Is CalmiGo safe? (+3 advantages of CalmiGo)


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Page last updated: 18/10/2022

This article will answer if CalmiGo is safe. We will also look at the actual importance of destressing or stress management. Lastly, we will further discuss the various advantageous features of CalmiGo itself. CalmiGo is a handheld device that can be great for the management of symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

Is CalmiGo safe?

Yes, CalmiGo is definitely safe. Firstly, the device does not use any drugs and thus those who are looking for medication free treatment can use CalmiGo. Also, the scented elements in the device use natural essential oils for aromatherapy. Lastly, the device itself is made of food grade plastic and silicone and thus is very safe for both adults and children to use.

Importance of destressing

Destressing is also called stress management. This refers to the various techniques and processes that are used to reduce stress levels in individuals. It can be of many types and can also take many forms. Some reasons why destressing and stress management is important have been discussed in detail in the following section:

It can reduce stress levels

The whole point of destressing or stress management is to reduce stress levels in the individual. Activities that are undertaken as part of stress management such as exercise, yoga or meditation have been proven to improve the endorphin and serotonin levels in humans which are basically our happy hormones.

It can improve levels of self-awareness

Destressing activities can also improve the levels of self-awareness in the individual. Self-awareness is necessary for the personal growth and development. It can bring more awareness of the unique strengths of the individual and also helps them be more accepting of their weaknesses or limitations.

It can help bring better focus

Destressing and stress management can be useful to improve the focus and concentration of the individual. These activities take the strain of stress away and thus the person can concentrate on other needful things. Destressing activities like yoga can definitely increase the focus and concentration of the individual.

It can improve productivity

Destressing can further improve the performance and productivity of the person. This is the reason why many organizations today are giving so much importance tow work-life balance and the psychological health of their employees. When stress levels are low, the person can give more effort to their actual work since they are not using their energy for worry or for fear.

It can improve sleep

Sleep can also be improved with the help of de-stressing activities and stress management activities. While many do certainly use sleep itself as a de-stressing activity, the opposite effects can also be great especially for those who are suffering from sleep issues. It is also advised to follow a proper sleep hygiene protocol in addition to the stress management itself.

It can improve immunity levels

High levels of stress have been known to decrease immunity levels in individuals. And this is the reason why many who experience high levels of stress or are suffering from mental illnesses are more prone to infection and disease than others. However, participating regularly in de-stressing activities can definitely improve the immunity levels of the person.

It can improve other areas of life

Furthermore, these activities that are being used for de-stressing or stress management can certainly improve the other areas of our life as well. For instance, using exercise as a form of stress management can improve our overall physique, while joining a support group for stress management can also lead to new friendships and great resources.

Is CalmiGo safe? (+3 advantages of CalmiGo)

Advantageous features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo can bring plenty of advantages and benefits to any user, even those who are new to this device. The best features of CalmiGo are:

It is a one-time investment

The device itself is a one-time investment which the user can use for a long time. Thus, unlike medications or drugs that require regular refilling and doctor visits, CalmiGo requires the individual to only buy the device once. Only the batteries and scented elements need to be replaced once every three to four months.

It is drug free

CalmiGo does not use any medications or drugs to treat the symptoms of anxiety. And thus, those who are wary of medications for fear of side-effects or dependency issues can easily opt for CalmiGo as a safe option. The scented elements in the device also use only natural and vegan essential oils for the purpose of aromatherapy.

 The device is also pretty simple and easy to use. Even those who are new to CalmiGo can get the hang of it pretty soon. The device uses feedback lights and vibrations as prompts to guide and direct the person using it. In addition to this, the device is programmed to pick up the unique breathing pattern and style of the person and adjust itself accordingly.

It uses aromatherapy

The great thing about CalmiGo is that it not only uses breathing exercises to produce a calming effect. It also uses the power of aromatherapy. The scented elements in the device can be any of the three scents available from lavender, peppermint and even bergamot. These elements can last for a period of up to four months.


This article has answered if CalmiGo is safe. We have also looked at the actual importance of destressing or stress management. Lastly, we have further discussed the various advantageous features of CalmiGo itself.

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