Is CalmiGo a vape? (+5 alternative treatments)

This post will answer if CalmiGo is a vape. We will also be looking at some of the alternative treatments that are commonly used for anxiety and panic attacks. Lastly, we will discuss the best features of CalmiGo that make it such a popular tool for relief from anxiety. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental illnesses today and millions suffer from it daily.

Is CalmiGo a vape?

No, CalmiGo is not a vape. This is a handheld device that it used to manage the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. CalmiGo uses the power of breathing exercises combined with aromatherapy to induce a calming effect on the user, even when they are experiencing a high level of anxiety.

Alternative treatments for anxiety

While there are medical treatments for anxiety which can be very effective, many are flocking towards alternative treatments as these are perceived to have lesser side effects and also improve other areas of life. Alternative treatments can also be quite cost-effective and may have long-lasting effects. Some of the most common alternative treatments for anxiety are:

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation is not only reserved for those who want to become spiritual masters. These techniques are gaining popularity since they affect the mind as well as the body. While meditation can improve focus and bring a calm state of mind, yoga can also bring about more flexibility and agility in the person which can be beneficial overall.


Journaling is commonly advised by therapists. This activity of writing down your feelings and thoughts has a multi-pronged effect. It can be a form of healthy expression or venting which is great for self-care. It can also help in sorting thoughts and reframing our thought patterns, which can help in separating the irrational from the real.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can also definitely help in reducing anxiety levels in a person. Breathing exercises, when practiced right, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for reducing anxiety. There are also many devices which incorporate breathing exercises, such as CalmiGo, and these can be quite effective in managing symptoms of anxiety.


Aromatherapy uses the power of certain scents and smells to bring about a calming effect. These scents stimulate the emotional parts of the brain, which is the limbic system. Many scents like lavender and peppermint have been known to induce relaxation. The great thing about aromatherapy is that it can be used throughout the day through perfumes, shampoos, etc.


CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil is gaining a lot of popularity in the treatment of anxiety and other mental health problems. In fact, it is recommended and prescribed by many doctors in places where medical marijuana is legal. CBD oil does not produce a high but can definitely help the user manage the symptoms of anxiety quickly and effectively.

 There are also many nutritional supplements and herbal supplements that can be helpful with anxiety. However, we must be careful while using these as too much can lead to other problems. Supplements provide the nutrients that our body is finding difficult to absorb from our diet. Some examples of these are Vitamin B12, Kava root and Chamomile which is used as teas.

Best features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo is a highly popular tool that can help a user manage the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks on their own. The tool is quite appealing as it can bring a range of features and advantages such as the ones which have been described in this section:

It is small in size

The device itself is quite small and resembles an emergency inhaler. Due to this size and shape, it can be very discreet and won’t bring any unwanted attention. And thus, users can carry it with them wherever they go. CalmiGo is made using food-grade plastic and silicone and thus can pass through any security check-points easily.

The user has full control

As compared to other types of treatments, CalmiGo gives full control to the user to manage their symptoms. Thus, the user does not have to depend on any medications or drugs. They also do not need to see a doctor or a therapist. This high level of control can bring a lot of convenience and at the same time do wonders for the self-esteem of the user.

It is easy to use

The device is very simple and pretty easy to use by anyone and everyone. Due to its simplistic design, CalmiGo is also being used by many children for stress relief and anxiety management. CalmiGo uses lights and vibrations to prompt and guide the user through the breathing exercise and thus even newbies can get the hang of it in a short span of time.

It affects multiple senses

CalmiGo affects not just one but multiple senses at once to bring a positive effect on the mind and body of the user. The device uses feedback lights which indicate when it is powered on and also shows the battery level. It also uses vibration which can be turned on or off according to the wishes of the user. Furthermore, there are scented elements that have therapeutic properties.


This post has answered if CalmiGo is a vape. We have also looked at some of the alternative treatments that are commonly used for anxiety and panic attacks. Lastly, we have discussed the best features of CalmiGo that make it such a popular tool for relief from anxiety.

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