Is BetterHelp counseling legit? (+9 Online Therapy Advantages)

This post will discuss if BetterHelp counseling is legit. In addition to this, we will look at some of the reasons why you must choose online therapy. Lastly, we will be describing some of the best features of BetterHelp. BetterHelp is one of the fastest growing online therapy portals today, catering to the mental health needs of almost two million users every day.

Is BetterHelp counseling legit?

Yes, BetterHelp counseling is legit. This online therapy platform is the most popular one of its kind in the world today. It has nearly two million users and is the digital workspace for more than 20000 therapists. In the Apple app store, BetterHelp has a rating of 4.8 stars while on the Google Play store it is rated at 4.7 stars.

Why must you choose online therapy?

Online therapy has become quite popular today, especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This form of therapy has many advantages that in-person therapy or traditional therapy does not offer. Some reasons why online therapy can be a great option to anyone who is seeking mental health care have been described in the points below:

Online therapy is much more affordable

Online therapy is a lot more affordable than in-person therapy. The high cost of traditional mental health care is the number one reason why many do not go to therapy in the first place, even if they need it the most. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp also offer financial assistance for its users, while others like Talkspac allow insurance coverage.

It can be used from anywhere

The great thing about online therapy is that it can be accessed and used from anywhere. All that the user requires is a stable internet connection and a compatible device. Online therapy, thus, can be great for those who live in remote areas which may not have many licensed and certified mental health professionals offering therapy services.


It comes in various formats

There are also various formats of therapy online when compared to in-person therapy. In online therapy platforms like BetterHelp, the users can choose different live therapy sessions such as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. They can also send a limitless number of messages to their therapists which gives them more control and ownership of their mental health.

It presents a better client-therapist fit

The rapport between the client and the therapist is essential for the effectiveness of therapy. While this may not always be guaranteed in traditional therapy settings, there is a better shot of it in online therapy. This is mainly because online therapy platforms make fantastic use of artificial intelligence in matching the user with a suitable mental health professional.

Online therapy is very safe

Online therapy brings a lot of safety and security to the user as well as the therapist. Firstly, it does not require any face to face meetings and thus reduces the risk of violence or assaults on the part of the therapist or the client. Secondly, the technology that these platforms use is required to be HIPAA compliant which brings more privacy and confidentiality to the therapy setting.

Online therapy is just as effective

Many new users of online therapy might be wary about the effectiveness of mental health care delivered through a digital platform. However, research studies and millions of user reviews have shown that online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. Online therapy can also provide many benefits that in-person therapy cannot provide, making it more advantageous.

It makes therapy easy

Therapy itself becomes a whole lot easier when it is delivered through an online platform. In online therapy, the user has to put in much less effort and also has to face very short waiting time when compared to in-person therapy. Users simply have to sign-up for the platform and provide their information while the technology takes care of the rest.


It offers more anonymity

There is a lot more anonymity that is provided in BetterHelp when compared to in-person therapy. Anonymity is a must-needed feature in mental health care as mental illness and even mental health related topics are still taboo in many cultures. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp do a great job at this as the user can get therapy under a nickname.


It makes therapy more comfortable 

The process of therapy itself becomes very comfortable and convenient when it is delivered online. The user can communicate with their therapist from the comfort of their own homes and even from their beds. Unlike in-person therapy which requires the person to go to a therapist’s office for therapy, users can get therapy from a comfortable location in an online mode.

Best features of BetterHelp

Some of the best features of BetterHelp are described in this section:

  • In BetterHelp, the user enjoys full-time access to their therapist
  • They can also enjoy various formats of therapy such as messaging, live chats, live audio and live video
  • BetterHelp is completely HIPAA compliant and thus offers plenty of security
  • BetterHelp also has features for couples therapy, teens therapy and group therapy


This post has discussed if BetterHelp counseling is legit. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the reasons why you must choose online therapy. Lastly, we have described some of the best features of BetterHelp.

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