Is Betterhelp Anonymous? (A Complete Guide)

This article will answer questions such as do patients have to reveal their identity on Betterhelp and whether the service providers on this mental health platform remain anonymous during sessions. The article will also discuss the benefits and harms of clients being able to hide their identity. Furthermore, the article will not only introduce the readers to what Betterhelp is but how it makes it possible to maintain desired levels of confidentiality for either of the parties.

Is Betterhelp Anonymous?

Betterhelp is anonymous on the part of clients and members but not the service providers. This means that clients and members can choose to keep their true identity hidden while sharing necessary details to ensure the session remains productive. 

However, counselors and other other service providers’ details are not kept private which is obvious why – people choose counselors based on their credentials, experience, gender, overall appeal (do they seem friendly and understanding for a person like me) and so many other factors – yes people discriminate but it is necessary to ensure their comfort level and fulfill their needs.

The article will cover the following areas:

  • The Benefits & Harms Of Concealing One’s Identity
  • How Does Betterhelp Facilitate Anonymity
  • The Extent Of Being Anonymous – What To Reveal?

Before we look at each of these areas in depth, we will introduce the audience to Betterhelp – one of the leading online platforms for mental health.

What Is Betterhelp?

Betterhelp is one of the largest online platforms that provides multiple services for all types of people who are suffering from mental health problems and require counseling. What is great about this service is that it is online hence it is available anywhere and every time. You do not have to go to the doctor’s office to get an appointment or wait in line for your turn. This is great if you feel pretty down and getting out of bed is a challenge for you!

With approximately 1700 licensed therapists available online at the click of a button, Betterhelp ensures that its clients receive the best help they can get by connecting them to professional therapists and counselors who know what they need to do This is apparent by the total number of sessions which Betterhelp has already conducted from their platform; a whopping 70 million sessions already completed! This is possible because the company understands the needs of clients well and hence provides therapy related services to them online and not just at  physical location. In a world where things are changing constantly and the unknown is always around the corner, it is becoming more of a need rather than a desire to get services online and at your doorstep – we simply don’t have time nowadays!

Betterhelp recognizes everyone – they don’t discriminate. Whether you are a child who needs counseling or someone from a minority group or marginalized community, Betterhelp believes that no one should be kept away from getting the help they need! Also, Betterhelp recognizes the important diversity should be given; even though the differences don’t mean justify discrimination or leaving someone out, they do necessitate the special services we require. This includes people from all types of backgrounds. 

When you visit their site, you will see that the company realizes the various situations you may be stuck in; you could be a child who needs help, a person in a relationship who feels they need to opt for couple therapy or an individual who is having a tough time facing their problems. The website also recognizes people who experience different feelings, thoughts and experiences compared to the vast majority of people; it does not judge a person based on how others are but how the person is themself! So don’t worry! You are in good hands at Betterhelp.

The Benefits & Harms Of Concealing One’s Identity

This section of the article will look at the following benefits and harms:

  • Breaking The Barriers To Entry
  • Valid Data Collection – Telling The Truth
  • Data & Identity Protection – Made Easier
  • Accountability – Behind The Curtain
  • Lack Of Commitment – Slow Progress

We will now discuss each of the benefits and harms that can be encountered when clients hide their identity in online sessions with mental health service providers.

Breaking The Barriers To Entry

It is necessary to understand that many people need counseling but not all of them are able to access it due to a number of reasons; one of them being the stigma attached to going to a therapist in their culture or society. In many societies, even those ones that are considered ‘progressive societies’, people might be labeled crazy, confused or even weak if they opt to seek mental health. 

It is unfortunate that people, despite experiencing so many issues themselves, do not understand the benefits and necessities of seeking therapy or medical help to deal with mental health problems. 

Also, many people do not go to therapists because they are afraid of being judged and hence are not comfortable revealing their identity to anyone – not even the therapist himself. This is remotely not possible in physical clinics where the client must make in person visits to his counseling sessions.

With online sessions, people do not have to reveal their identity hence they can attain the help they need – online platforms break the barriers to getting the mental help.

Valid Data Collection – Telling The Truth

Have you realized how much people lie? That too for petty issues. It’s an unfortunate thing that we must realize to plan better in our lives. The reason people lie mostly is to dissociate embarrassing or inappropriate details from their own identity; they don’t want people to look down on them or consider them strange or bad. Hence they lie because they obviously don’t want to hide in society right?

With the facility of online platforms, people can be more open about themselves because their concern of being labeled a certain way is taken care of. They don’t have to reveal their identity when discussing intimate details so they are more confident and truthful. It is a dilemma that online platforms are in a better position to collect valid data as opposed to walking in clinics but at the same time far from making diagnoses – will we always be stuck in dilemmas?

In this case, service providers are in a better position to conduct optimal therapy on clients as they have the true picture of what actually is going on.

Data & Identity Protection – Made Easier

Although Betterhelp employs the latest technology and best softwares to ensure the confidentiality of it’s clients, there is always the chance of data hackers accessing the system. By taking precautions, data and identity protection can be guaranteed to a better extent because clients can choose to remain anonymous on this platform.

Accountability – Behind The Curtain

One issue with the level of anonymity clients can choose to have at Betterhelp results in them not being accountable. It is important to understand that both clients and service providers are equally entitled to being protected and respected. In the case a client misbehaves or engages in inappropriate behavior that can arouse fear, anxiety or sadness on the part of the service provider, the client should but cannot be held accountable because of the lack of information the company apparently holds.

Lack Of Commitment – Slow Progress

If no one is watching you or no one is there to taunt you when you finally give up, the chances of giving up increase. The same thing goes for clients at Betterhelp; if they feel lazy or not up to it they know they can leave sessions in the midst and choose to return with a new identity. Not only does it affect their progress but may also demotivate counselors.

How Does Betterhelp Facilitate Anonymity?

Betterhelp makes it possible for clients to become anonymous because they can choose to take up sessions not necessarily through video calls but also audio calls and even chat rooms that are accessible 24/7 once an individual becomes a member.

The Extent Of Being Anonymous – What To Reveal?

It is not that easy! Yes you can hide information pertaining to your identity but you need to release information that may affect your current mental health such as your gender, age and ethnicity. If you do not, it will make things difficult to understand for the service provider. Also, details with regards to your mental health condition and even physical condition will be required. You can’t hide everything!


This article explored the topic of anonymity on Betterhelp – do patients and counselors have to reveal their identity or not? The article also summed up the benefits but harms as well associated with clients maintaining anonymity during their sessions. Furthermore, the article introduced Betterhelp to the readers and explained how Betterhelp makes it possible for clients to remain anonymous.

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