Is BetterHelp good? (+5 features of BetterHelp)

In this post, we will explain if BetterHelp is good. We will also be discussing the actual importance of therapy and how it can benefit an individual. Furthermore, we will be looking at some of the best features of Betterhelp that can be very advantageous and beneficial for all the users of this online therapy platform.

Is BetterHelp good?

Yes, BetterHelp is very good. The users who have utilized this platform for their mental health needs and requirements have mostly given positive reviews and thus BetterHelp is one of the giants in the field of online therapy. The platform not only is great at providing easy access to therapy but brings multiple ways to do so which makes it a whole lot appealing.

Importance of therapy

Therapy is considered very important and everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lives. Therapy can not only affect you as an individual but can also greatly benefit those around you. Some of the reasons why therapy is considered so important have been explained in this section:

It can improve self-awareness

Self-awareness is important and necessary for so many factors. Through self-awareness an individual can understand his/her own strengths while also becoming more accepting of their weaknesses. However, this skill is hard to train since it requires plenty of patience and perspective which therapy can definitely help in.

It can lead to growth

There is also a lot of growth which can be stimulated through therapy. In therapy sessions, therapists often help their clients set realistic and smart goals for themselves. In addition to this, they also provide coping strategies and behavioral techniques that can help the individual achieve those very goals.

It is a great place for self-care

Chronic stress can lead to many mental as well as physical problems. In fact, chronic stress is one of the most common causes of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Thus, therapists and other mental health professionals often encourage self-care for everyone. Therapy can be a great space for self-care to improve mental health.

It can help in depression

Depression, coupled with anxiety, is one of the most common mental illnesses that we see today. While depression can be managed through medications and drugs, it can also be treated through therapy. Therapy not only helps the individual combat the symptoms of the disease but also can help in identifying the root cause of the problem.

It can improve work-life balance

In today’s world which throws so much emphasis on hustle culture, work-life balance often goes for a toss. However, this balance affects many areas of our lives and not just our work. It can be difficult for us to balance both these areas so that we achieve our best potential in each. And thus, therapy is recommended for those who are finding it difficult to balance both life and work.

It can improve relationships

Relationships can also improve due to therapy. This is the reason why many couples seek out family therapy sessions for their growth and health as a unit. Couples therapy is not only for those duos who are struggling in their relationships. It also helps those who are simply seeking to better understand each other.

It can help dealing with trauma

Trauma can happen to anyone. While it can be of various types, trauma can definitely affect the mental health of the person and bring anxiety as well as other mental health problems. This is true not only for the person who has experienced trauma but also for those who have witnessed it. Therapy can help by giving consistent emotional support and also by improving coping.

It can help with change

Change is never easy but is always present in our lives. However, some changes might be bigger than others and thus might cause more stress and anxiety to an individual. Also, some individuals are just not mentally prepared to adjust to big changes and for them therapy can be vital. Therapy can help with many major life changes such as marriage, gender transitions, puberty, etc.

It can help with addictions

Addictions are becoming increasingly rampant today and can take many forms. It is not only with alcohol or drugs anymore. Addictions can also present as addictions to porn, sex, video games, online gambling, etc. These can cause plenty of distress to the individual as well as their families and friends and thus therapy is extremely important for them.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp has many advantageous features that can provide plenty of benefits to users, like:

  • BetterHelp can be accessed completely online and thus users can communicate with their therapists anytime from anywhere
  • The platform provides cost-effective therapy and also offers financial assistance and concessions for those who cannot afford the plans
  • BetterHelp offers various formats of therapy, which means users can interact with their therapists through unlimited messaging in text, audio or video formats. The live sessions are also available as live chat, live video and live audio formats
  • The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and therefore users do not have to worry about the privacy and safety of their information
  • It also offers great anonymity which can be superb for those who want to conceal their identities


In this post, we have explained if BetterHelp is good. We have also discussed the actual importance of therapy and how it can benefit an individual. Furthermore, we have looked at some of the best features of Betterhelp that can be very advantageous and beneficial for all the users of this online therapy platform.

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