Is BetterHelp any good? (+3 types of therapies)

In this post, we will discuss if BetterHelp is any good by looking at the different features that are available in this platform. In order to understand BetterHelp further, we will be explaining the various types of therapies that are offered here. We will also mention a few alternatives to BetterHelp that readers might be interested in.

Is BetterHelp any good?

Yes, BetterHelp is very good. This online therapy platform is currently catering to the various mental health needs of almost two million clients. The many features that make BetterHelp the go to platform for online therapy for many individuals and groups have been elaborated as follows:

BetterHelp is very affordable

The best thing about BetterHelp is that it provides very affordable therapy sessions. This is highly necessary in today’s world where the need for therapy is very high but the affordability is not equally distributed. BetterHelp’s subscription is not only very cost-effective but the platform also provides financial assistance or aid to those who are unemployed or have low incomes.


It can be accessed from anywhere

The platform operates completely online which means it can be accessed and used from anywhere and also at any time. This high level of accessibility can be great for those who have busy schedules and thus find it difficult to pencil in time for therapy. It also bodes well for those who cannot leave the house due to physical limitations.

There are many therapists

BetterHelp features a large network of therapists based in various locations. These therapists are licensed, certified and pass through a strict background check before being taken in to the fold. The high strength of therapists also means that clients get quick access to therapy and can switch therapists quickly and efficiently.

It is HIPAA compliant

The platform is completely HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is a necessity for any healthcare platform that runs online, like BetterHelp. This means that the information and data related to the users will be protected safely and securely. Thus, BetterHelp has incorporated strong security features like firewalls, end-to-end encryptions and multi-step authentications.

It provides added security

Since clients and therapists are not required to meet each other face to face, BetterHelp provides even more security for those who might be afraid of assault or abuse. This may be even more relatable for those clients who have experienced abuse in the past. This also can be convenient for those therapists who fear violence from their clients.


It offers unlimited messaging

BetterHelp offers all its clients the feature of unlimited messaging. This means that the client can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. The messages can also be of various types, from text messages, audio messages and video messages. Messaging as a form of therapy itself brings many benefits such as healthy expression and reflection.

It has several modes of therapy

This online therapy platform brings plenty of flexibility and convenience to the user. The live sessions in BetterHelp can be conducted through various formats which the user can choose according to their needs and preferences. The available formats in BetterHelp are, live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions.

Is BetterHelp any good? (+3 types of therapies)

Types of therapies in BetterHelp

Not only does BetterHelp offer various modes of therapy, it also has different types of therapy in the platform, like the ones which have been described below:

Individual therapy

This therapy focuses on improving the mental health of the individual. Here, the therapist may use various techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on restructuring the thought patterns of the individual, or Behavioral Therapy which aims to correct actions and thus thoughts and also DBT which provides coping strategies to manage symptoms of illnesses.

Couples therapy

It additionally provides couples therapy which not only aims at those couples who are going through a rocky phase in their relationship, but also those who simply want to understand each other better. Through couples therapy, the partners will learn communication exercises and coping strategies that will help them grow and develop together as a unit.

Teens therapy

The platform also offers teens therapy, particularly aimed at the age group of 13 years to 18 years. Adolescence itself can be a tough phase and the emotional support that therapy provides can be useful for stressed out and anxious teens. It can also help by training them to be more assertive and confident in various life situations.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

Just like BetterHelp, there are plenty of other online therapy platforms. Some of the best alternatives to BetterHelp are:

  • Talkspace: Talkspace also provides individual therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy services. It also has insurance coverage
  • Calmerry: Calmerry has a large network of therapists who provide online therapy similar to BetterHelp. The platform uses the help of its therapists instead of AI to assign therapists for users
  • ReGain: ReGain not only provides individual therapy but is highly recommended for couples therapy
  • Cerebral: Cerebral is known for both online therapy as well as psychiatry services. This platform also provides insurance coverage


In this post, we have discussed if BetterHelp is any good by looking at the different features that are available in this platform. In order to understand BetterHelp further, we have explained the various types of therapies that are offered here. We have also mentioned a few alternatives to BetterHelp that readers might be interested in.

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