Is a care counselor a therapist? (+3 advantages)

This article will explain whether a care counselor is a therapist. We will also be discussing the different signs that you need therapy. Lastly, we shall look at the various benefits and advantages of using Cerebral for therapy. Online therapy is becoming a more appealing alternative to in-person therapy since it provides better convenience and ease of use.

Is a care counselor a therapist?

A care counselor in Cerebral is not always a therapist but can be. Care counselors consist of those who are knowledgeable of psychology and psychotherapy but are not always therapists who are licensed and qualified to practice independently. These counselors play an important role in improving the effectiveness of intervention for Cerebral clients.

Signs that you need therapy

Mental health issues are not always overt and can sneak many times unsuspectedly. You always need to be aware of when your mental health is failing so that you can seek help early. Some signs that you need therapy immediately have been discussed in this section:


If you are facing a crisis

Life is not smooth all the time. Many times we face traumatic situations which can leave us feeling exhausted and hopeless. In times of crises and major problems, therapy can be of great help by bringing in the right emotional support, providing the right mental tools and also by bringing a different or better perspective to the issue.

If you are having trouble sleeping

Sleep issues or insomnia are affecting more and more people every day. Sleep itself is affected by many different factors and when there is a lack of sleep individuals can suffer from many additional problems. Therapy can help individuals by finding the root cause of their sleep troubles and by providing behavioral strategies that they can use to improve their sleep quality.

If you are having physical symptoms

Stress and other mental issues can also lead to many physical symptoms. If your stress or anxiety is starting to affect you physically, it is high time that you sought help for this. Individuals who are undergoing high levels of anxiety often complain of palpitations, upset stomachs, increased sweating, etc. which can benefit from therapy.

If you are not enjoying your food

Those who are facing high levels of stress often struggle with their appetites. They might not be interested in their food and thus reduce their portions gradually. They might not even be able to enjoy even their favorite dishes anymore. If you are not able to enjoy your food as you used to before and are facing a lack of appetite, it may be an indication of mental health issues.

If you cannot regulate your emotions

While we all go through stresses and frustration throughout the day, most of us tend to regulate and manage our emotions positively. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to regulate our emotions due to various factors. If this is becoming a common problem, it is advised to go to a therapist so that we can learn various coping strategies and techniques for this problem.

If your productivity has reduced

You can also seek a therapist’s help and opinion if you are finding that your productivity has dipped or your performance has considerably reduced as compared to before. High levels of stress or other mental issues can definitely affect our work, which further causes distress and thus this cycle needs to be stopped with effective therapy.

If you are having relationship problems

Tiffs in a relationship are common and can even be constructive to the better understanding of each other. However, if you are facing the same problem over and over again which is causing you a great deal of pain, you can seek therapy. A better option would be to choose couples therapy or family therapy particularly aimed for these kinds of problems.

If you are facing addiction issues

 You can also seek therapy if you are finding yourself becoming dependent or addicted to something. Many of these addictions may seem completely harmless at first but then soon take over our lives and thus need to be controlled and regulated right from the start. Therapy can definitely help with dependencies and addictions.

Advantages of using Cerebral

While there are plenty of platforms that offer therapy and other mental health care services, Cerebral definitely brings several unique advantages such as:

  • Cerebral offers therapy as well as psychiatry services which is great for those who require medications and talking therapy for their mental issues
  • The platform offers insurance coverage through in-network providers, thereby reducing the costs of mental health care
  • It also has care counseling features which can provide continuous emotional support and a collaborative style of care
  • Cerebral delivers the medicines right to the very doorstep of the user and thus no trips to the pharmacy are required

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an amazing alternative to Cerebral which also has many additional features, you can try Betterhelp. This online therapy platform has great services for individual therapy, couples therapy and also offers group therapy sessions once a week. The prices of the various plans are also quite cost-effective.


This article has explained whether a care counselor is a therapist. We have also discussed the different signs that you need therapy. Lastly, we have looked at the various benefits and advantages of using Cerebral for therapy.

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