INTJ Function (A Comprehensive Guide)

Individuals with INTJ personality can find them at the top being alone because this is the rarest type of personality among the individuals who are most capable and they are well aware of this fact.

They are only two percent of the total global population. Women of this personality type particularly are, being 0.8% only.

It may be very hard for these individuals to reach individuals with similar kinds of personalities who can make it up to them in their unstoppable analysis of things.

Individuals with INTJ personality types are very creative and decisive as well, passionate and love being in their personal spaces, focused on everything and yet curious too.

In this article, we will discuss the INTJ function.

When at their earlier stages of life, their naturally rooted quest to gain knowledge comes out; their fellows call them bookworms at school.

They might come across some insulting remarks from their peers, those with this personality type likely identify with the label.

INTJs feel proud of the knowledge they have gained throughout their lives and they find joy in sharing this knowledge with others.

INTJs have confidence in the reasons behind why they have chosen a particular subject to study.

INTJs show seriousness and are always up for designing and carrying out viable projects instead of wasting their time in other unimportant distractions such as gossiping. 

Strengths of INTJs

  1. Quick, Imaginative, and Strategic Mind 

The individuals with the INTJ personality type feel proud of their minds and they do not miss any chance which they can use to bring improvements to their knowledge.

This demonstrates the power and adaptability of how strategic they are in their thoughts.

These individuals have an intense curiosity and always accept the challenges which involve intellect.

They have various angles to look at things differently.

These individuals are imaginative and bring their creativity into play for planning to cash the hidden chances. 

  1. High Self-Confidence

The individuals with INTJ personality type are confident about rational thinking more than anything else, so when they have decided to go for something they will not doubt their decision and Intuition about their decision.

This encapsulates honesty in them, communicating directly with others which they do not hesitate to show regardless of what others might think about them.

When they think that they are right then it is so and no one is able to change their mind.

  1. Open-Minded

INTP personality type individuals are not able to establish these connections if they ever believed that they are aware of it.

These individuals are highly prone to get alternative theories, so long as their theories are getting the support of facts and logic.

In more personalized things, such as traditions and social norms, these individuals tend to see a broader picture and have a liberal sense “minding their own business”.

Their ideas are actually what matters at the end.

Weaknesses of INTJs

  1. Arrogant

The individuals with the INTJ personality type may take their confidence to another level.

INTJs can develop this conception that they have resolved all the problems pertaining to a matter.

They can reject the comments and opinions of others which are opposing their conception thinking that these individuals are not intelligent enough. 

  1. Judgmental

These individuals are confident and rational thinkers. They lake emotional consideration in their ideas.

And a fragile link for the individuals with INTJ personality type is that they do not consider these factors and label them as illogical.

These individuals will not tolerate those individuals who think the style they consider is inferior.

This will turn out to be impossible for other individuals to get their voices to be heard.

  1. Clueless in Romance

Their resentment for rules and their inclination towards over analyzing and judging others’ being arrogant will leave them with no clue while dating.

These individuals find it difficult to understand what is happening and how to behave in a relationship.

To try hard in a direction which these individuals are used to will merely contribute to making things worse and unfortunately, these individuals will give up searching for the love of their life and it is common in them.

INTJ Functions

There are four cognitive functions of every personality type.

These cognitive functions then steer language towards a person, process information and make a decision, and the arrangement is laid over personal inclinations.

The processes of thinking and feeling help in decision making, while iNtuition and sensing play their role in information processing. 

Every personality type is denoted by two of their top functions.

Those functions which are utilized in the head are known as internal functions while those functions which are used in interacting with the world around are known as external functions.

The following are the INTJ functions;

Internal iNtuition
internal iNtuition is similar to the contextual processor which is able to calculate and route statistics devoid of requiring to deliberately put efforts over every portion of the thoughts.

It is effortlessly capable of seeing 10 footsteps in advance and guesses what may come across in the coming times as leading forms of internal iNtuition are capable of accessing most of the portions of their brains at a time for finding an ideal resolution for fresh difficulties.

Since internal iNtuition is the primary INTJ function, the whole lot else is at the service of this INTJ function. 

External Thinking

Another INTJ function is external thinking. External thinking enables INTJs to work competently in every field of life.

External thinking is the main process of the decision making of INTJs. This implies that if it is necessary to make a decision in an instant, the INTJs would trust the thing which will make the most sense tangibly.

As external thinking is a main external INTJ function, this is typically the major object which comes to the notice of other individuals regarding the INTJs and INTJ function.

Internal Feeling

Internal thinking is the number of three INTJ functions.

Internal feeling serves the purpose of decision making as a secondary INTJ function and may take a lot of time to reach a logical conclusion as compared to other INTJ functions do.

As internal feeling is an internal process, this INTJ function tends to consider each and every detail before taking any decision.

The internal feeling is a thing that lets the INTJs feel how other individuals may think about specific things.

This may perform as a system of warning when INTJs think about a decision making any sense but internal feelings are aware of the fact that this is not a good idea.

External Sensing

External sensing is the final INTJ function. Being the final INTJ function, this function is integrally considered weaker as compared to other INTJ functions.

External sensing is the much tangible aspect of INTJ which allows them to connect to their world around them.

Possessing this external sensing as a final function implies that INTJs could effortlessly get exhausted if they needed to vigorously participate along with the individuals or the world around them for a longer period of time.


INTJs possess an actual profound inner world.

These individuals are tremendously instinctive and could frequently understand every opportunity about how a specific condition would be doing.

These individuals are then capable of analyzing every option and improving these options until they have arrived at a thing that INTJs feel is the most probable one.

These can conventionally be to utilize this to envisage the upcoming time in a sense.

Certain INTJs become intricate while dealing with their inner state which their kind of the world fluctuates from what many individuals will describe as authenticity.

This could substitute an influential thought that allows INTJs to probe out entirely different thoughts since the INTJs purely are not snarled to rational thought regarding things in positions of the usual parameters other individuals deliberate.

These individuals can even conclude on achieving tasks that other individuals will believe to be difficult.

Nevertheless, these imaginations have the capacity to be disadvantageous if those individuals become inaccessible from the effort.

These individuals require comments from other individuals to aid regulation once the ideas of these individuals are virtuosity, and once these are only little too far out there.


INTJs are able to confront as equally thoughtful round many individuals, with the immunity of the fewer individuals these individuals think closed with.

These individuals frequently favor to be independent in their daily life routine and are suspected to provide their entire life to strive and make individuals pleased.

These individuals tend to feel certainly better while they are aware that they have the choice to be totally autonomous of others and their assessments.

Nevertheless, once this comes to important others, these individuals could be tremendously enthusiastic and faithful until or unless their confidence is not deceived.

INTJs are able to produce an abundance of executives if it is of worth for these individuals, nonetheless, it is significant for these individuals to identify the kinds of individuals they work well with and develop their ability to lead tasks to the people employed for them.

Though these people are capable of typically training somebody to perform specific tasks, these people are inclined to show a desire to educate people who prize it up rapidly so that they are able to transfer to the upcoming things.

If the other individual moves back to them every single 5 minutes requesting for additional support, these people may begin to feel irritated.

The INTJs can disremember that not everybody is capable of tackling things self-sufficiently similar to they do.

This is not unusual for these people to possess stronger capabilities that they do not actually demonstrate in front of other persons.

One can get astonished to misstep across sketching and learning that the INTJs he knows are outstanding at sketching manga characters but never revealed it to him before.

Thus INTJs have excellent cognitive functions. They can do best because of their inborn skills.

They have the potential to lead the word.

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FAQs about INTJ functions 

Q1. What INTJ personality type?

People with INTJ personality can find them at the top being alone because this is the rarest type of personality among the people who are most capable and they are well aware of this fact.

Q2. What are the strengths of the INTJ personality type?

Following are the strengths of INTJ people;


High Self-Confidence

Quick, Imaginative, and Strategic Mind

Hard-Working and Determined


independent and Decisive

Q3. What are the Weaknesses of INTJ personality types?

Following are the weaknesses of the INTJ people;

Clueless in Romance



Overly Analytical

Loathe Highly Structured Environments

Q4. What are the INTJ functions?

Following are the main INTJ functions:

internal iNtuition

External thinking

Internal feeling

External sensing

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