INTP Character (A Comprehensive Guide)

The people with INTP personality type are found rarely.

They are 3% out of the total global population which is considered as a favorable thing for these people because these people do not find anything else making them unhappy than being common.

In this article, we will discuss INTP characters. 

INTP people are proud of themselves for being creative minded, innovators, unique, and intellectuals.

These people are usually dreamy professors, philosophers, architects, and logicians who have made many scientific discoveries in the past. 

These people are famous for giving outstanding theories and implacable logic.

Actually, these people are found to be logically correct among people of other personality types. 

These people love designs and pointing out inconsistencies among statements that are associated with them as their hobby.

Making a bad choice to lie to them.

People with INTP personality types usually describe their thinking which is underdeveloped by using other people to run things by their theories and ideas opposed to themselves instead of actual conversation partners.

INTP personality

These people may start unending daydreaming and their process of thoughts is unstoppable and their minds are filled with ideas when they get up after sleep.

This habit of thinking constantly without interruption can lead them to bed detached and pensive, as these people mostly conduct complete discussions and debate in their minds.

But these people are often calm, composed, and have a friendly nature when they get around the people they know or while sharing their ideas.

However profuse diffidence can replace this when INTP personalities found themselves around the people they don’t know.

Friendly jokes can make them offensive if they feel that their theories and logic are under attack by these banters. 

When INTP people get excited their conversations can feel incoherent when they try to comprehend and untie the chains of their logical arguments which paved the way for their fresh ideas.

Mostly, people with INTP personalities tend to adopt the tactics of moving from one topic even before it is comprehensible instead of trying laying things out simply. 

The thing which they are afraid of is being failed and it keeps holding them back.

People with INTP personality types are more vulnerable to consider their own theories and thoughts, again and again, being worried that they may be missing a critical point in their ideas which they can stop, lost in an untouchable universe in which their ideas are never implicated.

To overcome this doubt is the most challenging task these people are to encounter but with their god gifted abilities when they are successful in overcoming their doubts they make it worth a fight.

Strengths of INTP 

Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers

People of the INTP personality type see this world as a gigantic, puzzled machine in which every part is interconnected and interrelated.

People with INTP personality types are successful in sorting out these relations by looking at how irrelevant elements are connected to each other in such a way that mystifies people of other personality types.

Imaginative and Original 

These relationships are a byproduct of the untiring efforts of their imaginations.

Their ideas may not seem to be realistically possible at once and it may not be able to hold itself for a day or another but the efforts of these people always prove remarkable innovations.


INTP personality type people are not able to establish these connections if they ever believed that they are aware of it.

These people are highly prone to get alternative theories, so long as their theories are getting support from facts and logic.

In more personalized things, such as traditions and social norms, these people tend to see a broader picture and have a liberal sense of “minding their own business”.

Their ideas are actually what matters at the end. 


When their interest is irritated or they get bored, these people tend to show so much enthusiasm. This is a reserved personality type.

But if anyone else shares his interest, they will be highly interested in listening to them.

The only apparent evidence of their enthusiasm is their silence getting long or their staring into the distance. 

Weaknesses of INTP

Very Private and Withdrawn

As the intellectualism of these people produces a lot of perceptions about their surroundings, their surroundings are thought to be interference on their thoughts.

This phenomenon is particularly correct about these people because they tend to be quite reserved in social settings.

Some situations, for example, going to parties can further complicate things. Even their close friends will find it to get into their hearts and heads. 


People with the INTP personality type are mostly involved in their logic that they do not remember any emotional considerations.

They will abandon subjectivity thinking it baseless and also a tradition that attempts to restrict the progress.

Situations that are based on pure emotions will completely confuse them and people can be offended by their lack of timely sympathy. 


The people with INTP got lost in their interests and they are mostly found absent which goes beyond social matters including the other world.

These people tend to forget and miss those obvious things which are related to them and also they can be forgetful about their health, they will skip their meals and even their sleep.

Loathe Rules and Guidelines 

The struggles they do as a society is a result of their wish to detour the rules of social conduct.

While this behavior is helpful for them to strengthen their unconventional creativity.

It also gives rise to their idea of reinventing the wheel again and again and to purposefully avoid security in support of freedom in ways that can compromise both.

Second-Guess Themselves 

People with the INTP personality type always welcome the latest information which they don’t usually commit to a decision at all.

This is implacable for their own expertise too. These people are aware of the fact that practice will bring improvements and whatever they have done is the second-best to the thing which they could have done.

They do not settle for one thing and will delay their outcomes for indefinite periods of time with constantly doing revision and sometimes abandoning it even for the get started.

INTP Characters

A research conducted by Carl Jung was later further extended to Isabel Briggs Meyers and her father Katherine Briggs.

According to the research psychology of every person can be categorized into any of the sixteen types.

These sixteen personality types are categorized on the basis of four pairs of traits.

Introversion (I) vs. Extroversion (E), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F) and Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

The following are the most celebrated INTP characters around the globe.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a famous scientist and he is labeled under the INTP characters. The MBTI test was never administered on Albert Einstein, but most psychologists have described him as an INTP character.

The people of the INTP personality type are known as the logicians or the architects and both of these titles go perfect with the personality of Albert Einstein to label him as an INTP character.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a notorious biologist who is labeled as an INTP character.

The INTPs tend to provide a logical description for everything which is of their interest.

Similarly, Charles Darwin wanted to put the biological world into order by presenting his Theory of Evolution.

The wish of Darwin to bring order in the biological world was also seen in his personal life as well.

Charles Darwin, in 1838, prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages of marriage before he eventually got married.

The above-mentioned traits perfectly go with the personality of Charles Darwin to label him as an INTP character.

Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was a reputable novelist who is labeled as an INTP character. The people with the INTP personality type are famous for their weird or a dark sense of humor.

A famous classic novel written by Franz Kafka was The Metamorphosis which is regarded as the most absurd novel with a lot of instances of weird humor.

The people with INTP personality type are known as unconventional or offbeat and thus Franz Kafka was one of them.

These traits show that Franz Kafka was an INTP character.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a reputable psychologist who is labeled as an INTP character. He was also willing to bring the world in order.

As a matter of fact, Jung is the primary reason we are able to classify people based on their personality types as Jung was the one who first proposed that we can categorize people into type.

Carl Jung pursued the things and wanted to develop a logical explanation of the things of his utmost interest. In his case, that was the psychology of individuals.

The above-mentioned traits perfectly go with the personality of Carl Jung to label him as an INTP character.

Hannah Arendt 

The people with INTP personality types are always precise while speaking and they seem obsessed with the logical explanation.

Most of the people tried to put Hannah Arendt under the category of philosophers but she quickly rejected this title.

She was a famous political theorist and she was of the view that philosophy is focused on man singularly while most of her theories focused on humanity as a whole.

Similarly to Jung and Darwin, Hannah was concerned about the precise and logical description of something which for most can challenge the description.

This is an example of INTP traits she demonstrated which means that with these personality traits she can be labeled under the INTP characters.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was an American president who is labeled as an INTP character. If a person is having the traits of an INTP personality type then he will be seen saying the words “this is negotiable”.

The reason is not that people with INTP personality type tend to differentiate with others but they can simply think analytically on various topics and also they will present their own ideas and views openly and concisely.

Abraham Lincoln was good at these things and it is also obvious from his involvement in The Greatest Debates with Stephen A Douglas in 1858. He grabbed so much public attention that it was debated and rewarded him eventually in 1860 when he was elected as the President of the United States.

All the traits mentioned above make Abraham Lincoln an INTP character.

Jimmy Wales

Another INTP character is Jimmy Wales.

INTPs love to put things in an orderly manner and Jimmy Wales is one who loves these things. He is the founder of Wikipedia.

FAQs about INTP characters

Q2. What are the strengths of INTPs?

Following are the strengths of INTPs:

Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers

Imaginative and Original




Honest and Straightforward

Q3. What are the weaknesses of INTPs?

Very Private and Withdrawn




Loathe Rules and Guidelines

Second-Guess Themselves

Q4. What are some of the famous INTP characters?

Following are the famous INTP characters:

Albert Einstein

Jimmy Wales

Abraham Lincoln

Carl Jung

Franz Kafka 

Charles Darwin

Larry Page