Is Cerebral a real company? (+5 advantages)

This post will explain if Cerebral is indeed a real company. We will also be looking at the actual importance of therapy. In addition to this, we will be discussing the various advantages that you can experience while using Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements. Therapy, particularly online therapy, has become very popular in these COVID-19 times.

Is Cerebral a real company?

Yes, Cerebral is definitely a real company. Cerebral, or Get Cerebral as it was formerly called, is a mental health subscription service through which individuals can get easy access to licensed therapists and also qualified psychiatrists for their various mental health issues. The platform was launched in 2020 and has already created a name for itself in telemedicine and online therapy.

Importance of therapy

You definitely might have someone or the other tell you about the importance of therapy. Therapy can bring benefits to you and to those around you. In fact, if more people went to therapy, the world would certainly be a better place. Let us look at some of the best benefits that therapy provides and why it is actually so important:

Therapy can bring more self-awareness

The most important thing that therapy can do for you is bring a higher level of self-awareness. It is only through self-awareness that an individual learns to grow. This is because they understand more about their strengths and also their weaknesses. Self-awareness itself helps in improving the levels of self-regulation and thus is necessary for personal development.

Therapy can improve relationships

Therapy can also improve the quality of relationships that you have with others. It is no wonder that fields like couples therapy and family therapy are a booming industry. Many individuals are not aware of what to say and when to say it, and thus can really strain their relationships. Therapy can help you understand yourself better which brings the best of you in a relationship.

Therapy can help you grow

Therapy can also help you grow. It is not enough that you accept yourself as you are. You also need to continuously adapt and grow. Even if we decide not to, the world warrants continuous growth. Therapy can help you in this by creating realistic goals for yourself and using various behavioral and cognitive strategies to achieve these and thus push ourselves forward.


Therapy can bring a better work-life balance

Therapy can also bring about a better work-life balance for those who are struggling with it. In such a competitive world as this, work-life balance is one of the areas where people struggle with. Unfortunately, a poor work-life balance does not only affect us but can also directly affect those around us. Therapy can help us balance both these important aspects.


Therapy is a great form of self-care

Self-care is necessary for good mental health and also physical health. Without self-care, our daily stressors and frustrations can take over our mindsets and can even lead to mental illnesses. While there are many different forms of self-care, therapy can also be a wonderful venue for good practices of self-care.


Therapy can help with depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses out there today. Depression can also lead to suicidal ideations and even death if left untreated. While severe depression requires medications and perhaps even institutionalization to be treated, therapy is also required. Therapy can be used to improve the daily life of the depressed person and help them combat the illness.

Therapy is mandatory for many mental illnesses

Other than depression, many other mental illnesses can also greatly benefit from talking therapy. Those who are struggling with mental illnesses like schizophrenia, anxiety, phobias and many others often use a combination of medications and therapy to manage symptoms. Therapy not only helps with symptoms, but can also point to the unconscious root causes of mental illnesses.

Therapy can help you with trauma

Trauma and critical situations can happen at any time in our lives. Unfortunately, we might not always be prepared for it mentally and many of us may not have the right support system around this to help us get through this. However, therapy can prove to be a solid support system while also be a safe space for healthy venting and expression.

Advantages of using Cerebral

Cerebral brings its clients or users many advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Psychiatry services along with therapy which is necessary for many. The medications are also shipped right to the doorstep of the client.
  • A collaborative style of care through a coordinator, a prescriber, a therapist and a care counselor to find the best course of action for the client.
  • Continuous access to the mental health professionals.
  • Insurance coverage for all its plans through many in-network insurance providers.
  • Ability to choose therapists or prescribers based on the bios put up in the platform.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an alternative to Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements, you can easily choose Betterhelp. This platform provides individual therapy, couples therapy, therapy for teenagers and also has group therapy sessions. While it does not have insurance coverage, Betterhelp provides financial assistance for those who are finding affordability an issue.


This post has explained if Cerebral is indeed a real company. We have also looked at the actual importance of therapy. In addition to this, we have discussed the various advantages that you can experience while using Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements.

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