Is BetterHelp legit? (+3 benefits of online therapy)

This post will discuss if BetterHelp is legit. We will also be looking at some of the features of this platform that users personally have enjoyed. In addition to this, we will be elaborating some of the great benefits that online therapy can bring to both therapists as well as clients. Online therapy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to expensive traditional therapy.

Is BetterHelp legit?

Yes, Betterhelp is definitely legit. This platform provides online therapy for millions of users at very affordable rates. BetterHelp not only offers individual therapy, but also has features for couples therapy and even teens therapy. Furthermore, the platform also has group sessions which are conducted once a week.

Best features of Betterhelp

Betterhelp is being used by millions of individuals to improve their quality of life. This platform brings plenty of advantageous features to those who need therapy such as:

  • It provides therapy in many different ways which means user can access their therapist through unlimited messaging in text, audio or video formats. They can also schedule live sessions with their therapist through live chats, live audio or live video sessions which they can choose according to their needs and preferences.
  • The platform also provides therapy for teenagers. This is necessary since adolescence can be a tricky age and teenagers often go through stressful periods where the support and stability of therapy can be great. This is even more relatable due to the fact that many mental illnesses show their initial signs in these age groups.
  • Betterhelp additionally provides therapy for couples who are going through a rough patch in their relationships. This is not only for those who are experiencing relationship problems but also for those who want to improve their relationship by understanding each other better and helping one another grow.
  • The platform allows the user to access therapy from anywhere and everywhere since it operates completely online. And thus, even those who cannot leave the house often can get easy access to therapy.
  • Through this platform the entire process of finding a suitable therapist and starting the intervention process is shortened since BetterHelp finds a therapist for the user mostly within a period of 24 hours.
  • This platform also brings a better fit between the user and the therapist by using artificial intelligence to match the preference of the user with a suitable therapist from its large network of mental health professionals.
  • The therapists who work with Betterhelp and provide therapy services are all licensed and certified and thus users can be guaranteed of high quality therapy and mental health interventions.
  • The platform further provides other resources such as digital worksheets which can be of great help in improving self-awareness, relaxation, focus and concentration. These can also be used to track the progress of the user throughout the intervention process.
  • BetterHelp is completely HIPAA compliant and provides high security and privacy for all its users which is important in therapy since users often share sensitive and confidential information with their therapists.
  • BetterHelp further gives the option of anonymity for the user. The user can opt to use a nickname or a username for their therapy sessions which otherwise is not an option in in-person therapy or traditional therapy settings.
  • The platform also provides concessions for those who are not able to afford the therapy sessions in BetterHelp. In addition to this, Betterhelp offers financial assistance for those who are from low-income households or even those whose incomes have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of online therapy

Online therapy is becoming a great alternative for many users, especially since it is pretty cost-effective when compared to traditional therapy. Not only the cost fact, but there are many other advantages and benefits that online therapy provides to the user, such as the ones which have been explained below:

Online therapy is definitely cheaper

We definitely cannot ignore or downplay this factor. Online therapy is definitely cheaper than in-person therapy and this is one of the biggest selling factors. Many individuals simply cannot afford traditional therapy and thus do not have access to mental health care even if they need it the most. For these individuals, online therapy can be a great and effective choice.

It brings safety

Online therapy does not require the client and therapist to meet face to face. This can be suitable and safe for not only clients but also therapists. Since therapy sessions can get heated, many therapists themselves experience violence. For this, online therapy can be a safe option for the therapist and the client and thus brings more comfort and efficacy to the treatment.

It provides anonymity

Anonymity is something that many individuals look forward to when they are looking for mental health care. Anonymity is important for many since there is still a lot of stigma that surrounds mental health. However, in traditional therapy settings anonymity cannot be guaranteed, but can be easily managed in online therapy which further increases its appeal.


This post has discussed if BetterHelp is legit. We have also looked at some of the features of this platform that users personally have enjoyed. In addition to this, we have elaborated some of the great benefits that online therapy can bring to both therapists as well as clients.

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