Is BetterHelp actually good? (+3 limitations of BetterHelp)

This blogpost will explain if BetterHelp is any good. We will understand this question better by looking at the various advantages or pros of using this platform for mental health issues. In addition to this, we will be discussing some of the limitations that users have experienced in BetterHelp.

Is BetterHelp any good?

BetterHelp is a great platform recommended highly by users as well as therapists. This platform provides affordable and accessible therapy options. It also has many other advantages such as the ones which have been described in the following section:

It offers affordable therapy

As compared to in-person therapy, online therapy is actually pretty cost-effective. The affordability of BetterHelp is even more since the platform provides financial assistance for those clients who cannot afford its plans. This financial assistance is reserved for those who are unemployed, furloughed due to the pandemic, students and even people with disabilities.

It has great security

The security features of BetterHelp are simply top notch and thus clients do not have to worry about their data or identity being stolen. BetterHelp is also completely HIPAA compliant and highly trusted by its therapists and their therapy sessions. Furthermore, BetterHelp also brings physical safety since it does not require clients and therapists to meet face to face.


It has a large network of therapists

BetterHelp is also the digital workplace of thousands of therapists from many different specialties in psychotherapy. Thus, clients are brought a better client-therapist fit that is essential for the quality of the therapy sessions. In addition to this, clients can choose from different schools of thought and therapy types that they prefer.


It can be used from anywhere

The therapy in BetterHelp is quite affordable and very much accessible by anyone and everyone. The platform operates completely online and thus even those who are placed in remote areas can access high quality therapy. Since it functions completely digitally it can be very convenient for those people who cannot leave the house often, such as persons who are involved in infant care.

It has unlimited messaging options

It also offers unlimited messaging for its users. Messaging as a format of therapy itself provides many benefits for the user such as reflection, healthy venting and even boosts accountability. The messaging therapy in BetterHelp allows users to send a limitless number of messages to their therapists as text messages, audio messages as well as video messages.

It has various formats of live sessions

There are also live therapy sessions available in BetterHelp. These live sessions need to be scheduled in advance and can go on for up to an hour depending on the availability of the therapist. The live sessions also follow different formats such as text messages, audio messages and video messages.

It has couples therapy

BetterHelp has a couples therapy feature that can be great for families and couples who are facing difficulties in their relationship. Couples therapy is not only meant for those who are facing problems but also those who simply want to understand each other better. This form of therapy often teaches communication exercises and coping strategies for struggling families.

It offers teens therapy

Additionally, BetterHelp provides therapy specifically for teenagers. This therapy is reserved for adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Teens therapy is often highly recommended for practically any teenager as adolescence can be a very trying period and thus teenagers might require constant guidance and emotional support.

It has group sessions

There are also group sessions that are available in BetterHelp. Group sessions can be both interventional and supportive in nature and bring great emotional support and resources to its participants. The group sessions in BetterHelp are available free of cost and are conducted once a week.

Limitations of using BetterHelp

While BetterHelp certainly has many advantages, it also has a few limitations, such as:

It does not provide insurance coverage

BetterHelp does offer affordable therapy to its users. However, it does not provide insurance coverage like other online therapy platforms. This can be a letdown for many users who prefer to use insurance to pay for their therapy. However, BetterHelp offers financial assistance for those users who are finding affordability an issue in this platform.


It does not offer psychiatry services

It also does not have any psychiatry services. Many mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia require the use the psychotherapy as well as medications and drugs for treatment. Users of BetterHelp who require medications for their mental health issues are thus forced to look for other sources.

Online therapy might not seem effective

While online therapy is a fast-growing field today, many users might seem still wary about the effectiveness of the interventions here. However, many research studies as well as numerous user reviews of BetterHelp beg to differ. Online therapy through platforms like BetterHelp, can be just as effective as in-person therapy with many additional benefits.


This blogpost has explained if BetterHelp is any good. We have understood this question better by looking at the various advantages or pros of using this platform for mental health issues. In addition to this, we have discussed some of the limitations that users have experienced in BetterHelp.

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