Is BetterHelp expensive? (+7 pros)

In this article, we will discuss if BetterHelp is expensive. We will also be describing some of the advantages that online therapy can bring to users as well as therapists. Lastly, we shall look at a few alternatives to BetterHelp that are available in the market today. BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides affordable and accessible mental health care to millions.

Is BetterHelp expensive?

No, BetterHelp is not expensive. This platform provides affordable therapy to many users. The subscription can be paid weekly, monthly, and even quarterly or annually. If the user is opting for an extended period of time, the cost of the therapy reduces considerably. Also, the platform provides financial assistance or aid for those who are unemployed or furloughed.

Advantages of online therapy

Online therapy can bring loads of advantages and benefits to its users. Some of the various advantages and benefits of online therapy have been elaborated in the section below:

Online therapy is much cheaper

In-person therapy can be very expensive and thus not many individuals can afford this. In fact, regular therapy itself is seen as a privilege or even a luxury. However, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp certainly offer much more affordable online therapy services. Some are even eligible for insurance coverage, thus increasing the affordability of mental health care.

It is very accessible

Online therapy is also a lot more accessible than in-person therapy. In traditional therapy settings, the client has to go all the way to the therapist’s office in order to get therapy. This cannot be undertaken by everybody at all times, particularly by those who have busy schedules or by those who are not able to leave the house. This is not the case with online therapy.

It makes therapy easy

The process of seeking therapy itself is quite difficult and can definitely be a tedious process. Potential clients may often need to wait up to long periods of time in order to be penciled in for a therapy session and can face considerable amounts of stress and frustration during the process. In online therapy, none of this is required and clients can get therapy in a very short span of time.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

The relationship between the client and the therapist is highly essential. If the relationship is good, the therapy also turns out to be quite effective. The opposite also definitely applies. While in-person therapy gives a less choice of therapists, there are chances of an ineffective client-therapist fit. However, online therapy platforms often use AI to bring a better match for the user.

It uses safe technology

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace are completely HIPAA compliant. And thus, the information and identity of the user is very secure and safe from hacking or theft. This becomes necessary as privacy and confidentiality are essential foundations of an effective therapeutic relationship.

It is more secure

Online therapy further adds security by not requiring the client and the therapist to meet each other face to face. Many therapists experience assault at the hands of violent clients. Clients also may fear abuse by unethical therapists. Since online therapy does not require any physical meeting, there is more safety and comfort for both the user as well as the therapist.


It offers various formats

In comparison to in-person therapy, online therapy offers a variety of formats for the communication process between the client and the therapist. While in-person therapy mainly depends on speech as a mode of communication, online therapy can be conducted through text messaging, audio messaging, video messaging, live chats, live audio and even live video modes.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

While BetterHelp certainly brings plenty of advantages, readers might still be interested in other alternatives that provide many similar features. A few alternatives to BetterHelp have been mentioned in this section:

  • Talkspace: This is definitely the best alternative to BetterHelp. Talkspace is also pretty popular among users. This platform offers unlimited messaging in the form of texting, audio messaging and even video messaging. It also provides live sessions in different formats. Talkspace additionally can be covered through insurance.
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is another online therapy platform that also provides various modes of therapy. There is a large network of therapists who are available to give therapy to anyone at any time. This platform is available for all the 50 states in the US and brings a better client-therapist fit between the user and the mental health professional.
  • ReGain: ReGain is particularly advised and recommended for couples therapy. It also provides individual therapy sessions which are again a part of the couples therapy process. Thus, this platform can be highly useful for those pairs who are going through a rough patch in their relationship.
  • 7 Cups: This platform especially caters to adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. The highlight of this platform is that it provides a listening service that is absolutely free of cost and is conducted by volunteers who may also provide non-therapeutic advice.


In this article, we have discussed if BetterHelp is expensive. We have also described some of the advantages that online therapy can bring to users as well as therapists. Lastly, we have looked at a few alternatives to BetterHelp that are available in the market today.

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