INTJ Relationships (A Comprehensive Guide)

INTJ personality is sometimes nicknamed as “Masterminds” because they are intelligent and decisive in every situation.

They prefer to spend more time alone to accomplish their goals by concentrating on facts and figures.

They do not rely on concrete details instead they show more interest in abstract.

They are not emotionless but they are more practical towards INTJ relationships and work.

They are independent and are selective about their relationship, mostly intellectual personalities just like theirs attract them the most.

They see possibilities and solve complex problems.

They eagerly try to improve the system and process with their innovative ideas.

INTJ personalities are often known as “Book worms” because they spend most of their time gaining knowledge and doing creative things instead of wasting time.

We shall discuss INTJ relationships in this article.

What is INTJ an acronym for? 

INTJ personality is one of the personalities of Myers-Briggs 16 personality types.

It is an acronym for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality type.

It means that these are the following traits of the INTJ and they function according to these traits. INTJ stands for:

I: Introverted (they are not social; they prefer to spend more time alone rather in gatherings, being alone makes time for them to think more about their work. It also speeds up the work.)

iN: Intuitive ( they focus on concepts and ideas and work on abstract rather than concrete)

T: Thinking (their personality is decisive and they can make a decision through logic and reasons)

J: Judging (they are not flexible like others because they like to be organized and planned for everything instead of being spontaneous)

How much percentage of the INTJ personality type is:

INTJ is the third rarest personality among 16 personalities of Myers-Briggs and it is mostly in men than women.

  • It covers 2% of the general population
  • It covers 3% of men
  • 1% in women

Some of famous INTJ personalities:

  • Some of the famous INTJs are mentioned below:
  • Hillary Clinton, 
  • Al Gore, 
  • Bill Gates, 
  • Dwight Eisenhower, 
  • Alan Greenspan, 
  • John Maynard Keynes, 
  • Ayn Rand, 
  • Isaac Asimov,
  • Lewis Carroll, 
  • Cormac McCarthy, 
  • Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Ulysses S. Grant, 
  • Stephen Hawking,

What are the most common characteristics of INTJ relationships:

INTJ personality cannot be summed up in a few lines.

They have a unique personality from others and need extensive descriptions which can define them different from others.

However, here we will discuss some of the most common characteristics of the INTJ relationships.

These are some selective common characteristics of INTJ personality:

  • They are introverts, likes, and prefer to work alone. Appreciates less interruption in their work. They prefer individual work rather than group work.
  • The thinking type of personality and are more organized than others and they work through proper planning.
  • They make logic-based decisions because they do not let emotions interfere in their decision because they are more rational and practical.
  • They pursue a deeper understanding to access information about complex topics. They are interested in abstract information rather than concrete detail.

What are the strengths of the INTJ relationships:

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses similarly INTJ relationships also have some strengths which makes them different and unique from others.

Some strengths become the reason for their success and which shapes their personality even more. Some of the strengths of INTJ is given below:

  • They are very good listeners in this way they can learn more.
  • They take criticism very well which shapes their personality even more.
  • They work really hard and finish their work on time.
  • They are confident.
  • They have a very high expectation with themselves which helps them in accomplishing their goals.
  • They work on abstract information which ends up in adding their knowledge even more.

What are the weaknesses of the INTJ relationships:

No one is perfect, if one has their strengths he must surely have some weaknesses too.

Despite of being very unique and stable personality INTJ relationships also have some weaknesses.

They can control their weaknesses but if it is not controlled it can be problematic for them. Some of the weaknesses of INTJ personalities are as follow:

  • Sometimes perfectionism can lead to many problems, as INTJ personalities are perfect in most of their tasks which can lead to some problems.
  • They are more practical rather than emotional which can affect their romantic relationships.
  • Being more practical all the time makes them insensitive towards others. 
  • Sometimes being judgmental works against them as well as over-analysis too.
  • They find it hard to talk about their emotions.

How do cognitive functions of INTJ personalities work?

Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging are four main dimensions of cognitive functions in INTJ personalities.

Therefore, the dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior cognitive functions for INTJ personalities are given below.

  • Dominant: introverted intuition (they do not understand what are the motives of people)
  • Auxiliary: extraverted intuition (their decisions are mostly based on logics and they are decisive in nature)
  • Tertiary: introverted feeling (less attention towards emotions and values)
  • Interior: extraverted sensing( they are not energized by the world around them)

INTJ relationships:

INTJ personalities show less emotions to others; they are more likely to be practical.

In terms of  INTJ relationships, they are independent and they take their commitments seriously but they are not ‘touchy feels” with their partners and their children.

INTJ basically are intelligent and they always try to move in positive directions, if they become careful with their emotions and intelligence they can lead a happy and joyful life with their family and friends.

INTJ relationships as lovers:

INTJ personalities are introverted and they do not express what they feel about others. In terms of romantic relationships.

These personalities in INTJ relationships only relate to those people who match their requirements of being a partner.

They are more likely to be a partner of a person who has the same intellect as theirs.

Being in a relationship doesn’t affect their efficiency of work but their judgmental and less emotional behavior can lead to certain problems in their life.

They often like to think about sex rather than doing it. If their relationship comes into an end they move on with their life instead of being stuck in that phase because that’s what they think is right.

Because they like to be in a positive relationship and they will leave if they think their relationship is not working.

They also have a tendency to believe that they are always right which can lead to problems when it comes to an argument with their partner.

They should let their partner feel sometimes that they are right too.

INTJ relationships as friends:

INTJ personalities are not likely to be frank with everyone.

As they are introverted they do not spend their time with others but if they become friends or spend time with someone it means they like their intuitive thinking and because they are the same intellectual as them.

Just because they have an introverted personality doesn’t mean they are boring; they are good at cracking jokes if they want to or if they feel comfortable around their surroundings.

INTJ have a serious personality but they can have fun if others pull them into it.

They can make friends and they do have friends whom they can relate to and can enjoy having intellectual conversations.

INTJ personality enjoy being in a friendship with those who can comprehend their views and can relate to it.

They enjoy being in a company of those who can have conversations with them about their theoretical views about different things.

They do not like to waste their time with personalities who have a vague image of things and confuse the ideas of the topic being discussed as they are highly intelligent and have rational thinking they like to share their time with those who also put the effort in abstract rather than in concrete. 

INTJ relationship as parents:

In terms of parenting the children of INTJ personalities face similar problems of expressing feelings and emotions.

INTJ parents try to raise their children in a way that they become more intelligent and independent as them.

They lack the feeling of love and affirmation towards their children therefore their children have the same characteristics too.

INTJ are not that loving and overly supporting parent figure for their children.

Their main goal is to raise their children to become intelligent, independent and autonomous.

They want their children to become decisive and make their own decisions. Moreover, they like parenting their children and it brings satisfaction to them. They are also encouraging for their children.

INTJ relationships as Worker:

INTJ personalities are good at working environments.

They complete their work within the due date.

They perform well with their co-workers but sometimes while working with them when it comes to arguments they might say some things without noticing if it would be harsh to say.

They can say harsh words to their co-workers as they lack emotion and feelings.

Their co-worker might also take them as an arrogant personality because they are honest and direct when they are communicating their thoughts with others.

This can cause frustration among their co-workers and can spoil the working environment.

As the INTJ personalities think that whatever they are saying is right which causes more frustration among their co-workers which make them feel less important and as if their suggestions are unheard and their contribution to work is unappreciated.

INTJ personalities are highly confident they perform well in their professional life but they find it hard to make relationships good with co-workers in a professional way.

They can unintentionally hurt the feeling of their teammates by using harsh language.

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FAQs about INTJ relationships 

How can I know if I have an INTJ personality or not?

There are many tests available to know about your personality type whether you are INTJ personality or not.

Is it necessary to perform an INTJ test under the supervision of an expert?

Some of the tests are taken under the supervision of experts but you can also perform the test through online available INTJ tests.

Do INTJ personalities enjoy being in a relationship?

Yes, they do enjoy being in a relationship if their partner is as intellectual as they are. If their nature matches each other they can have a healthy relationship.


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