INTJ Cognitive Function (A Comprehensive Guide)

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that acknowledged INTJ as one of the rare personalities as compared to 16 other personalities that were identified through this assessment.

INTJ is a personality that is introverted: such as they choose consciously to work alone rather than working as a team or dealing with people also prefer to control everything that exists in their world so that they can take every action by planning it mentally rather than taking abrupt decisions, instinctive: such as they have an instinctive capacity to perceive everything rationally or objectively rather than rely on the fake information or other elements such as subjectivity of the elements and highly intellectual: such as they maintain their attention on intellectual material rather than wasting their timing by focusing the in-depth investigation of everything.

They are often symbolized as the designer or Architect.


 Some of the INTJs strengths are as follow: 

  •  INTJ always enjoy making
  • some hypothetical assumptions and then prove them later by using their intellectual reasoning.
  •  INTJs prefer to have something which is extraordinary; they also demand some high expectations from themselves.
  • INTJ personalities have an instinctive ability to be introverted; they don’t like to share their personal things and experiences with others; they enjoy their personal boundary which is the reason that they enjoy hearing others. 
  •  INTJ is good at taking the negative comments or criticism from others because they are well aware of themselves the negative opinions do not actually disturb them. 
  •   INTJ seems to be very confident and even work hard to achieve their goal.


 Some of the INTJs weakness are as follow:

  • INTJs enjoy their personal boundaries which sometimes make them disapprove of others and their focus to see everything as a rational way also disturbs others. 
  •  INTJ frequently focus on maintaining everything in a perfect way and sometimes

create problems for them too

  •  INTJ is not the other personality types they actually hate to share their emotions

because they think sharing makes them inferior in front of others.

  •  INTJ instinctive ability to be alone sometimes makes them heartless or even cruel to

other emotions and different situations.

INTJ Cognitive Function

MBTI acknowledge the four key measurements related to various personalities which is described below


  •     Extraversion VS Introversion
  •     Sensing VS Intuition
  •    Thinking VS feeling
  •      Judging VS perceiving.

INTJs characteristics of four-letter abbreviations symbolize as having characteristics such as they are introverted, have the instinctive ability, always think logically and judgmental.

MBTI is an assessment that is actually based on Carl Jung’s personality theory.

These four characteristics associated and interrelated the various cognitive functions to perform different actions for not only extraverted but also for introverted personality.

All categories of personalities are determined by their central attitude of functioning.

The central cognitive functioning such as dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior generally perform an important role in determining the traits of various personality types that are described below.

INTJ cognitive function of Dominant Function (Introverted Intuition, Ni)

To understand various personalities we must first maintain our focus to understand INTJs cognitive function known as dominant that describes the central characteristics of any personality.

INTJ cognitive function of intuition and thinking logically plays an important role in their personality make up.

The INTJ cognitive function of intuition is actually considered their conscious occupation because it is the cognitive functioning that other personalities lack.

INTJ also show some ability to control their problems and solve them later they engage themselves in a problem so that they can get the deep or well-established knowledge about it.

INTJs’ cognitive function do not depend on their cognitive function of introverted intuition to solve all of their problems rather than maintain a perfect balance between their introverted intuition and consciously solving their problems. 

INTJs cognitive function combine their two cognitive functions such as they associate their intuition and vision in the form of dreams or patterns to maintain their focus and also remember information in a visionary way such as in the form of pictures or images.

INTJs’ cognitive function focuses their attention on different shapes and structures and also the importance of these patterns in their life.

They use their cognitive functioning to see all the possible opportunities and gain benefit from them.

Rather than, maintaining their attention to just looking at the already existing evidence about different phenomenons.

They also use their cognitive function of intuition to determine

what the actual meaning of these phenomena is.

INTJ has a quest to know different things and also use their cognitive functioning to plan their future to look at various opportunities.

INTJ is unable to recall the details of an important event but seems to be good at recalling the perfect impression of that event.

INTJ cognitive functions have the skill to understand the meaning of every possible phenomenon rather than ignoring it which shows their ability to “read between the lines”.

INTJ cognitive function of Auxiliary Function (Extraverted Thinking, Te)

INTJ cognitive function of Introverted intuition works as the complete and manufacturing cognitive function but their secondary cognitive function such as extraverted thinking bursts directly from the left hemisphere of their brain which is known as having the ability to focus on the reality, intellectual, organized and investigation.

It helps to break a huge cognitive function into its contemporary parts, label them, and explain their function and connection with other parts of the brain.

The cognitive function of measurements focuses on establishing a clear quantifiable objective and values. 

INTJs cognitive function of extravert thinking focuses on a clear definition of plans, structural procedures, and uses all those possibilities to approach their desired goals.

INTJs cognitive function of extrovert thinking helps the INTJ to avoid components such as rationally and using intellectual while thinking rather than focus, become more responsive to human power, chances, and govern them.

When an institution is formed related to phenomena or objects then it comes toward the second cognitive function of extraverted thinking which gives it a more logical shape just like unzipping a computer file.

Transference of intuition into words or vision in the form of pictures is necessary to understand the INTJs personality. 

 INTJ cognitive function allows them to focus on order, detail, and sequence in which various things perform their function so that they may follow the same pattern and similar ideas while working, documents, and figures.

It clearly shows INTJ thoughtful and disciplined way of solving their problems.

People with INTJS cognitive functions helps them in a way that helps them to maintain their attention on the details and consider everything which makes them unique as compared to other personalities that often seem to lose between the details and other stuffs INTJ always consider the cause and effect relationship while making any decision and studying phenomena. 

Sometimes they may become stubborn and isolated although they seem to be conscious and active.

INTJs cognitive function of being an introverted personality cause problem in approaching others in a social circle and cause frustration especially when they hold tightly the truth that is based on logical and they see to be unable to convince other (by arguments and providing facts) because these people already decided to believe on the lie they end up with the fact that the purpose of Coming into this world is to stay away from the truth for some people.

INTJ cognitive function of Tertiary Function (Introverted Feeling, Fi)

Although it is true that INTJs cognitive function makes them ignore the emotional component, they are not robots without feelings.

The real problem is that they are unable to transfer their emotions properly although they have very strong emotions related to an object.

This difficulty is also associated to INTJs cognitive function of being introverted feelings that may prevent others to approach them and support them in their emotional breakdown or any emotional situation although, they try to show some difference in their emotional expression but their feeling of being introvert never allow them to share the emotions openly.

INTJ cognitive functions have a tendency to know and search for things that make them unique.

INTJs usually prefer to stay limited.

They have only two or three real friends and some family members that are trustable for them, also share similar personality characteristics like INTJ so that they openly share their feelings with them.

Rather than publicizing their emotions. 

They have a tendency to be a kind and sincere partner and also prove very good parents for their children that help them to grow independently rather than imposing pressure.

Although they also seem doubtful about a number of things in their life their family and friend circle are not part of this.

INTJs also symbolize the REFORMER due to their specific cognitive functioning such as they show the shortage of patience especially when they see the situation of injustice against those who are not in a position to defend themselves such as children, old age people.

They may work as a businessman, politician or may help in establishing some laws that contribute to maintaining justice in the country.

All of the above mentioned INTJ cognitive functions can be used as evidence of their high

INTJ cognitive function of Inferior Function (Extraverted Sensing, Se)

INTJs cognitive function is an inferior function recognized by the world after a very long time and still, now it is the unconscious function as compared to the other three INTJs cognitive functions.

It is also known as the hidden and suppressed INTJs cognitive function which is not easy to approach, confusing, and difficult to know.

INTJs’ cognitive function of inferior function works in the same way as other personalities.

INTJs have a love and hate relationship with this cognitive function.

Challenges that are directly linked with the inferior function are also achieved by maintaining balance and understanding their instinctual purpose and then considering the methods to solve it. 

INTJs cognitive function of extravert sensing actually help them in attending the main part of the information and ignore the unimportant ones such as in everyday INTJs receive plenty of external stimuli that are not actually registered rather than filter by their cognitive functioning and they may perceive as unaware about what is happening in their environment consciously.

Although they are present physically and perceive it subconsciously.

Which helps them to know about the things that they think they are unaware of them.

INTJs’ cognitive function sometimes makes them feel like an alien due to their aloofness toward others.

FAQ about INTJ Cognitive Function

What are INTJs good at?

Leadership is a good position because it shows INTJs intellectuality, quest to know things, and also the ability to take decisions wisely and dealing with complex phenomena.  

What is the average IQ of an INTJ?

The average IQ score of people with INTJs personality is usually >200

Why is INTJs so rare?

They are rare because of INTJs cognitive function of introverted intuition.

They are composed of 2.1% of the population.

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