Is Betterhelp Worth The Money(5 Reasons Why)

This article will justify why Betterhelp is worth the money by not only outlining their services that are available to clients but what it is about their services that make them worth it! Furthermore, the article will introduce Betterhelp as one of the leading online mental health platforms while also explaining what efforts they have to make to ensure a safe and reliable service is provided to their clients.

Is Betterhelp Worth The Money?

Here are 5 reasons why Betterhelp is worth paying for:

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Anonymity
  • Selecting A Service Provider
  • Digital Worksheets

Before we look at each point in detail, let us take a look at Betterhelp and find out why exactly it is one of the leading mental health platforms online.

What Is Betterhelp – The Online Therapist

Betterhelp is one of the largest online platforms that provides multiple services for all types of people who are suffering from mental health problems and require counseling. 

Members and clients do not have to go anywhere but can sit at home and avail a multitude of services that are affiliated with this online platform. Hence they avoid traveling, save time and can avail services keeping in mind their limitations caused by their mental health problems; sometimes people are not in the condition to go outside the house for therapy or counseling, they need services at home!

With around 1700 licensed professionals onboard, more than 900,000 clients and having conducted at least 70 million sessions online, it would be insufficient to say it is just one of those online platforms that provide mental health services! The best thing about Betterhelp is that it is available to all people regardless of their background and ensures people can choose the medium of communication that is most appropriate for them such as chatting, calls or video sessions with their counselors.

Why You Should Choose Betterhelp – Paying For What Matters!

Unlimited Sessions

Ever feel helpless when you realize you have just started opening up to your therapist and suddenly the time for the session finishes? That happens to many of us whether you are talking to a counselor, friend or mentor it hurts to find out that they have to go or attend to someone else especially when you have just started getting to the deeper things.

With Betterhelp you don’t have to worry! They provide unlimited sessions. What does this mean? It means there is no time limit on the session you have with your counselor or therapist. It can go on for as long as you need and this is why Betterhelp is one of the best options you have and should pay for; they realize it takes time for clients to open up with their counselors so putting a time cap on sessions can actually hamper the process and make things take longer.

At Betterhelp, clients can opt to take up chatting, audio and/or video calling with their counselors based on their needs and comfort level. They can also have short sessions if that is what they prefer – people have different needs.

Monthly Subscriptions

One of the best things at Betterhelp is that you pay through a monthly subscription and not a per session basis. This can actually help a lot of clients not only mentally but financially as well. 

Some people require more sessions and if they are charged per session they will not only be stressed out mentally and financially but they will feel hesitant acquiring the help they need. If they know they have to pay once and can avail as many sessions as they want, they can talk to their counselor without any hesitation. Betterhelp makes availing the service easy which very few businesses understand the importance of!

Furthermore, such a practice prevents exploitation of clients. You can extend progress across a number of sessions instead of achieving it in a few (if possible) to gain more money with the pay per session model. Not to say it is always an exploitative practice but it can become one. In some cases, this model is more suitable. But keeping in mind the needs of clients who require help online, the pay model Betterhelp follows is great!


Betterhelp has created a platform where people can get the help they need without revealing who they are to anyone – even their own counselor! Pretty neat right? This provides so many people the comfort level and privacy they need to open up about their problems without fearing getting judged or labeled or their information leaking out.

It is simple – people availing services at Betterhelp just need to sign up with a nickname they can choose for themselves and hence can keep their true identity to themselves.

Selecting A Service Provider

Sometimes getting stuck with the wrong counselor can become a nightmare. I mean its already enough work to make the decision to get mental help and act on it let alone getting paired up with a person who you not only feel comfortable with but tend to dislike for their attitude. It is tough especially when you have already paid for the session. Also the stigma attached to changing that counselor and going for another one can be strong if you live in a small town.

Betterhelp takes care of this problem by actually setting up a system to pair you with the right counselor! Not happy? You can simply change them and go for the one you prefer. It is an easy system that saves you from a lot of embarrassment and makes sure you get value for your money. Like I said, it’s all about making services easy to avail.

Digital Worksheets.

Enough talk! Let’s get down to some serious business. Betterhelp realizes that mental health services are not all about chit chat; you need to actually do something to make things better in your life.

At Betterhelp, there are more than 150 + worksheets that can be assigned to clients based on their needs and mental health condition. It helps them practically apply what they are being told to do. It also helps them stay consistent in their sessions and stay in touch with their counselors.

Many people are going through serious mental disorders; they feel alone and vulnerable and just knowing they have something to do or someone is waiting for them to submit a certain piece of work really helps them get through the tough times in life.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

How Does Betterhelp Make This Possible?

Here are 3 things Betterhelp does that needs money and hence they need to charge for the services they provide to their clients:

  • Bringing Service Providers To You
  • Security – Everyone’s Number 1 Concern
  • Great Services

Bringing Service Providers To You

Betterhelp is an online platform that does not only have counselors but psychologists and therapists as well hence bringing them onboard and ensuring they are provided attractive compensation packages does require extra finance.

They have licensed psychologists, licensed social and clinical workers as well as licensed counselors and therapists onboard who are committed to providing the necessary services that people require.

Security – Everyone’s Number 1 Concern

Not to mention that they use an SSL encryption and banking grade 256 bit encryption, they are hosted under the most secure servers because they value your privacy and realize that sensitive information is exchanged on their platform.

Great Services

Usually when you visit your therapist at their office, there is only one medium of interaction which is the face to face one; you sit in an office and face your therapist in person while trying to open up about your problems. Although this medium has its own advantages, many people find it difficult to participate in such sessions especially when they are sharing sensitive and somewhat explicit information about themselves.

Betterhelp provides customized sessions; depending on your comfort level they allow you to take sessions with your counselor or therapists through chatting, audio and video calls. Hence, clients can choose what medium suits them and their needs the best while ensuring their comfort is not disturbed.


Other than introducing the mental health platform to the audience, the article highlighted what makes Betterhelp’s services worth it and what Betterhelp has to do to make such a platform available for service providers and clients to connect