed of only the best quality of mental health care. Cerebral also uses a collaborative care system for delivery of interventions. This means that the user is taken care of by a team of professionals who track the progress of the client frequently and regularly.

It offers psychiatry services

In addition to therapy services, Cerebral also offers psychiatry services for its users. Psychiatry is necessary for users who deal with mental health conditions such as severe depression and anxiety which often require a combination of therapy and medications. The medications and drugs in Cerebral are shipped to the home of the user directly, using very discrete packaging.

It offers various modes of therapy

There are also multiple modes of therapy that are offered in Cerebral. Unlike in-person therapy or traditional therapy which uses speech as the main mode of communication, Cerebral allows the user to communicate with their therapist through messaging, live phone sessions and even live video sessions which can be scheduled in advance.


It is quite affordable

The plans in Cerebral are also quite affordable. The platform offers three types of plans – Therapy Only, Medication and Therapy and Medication and Care Counseling, which are all eligible for insurance coverage through several in-network providers. This can greatly increase the affordability and accessibility of mental health care for many parts of society.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral surely has its plethora of advantages, there are also a few limitations that users have experienced in this platform. Some of these limitations are:

  • Even though Cerebral offers insurance coverage which can greatly increase its affordability, this platform can still be expensive for those who do not have insurance
  • Cerebral does not offer other forms of therapy such as couples therapy or teens therapy, unlike many other online therapy platforms
  • It also does not have features for group therapy sessions, which many individuals actively look for in these types of platforms
  • The psychiatry services are not allowed to prescribe many medications for conditions like ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. This can be a letdown for many
  • The therapy services in Cerebral are also not available in all the states of the US. This can prove discouraging to residents of some localities
  • The live sessions cannot be scheduled in mass or bulk and has to be fixed only one appointment at a time. This can seem quite inconvenient for many individuals

Importance of online therapy

Online therapy has become quite common and has increased in relevance especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the growth has been sudden and spectacular, it looks like online therapy is here to stay. Some of the reasons why online therapy is actually so important today are:

  • Online therapy can be accessed and used from anywhere and almost everywhere. And thus, even those who reside in remote locations can easily access certified mental health professionals.
  • Online therapy proves to be a lot more affordable than in-person therapy. Platforms like Cerebral and Talkspace also offer insurance coverage for their users. Another great online therapy platform, BetterHelp, offers financial assistance to its users.
  • Online therapy can also be great for those who cannot leave the house often due to a physical disability or some other reason.



This post has discussed if Cerebral is good. We have looked at this question in detail by exploring the various advantages of this mental health subscription platform. We have also mentioned a few limitations of Cerebral. Lastly, we have discussed the actual importance of online therapy through platforms like Cerebral today.

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