Is BetterHelp cheaper than insurance? (+7 BetterHelp Tips)

This article will answer if BetterHelp is cheaper than insurance. We will also be mentioning various tips that you can use to make your experience in BetterHelp much better. In addition to this, we will be looking at some of the best features that BetterHelp has to offer for its users. Online therapy has found a massive following, especially after the onset of the pandemic.

Is BetterHelp cheaper than insurance?

Yes, BetterHelp is cheaper than mental health care covered by insurance. This is considering the fact that BetterHelp also provides financial assistance which can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent. This financial assistance is reserved for those who are unemployed, disabled or have veteran status.

Tips for BetterHelp

While BetterHelp is definitely pretty easy to use, new users can always use some extra help in making the best out of their Betterhelp subscription. Some tips and strategies that new users can employ in their BetterHelp therapy sessions have been explained in the following section:

Create a space for your therapy

In-person therapy sessions are often conducted in the solace of a therapist’s office. However, online therapy can give you the convenience of having your therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. To allow you to bring more focus and concentration into your therapy sessions, you can create a solitary space.

Choose the right time for therapy

Not only space, but time also matters greatly for therapy. In-person therapy requires you to schedule sessions during business hours. This is not always required in online therapy which allows you access to mental health care even outside business hours. Thus, you have more freedom to choose a time slot where you will not be disturbed by other matters.


Switch between formats

There are several formats of therapy to choose from in online therapy platforms like BetterHelp. In this platform, users can choose from several modes of communication with their therapists such as messaging, audio sessions and even video sessions. Switch between these formats for more variety and pick according to your convenience and comfort.


Maintain a therapy journal

You can also maintain a therapy journal where you can record your reflections and feelings about your intervention sessions. In BetterHelp, there is an online journaling feature which you can fill out in your own sweet time and also share with your therapist for feedback. Journaling can help you learn better and also be great for emotional self-care.

Set the right therapy goals

Before starting your therapy sessions, you can set therapy goals for yourself. These goals will dictate what you want to achieve through your therapy and will also guide the process itself. If you are finding it difficult to set these goals by yourself, you can always ask your therapist for a goal-setting session especially dedicated to this.

Be more open about your feelings

In online therapy, it becomes difficult for your therapist to notice your body expressions and body language as the camera view does not allow them to see you properly. To help your therapist understand you better, you will need to be more descriptive and open about what you are feeling. Your words do not need to be sophisticated; simple terms will do.

Choose your own therapist

While online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace make incredible use of artificial intelligence to match you with a suitable therapist, you can also choose your therapist on your own. When searching for the right therapist, it becomes important to consider factors like age group, gender and even religious affiliation.


Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a large collection of features that can be very advantageous to any user, such as:

It offers full-time access to therapy

In BetterHelp, the clients can access their therapists at any time and from anywhere. This platform operates completely online and thus the user can communicate with their therapist using their smart device from the comfort of their own homes, from their workplaces and even when they are commuting from one place to another.


It makes therapy easy

The process of therapy itself becomes a whole lot easier through BetterHelp. This is in high contrast to traditional therapy settings where the client needs to put in a great deal of work in finding a therapist and then going for therapy sessions. The waiting period in BetterHelp is very less and thus the user can start their therapy sessions almost immediately after signing up.


It has several formats of therapy

There are several formats of therapy that are offered in BetterHelp that users can choose from. This high variety gives the user a great sense of ownership and control over their therapy and mental health when compared to in-person therapy. In BetterHelp, the user can communicate with their therapists through messaging, audio sessions and video sessions.

It provides other resources

There are plenty of other resources that can be of great use for therapy itself in BetterHelp. The users and therapists can use the digital worksheets available in the platform for therapy. Uses are also prompted to write in their online journals, which can be an amazing addition to their self-care routine.


This article has answered if BetterHelp is cheaper than insurance. We have also mentioned various tips that you can use to make your experience in BetterHelp much better. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the best features that BetterHelp has to offer for its users.

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