Is Cerebral a good therapy? (+9 advantages)

In this post, we will discuss if Cerebral is a good therapy. To understand this better we will be looking closely at the various advantages as well as disadvantages of this mental health subscription. We will also be discussing an alternative online mental health care platform that readers might be interested in.

Is Cerebral a good therapy?

Yes, Cerebral is a great platform for therapy. This mental health subscription not only provides therapy but also has psychiatry services. Some of the advantages or benefits of using Cerebral for your mental health needs and requirements have been discussed in this section:

Therapy can be accessed from anywhere

Cerebral operates completely online and thus the user or client can access their therapists from practically anywhere. This makes it great for those who cannot leave the house often for therapy sessions and doctor visits, such as those who are physically disabled, or those who are involved in infant care.

There are various formats for therapy

There are also different formats of therapy and communication that are available. Clients can choose to communicate with their therapists, care counselors or prescribers through messaging which is not otherwise available in in-person therapy. They can also schedule phone or video sessions that they can choose according to their needs and preferences.

The platform is HIPAA compliant

Cerebral is also completely HIPAA compliant which means that it has incorporated only the best security features that can guarantee the highest levels of safety and privacy for its clients. Cerebral is equipped with security features like end to end encryptions, strong firewalls and multi-step authentications.

There is insurance coverage

Therapy can be quite expensive and thus many are opting for online therapy since it is much cheaper. Cerebral adds to this advantage by allowing insurance coverage through in-network providers for all its plans. This can greatly bring down the costs of its plans and thus allows more clients to afford it.

It also has psychiatry services

Cerebral also offers psychiatry services for those clients who require medications or drugs for their various mental health issues. Many illnesses like severe depression and anxiety warrant a combination of talking therapy as well as medications, and this feature of Cerebral can be quite helpful. Furthermore, the medications are shipped to the homes of the users.

It offers care counseling

Cerebral follows a collaborative style of care, which means not just one but several mental health professionals are involved in the intervention or treatment of a client. A care counselor is one such mental health professional that all clients of Cerebral have access to. This person ensures that the client adheres to the treatment and also gets all the emotional support that they need.

There is unlimited messaging allowed

Cerebral also allows unlimited messaging or texting for its clients. This is especially in relation to their care counselors. Messaging therapy is already being used by many other platforms and has been found to not only improve communication but also allow venting and expression for the client.

Therapist bios are mentioned

The platform also mentions the details and bios of the therapists so that the clients can choose accordingly. This helps in creating a better client-therapist fit which is necessary for successful therapy. It also is easy to switch therapists which can be indicated when the client has outgrown their therapists or wants to explore diverse options.

There are a variety of plans

Furthermore, Cerebral has a variety of plans priced differently that clients can choose according to their mental health needs and requirements. The Therapy Only plan offers therapy exclusively while the Medications and Care Counseling plan offers psychiatry services in combination with care counseling. The Medications and Therapy plan brings the best of both these features.


Disadvantages of Cerebral

Cerebral also has several disadvantages or limitations that clients have experienced in their usage. A few of these disadvantages have been described below:

The therapy is not available everywhere

While the therapy features of Cerebral are certainly one of the best in the market today, these are not available in all the states of the US. This can be a letdown for many who do not have access to licensed and qualified therapists in their own regions or localities. This also becomes discouraging for those who cannot afford in-person therapy and thus seek online therapy.

The plans can still be expensive

In-person therapy can be quite expensive which is why many seek online therapy as a cheaper alternative. Cerebral definitely offers cost-effective therapy and psychiatry services in comparison to in-person therapy. While the platform offers insurance coverage for many users, for those who are not eligible, the plans of Cerebral can prove to be quite expensive.

Best alternative to Cerebral

While Cerebral is definitely useful for those who are looking for therapy as well as psychiatry services, it still lacks in many areas. If you are looking for an alternative to Cerebral that has features for individual therapy and also offers couples therapy, family therapy and group therapy, Betterhelp is the way to go for you.


In this post, we have discussed if Cerebral is a good therapy. To understand this better we have looked closely at the various advantages as well as disadvantages of this mental health subscription. We have also discussed an alternative online mental health care platform that readers might be interested in.

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