Is ADHD a disability?

In this brief blog, we will be discussing is ADHD a disability, ADHD as a learning disability, is ADHD a disability in the UK, and more information about is ADHD a disability.

Is ADHD a disability in affected people?

Yes, your ADHD can be a disability in affected people but not all affected people will see this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder as disabling.

Some people with this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder would report that they can still handle the pressures in life despite their condition. 

If symptoms of ADHD are disabling for you, you can get some disability benefits for your psychological condition.

It is considered legal to get these kinds of benefits if you frequently unfit in important areas in life such as school or work.

ADHD is a developmental dysfunction of the brain’s self-management system which is executive functions that affect about 9 per cent of children and almost 5 per cent of the adult population.

Children with this kind of psychological disorder are secured by government laws to enable them to have public education. 

This is the same with adults who find their ADHD a disability and their rights are secured in the workplace but there is the problem on how protected these kinds of rights are in these kinds of settings.

Is ADHD a developmental disability?

CDCC states that ADHD is a developmental disability that impairs affected people’s abilities to adjust in some areas in daily life.

Together with autism, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, vision impairment and other developmental disabilities, this psychological disorder is also termed a developmental disability for afflicted people.

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Is ADHD a learning disability in affected people?

Yes, ADHD is a learning disability in affected people since this kind of disability is a subtype of this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.

Learning disabilities are mental conditions where the person is unable to read, speak or understand the written and spoken language.

An Association for Learning Disabilities in America stated that ADHD is not considered a learning disability.

Although reports have been cited that a lot of people with this neurodevelopmental disorder have a comorbid learning disability that makes doing some important stuff difficult to do on a frequent basis.

Is ADHD a disability at work for affected adults?

Yes, ADHD is a disability at work for affected adults but this condition only applies to adults who find it challenging to do normal tasks at work.

Some laws have been made to minimize the discrimination directed to these affected employees and help make accommodations for these employees. 

Although these conditions only apply for those affected employees who have been observed to have trouble at work.

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How to register for ADHD disability benefits?

You can register for ADHD disability benefits by checking the Social Security benefits and the procedures will be mentioned below.

Some people with ADHD consider this condition as a disability since it makes dysfunctional in doing hobbies and keeping relationships that matter to them outside the family. 

People with ADHD may try to deal with their symptoms in impaired ways and most people would see them as annoying since they can’t seem to get some things right.

Some of these people with this kind of psychological disorder can have comorbid disorders such as depression, substance abuse, and anxiety.

Most children who were diagnosed with ADHD in the younger years are still suffering from this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder in the adult years.

Although there are some who are diagnosed with this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder in the adult years which some people may call ADHA. 

Some people may have some symptoms of ADHD but some find ADHD as a disability that they can hurt themselves in the process or hurt others they love deeply.

This kind of neurodevelopmental disorder has the following subtypes which are the inattentive type, a combined type, and hyperactive-impulsive type. 

The classification of these ADHD types is separated by the severity of symptoms in the affected person since this kind of disability can have different manifestations of symptoms in people.

There are no standardized tests that can really say that you have this kind of neurodevelopmental disorder. 

Although the doctor will be piecing together the symptoms of your ADHD on how long have you been suffering the symptoms.

In this case, you should be presenting symptoms of this kind of disability in the early childhood years and have been feeling disabled by your symptoms in everyday life.

ADHD always begins in childhood thanks to some factors that may contribute to the appearance of this disability.

For instance, people who have this kind of disability have been found to be related to people who have substance abuse and mood symptoms.

To help find a diagnosis for ADHD, the doctor will use several psychological tests that can tell if the patient has the symptoms of this disability such as WAIS which is an intelligence test.

These kinds of psychological tests have been known to bring out some of the comorbid disorders that can come with this kind of disability such as substance abuse and anxiety. 

A physical assessment will also be used to find some underlying physical conditions that may explain the symptoms of your ADHD.

Also, the doctor will be checking the records of people who have been around you such as a history of trouble in school from teachers. 

Some professionals would suggest that ADHD can be first spotted in the habit of bedwetting at the age of 5.

The symptoms of this disability are short attention span, being easily distracted or bored, inattention to detail, physical restlessness, inability to listen to and follow directions, anxiety, low tolerance for frustration, impulsive behaviours and speech, poor organizational skills, being easily overwhelmed by ordinary tasks, inability to finish a task, procrastination, a chronic sense of underachievement and poor self-esteem, mood swings, trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships, a need for high stimulation like doing many things at once or thrill-seeking, a tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly, poor writing and fine motor skills, performance anxiety, low coordination, difficulty falling asleep and difficulty coming awake, low energy, and hypersensitivity to noise and touch.

The triggers of ADHD as disability are difficult to comprehend for now but studies are still ongoing on these causes.

Although some mental health professionals have found that this kind of disability can come from genetic factors, prenatal smoking and alcohol use by the mother, brain trauma, exposure to high levels of lead, sugar, and food additives like artificial colours and preservatives.

ADHD as a disability has been treated through an interaction of medication, cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy and skills training.

Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits with an ADHD Diagnosis From A Mental Health Professional

The Social Security Administration has indicated that ADHD is considered a disability as mentioned in one of its paragraphs but the problem is that it only corresponds to children.

There is no separate section for adults with this disability. 

If you can prove with your data that you have been suffering the disability of ADHD from childhood to adulthood that you can’t do your homework or the assignments you have from work, you are entitled with the disability benefits.

Although the diagnosis of this disability in your doesn’t immediately make you be entitled to the disability benefits. 

In your childhood years, you need to have measurable disabilities of your ADHD symptoms such as an inability to concentrate in class or make mistakes in doing household chores all the time to get your disability benefits.

You also need to meet the symptoms of paragraph A and paragraph B below to know that you are really disabled by your mental condition.

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Paragraph A

You need to have the following information that you consider your ADHD as a disability by having three or more of the following symptoms:

  • Marked inattention
  • Marked impulsiveness
  • Marked hyperactivity

Paragraph B

You will also have the needed documentation that would consider your ADHD a disability by having three or more of the following complications:

  • Marked dysfunction in age-appropriate thinking or communication function
  • Marked disability in age-appropriate social functioning
  • Marked dysfunction in age-appropriate personal functioning such as hygiene

The needed documentation should be medical consultations and findings, backgrounds of behaviours from school or work, and the results of psychological tests or assessments.

As you can see, the diagnosis of ADHD is quite qualitative which makes it subject to questioning about a second opinion. 

Your ADHD as a disability will be considered based on the observations of people who have been around you such as teachers and employers.

You can also evaluate yourself but this is very weak in proving that you are mentally disabled since you might be exaggerating your mental condition to get disability benefits.

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Your ADHD as a Disability Case

If you have proven your ADHD is a disability for you due to your chronic symptoms, the SSDI will consider your case.

As mentioned before, having the diagnosis of this disability does not make you immediately entitled to disability benefits but if you have worked with mental health professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of this disability then you can be accepted for these benefits by the SSDI.

Resources that you need to have for ADHD disability benefits

If an adult or a child is suffering the severe symptoms of ADHD that it becomes a disability, he or she is considered to be qualified for certain benefits as mentioned before.

For instance, supplemental security income (SSI) under the federal Social Security program is created to help children under the age of 18 who are afflicted by chronic mental conditions.

To be entitled to SSI, the child or adult should be having ADHD as a disability. This kind of disabling condition should last for a year. 

When your child or an adult having ADHD as a disability, you need to report immediately if you feel that you are distressed or the afflicted person is very distressed due to the chronic symptoms.

Adults with this kind of disabling condition will be able to get Social Security Disability payments. 

You are eligible if your ADHD is considered a disability taking note of the times that you find yourself unable to work due to the symptoms.

As mentioned before, you need the appropriate documents that can prove that you are worthy of the disability benefits.

Disability payments for ADHD or other psychological disorders can depend on each case by the patient.

Some factors have been indicated to affect your disability payments such as the following:

  • your age
  • your job background
  • your education
  • your medical background
  • other factors

If you have more questions about your ADHD as disability benefits, you need to ask SSDI for more information about what you need to do to qualify.

You can also ask a lawyer who specializes in benefits for people with mental health conditions.

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Who assesses if your ADHD is a disability?

A psychologist or physician can assess if your ADHD is a disability but as mentioned before, you won’t easily get disability benefits if you only presented your diagnosis.

The health care professional assessing you should be able to determine if your neurodevelopmental disorder is considered a disability from a number of reports from your legitimate documents. 

In this case, the eligibility of you having ADHD as a disability is an adult can make the employer do your rights and make sure that you are accommodated well in your workplace.

How to deal with ADHD symptoms?

You can deal with ADHD symptoms by knowing first that you have a mental health issue since awareness is key.

Sometimes, the appearance of this disability in children can be stigmatizing to parents who may not be at fault on why their child is acting this way. 

This can lead to a lot of people being emotionally damaged for being horrible.

If you find that you child is having ADHD as a disability, you need to get them consulted immediately. 

Fortunately, there are many forms of psychological interventions that can be combined to treat people with ADHD as a disability.

A psychologist even recommended two effective psychological treatments. 

One of these treatments is mindfulness exercises like yoga exercise and meditation.

This can help people with ADHD as a disability to relax their troubled minds. 

The other psychological intervention is dialectical behaviour therapy which can help people with ADHD as a disability to know about their assumptions, thoughts, and emotions and find better methods to cope than to act out.

Sometimes, medications are prescribed to these kinds of people.

You can also reach out to a psychologist that specializes in ADHD as a disability in afflicted people.

If you are having a hard time finding a certified psychologist, you can ask your general practitioner to refer you. 

This kind of referral is highly trusted since you will be able to find the psychologist that is comfortable for you or your affected child.

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In this brief blog, we have discussed is ADHD a disability, ADHD as a learning disability, is ADHD a disability in the UK, and more information about is ADHD a disability.

If you have any questions about is ADHD a disability, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: is adhd a disability

What causes attention deficit disorder?

The causes of attention deficit disorder are genes, exposure to environmental toxins in the midst of pregnancy, cigarette smoking, drug use or alcohol use in the midst of pregnancy, exposure to environmental toxins when you were still a child, brain injuries, and low birth weight.

Is Add autism?

No, ADD is not autism.

Although the symptoms of these neurodevelopmental disorders tend to be comorbid with each other such as social awkwardness, having a hard time getting still, impulsive behaviours, and concentrate on stuff that interests them.

Since they are different psychological disorders, there are ways of differentiating the diagnosis such as not having repetitive behaviours in ADD.

Do I have high functioning Aspergers?

You may have high-functioning Asperger’s syndrome if you have above-average or higher intelligence as found in your academic results and activities and life.

People with this kind of psychological disorder are said to fall somewhere along the autism spectrum.

Some affected people are severely disabled but others may only manifest mild symptoms. IQ levels can also differ significantly

What are the characteristics of a person with Asperger’s?

The characteristics of an affected person with Asperger’s syndrome are social impairment, speech impairment, excellent verbal skills, below-average non-verbal abilities, and lack of eye contact when talking to another person. These kinds of people tend to have robotic movements than most people.

What is Asperger syndrome in simple terms?

Asperger’s syndrome is called autism spectrum disorder in simple terms.

It affects the way in which a person understands, talks and acts with other people.

A person who has Asperger syndrome may not fit in well with other people and may be unable to act like everyone else in different social situations.



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