Is BetterHelp covered by insurance? (+9 advantages)


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Page last updated: 5/09/2022

This article will explain if BetterHelp is covered by insurance. We will additionally be discussing the various advantages that this platform can bring to its users. Lastly, we shall also describe some of the alternatives to BetterHelp that users might be interested in. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp are doing their bit by improving access to therapy at affordable prices.

Is BetterHelp covered by insurance?

No, BetterHelp is not covered by insurance. However, the prices of the therapy sessions on this platform are quite affordable. In addition to this, the platform also provides financial assistance and concessions for the users. All that they need to do is to fill up a questionnaire giving details about their income statuses and BetterHelp will do the rest.

Advantages of BetterHelp

BetterHelp has many advantages and benefits that users will definitely enjoy such as the ones which have been described in this section:

BetterHelp is very affordable

BetterHelp is very affordable and quite cost-effective. In-person therapy or traditional therapy can be very expensive and is often considered a luxury for many. The cost factor is the main reason why many individuals don’t seek therapy even when they need it the most. However, BetterHelp is quite affordable and also offers financial assistance to its users.

It brings a better match

Client-therapist relationships are definitely important for therapy. If the relationship between the client and the therapist is sour, the therapy itself may become an additional source of stress for the client. BetterHelp brings a better match between the client and the therapist by using artificial intelligence to bring the right selection of therapists for the user’s needs and preferences.


Switching therapists is easy

Individuals don’t necessarily stick with the same therapist for the long time. Many times the relationship comes quickly to an end due to various factors. While in-person therapy can make the process of switching therapists difficult, it is not true with platforms like BetterHelp. Here, the next therapist is soon available and also has access to the necessary information of the client.

There is unlimited messaging available

BetterHelp also offers its users unlimited messaging. This means that the user can send their therapists an unlimited number of messages and that too, through various formats. Unlimited messaging not only helps in the therapy process but also allows the user to reflect and have a space for healthy venting.

There are multiple formats here

There are also multiple formats of therapy that are available in BetterHelp. This means that the user can opt to communicate with their therapists through messaging through texts, audio messages and video messages. Additionally, they can also choose to conduct their live sessions through live chats, live audio and live video, thus bringing plenty of flexibility to the user.

Is BetterHelp covered by insurance? (+9 advantages)


Therapy can be accessed from anywhere

BetterHelp operates completely online and thus can be accessed and used from anywhere and everywhere. This makes it handy for those who live in remote areas or parts of the state where licensed therapists may not be easily available. Also, it becomes accessible for those who cannot leave the house often due to various reasons.

The process of therapy itself becomes easy

Therapy can be hard to access when the person is looking for in-person therapy or traditional therapy. It can take months and even sometimes years if the person is looking for the right client-therapist fit. All this with the added pressure of the stigma around mental health can delay the treatment. However, these problems can be nullified in BetterHelp.

The platform provides anonymity

Many those who are seeking therapy are pretty hesitant about revealing their names or personal details. Seeking treatment for mental health can invite judgement from a lot of people and thus clients look for anonymity. This cannot be guaranteed in traditional therapy settings but can be easily arranged in BetterHelp which only asks for a username or a nickname.

There is also a free trial

Those who want to experience online therapy but are still hesitant about the effectiveness can easily opt for a free trial period in BetterHelp. This free trial period lasts for about seven days and can give the user a taste of all the services and features in the platform. BetterHelp is definitely one of the few online therapy platforms that offer free trials.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

If you are looking for alternatives to BetterHelp which offer many similar features, you can try the ones which have been listed below:

  •  Talkspace: Talkspace is definitely one of the best alternatives to BetterHelp. This platform also offers individual therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy. In addition, it also can be covered through insurance.
  • Cerebral: Cerebral offers both online therapy as well as online psychiatry services and thus is preferred by those who need medical management as well as psychotherapy.
  • Calmerry: Calmerry offers a large network of licensed therapists and mental health professionals who provide high quality therapy at very affordable prices.
  • ReGain: This platform is best suited for couples who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. It also offers individual therapy services.


This article has explained if BetterHelp is covered by insurance. We have additionally discussed the various advantages that this platform can bring to its users. Lastly, we have also described some of the alternatives to BetterHelp that users might be interested in.

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