INFP Teacher ( A Comprehensive Guide)

In this article, we will discuss INFP Teachers. 

What would an INFP Teacher be like?

INFP teachers may be thought of as being very devoted to their students and at the same time ensuring that they are learning many things aside from the subject alone. INFP teachers are likely to be very passionate about education, almost evangelical about their subject, and the typical INFP positive and optimistic attitude will come through in their teaching.

INFP Teaching Style

The INFP teaching style is marked by the same kind of idealistic and fantastical attitude they bring to everything else. An INFP Teacher usually teaches English or History, and they are likely to be someone who is passionate about education and almost evangelical about their subject. INFP teaching style also tends to be positive and optimistic and they are usually close to their students.

Choosing the career of a teacher can be both a challenging one and a rewarding one especially for the ones who are really into teaching and are passionate about it.

While this career or job can also change into a thankless one at times, there still are plenty of ways to feel rewarded or feel that you have done something good for the society by changing the lives of the students and young children that are learning from you.

Teachers are not only an integral part of the society but can be considered as one of the most important parts of the life of a person growing up and even when they are adults, they have the ability to change the perspective of their student and build self-confidence inside of them so they can go out there and challenge life with a more confident approach.

The individuals who are passionate about teaching can also influence their students and have the ability to change their lives and inspire them to go after their goals in life and their dreams with full power and effort in a way that might not be possible for them in general circumstances.

Some of the personality types do seem more fit for the job of a teacher and most probably will gain something different and unique from this experience which can help them out in improving their own personality further.

INFPs certainly have the ability to become amazing teachers, mostly because they have the tendency to be passionate about their work, especially the subjects that they are teaching.

Their positive approach towards life and their dreamy nature can make them more influential on students and can inspire them to go for their dreams and goals in life with full efforts.

They can become more of inspirational teachers, also with their nature of caring for others with a big heart and their nature to be more positive towards others and do something that might bring a difference in a positive way in the world.

Of Course, this does not mean that all INFPs can be good teachers and are equipped with the correct tools for this job and neither everyone will enjoy it nor all of them will be good at it.

It is also important to understand what are the setbacks and benefits of choosing teaching as a career, and we will be discussing different things here regarding how INFPs will respond to such a career.

Qualities of the INFP teacher 

They honor their inner voice.

One of the products of their dominant Introverted feelings is that they have a strong desire to honor their personal authenticity.

INFPs can be said to resonate with the words as spoken by Shakespeare’s character Polonius: “Be true to thine own self.” If you watch an INFP for some time you will start noticing the uniqueness in their outfits while you will not be able to see them as blatantly countercultural but you will see the uniqueness and comfort level in it.

They have originality and are always looking for some way to express it even if it’s through their teaching style or method. 

INFPs’ originality can also be seen through their art, their music, novels, or screenplays.

It can also be seen through their method of portraying some characters, even in their sculpture, paintings, sketch or even in their way to teach other people.

Any field of life they are at it or whatever they are doing, they will always express their unique personal vision and their personalities through the work they are doing or through their art.

While doing it, if they can end up in creating something that helps out people, it makes them really happy. 

They like to mix it up.

INFPs are always looking for variety or change in their lives and that holds true for INFP teachers too.

They tend to change their teaching methods and style from time to time and think of more innovative and creative ways to get more participation inside the lecture.

These changes keep the lecture alive and keep students guessing what will be new in the lecture.

This is a better way to keep students indulge in their studies and make them feel part of it.

Because they always like to try new things, INFP teachers are at their happiest when they have something new to do or have opportunities to experiment with something new.

They will explore new ways of teaching, will look for interactive sessions with students, will experiment with different activities, and make studies fun to have and will also have the best time of their life while planning and implementing it.

They are sentimental.

Most of the INFPs are good at heart and are a bit sentimental when family values and antiques come into play, they will keep holding onto them especially their family heirlooms that will keep reminding them of the loved ones that are dead and their memories.

They will keep these things intact, in a similar way an INFP teacher might keep you to look for your history or things that are left behind by forefathers of the country and put more passion in teaching them.

He can inspire students to take more care of such things, keep them passionate about their origins, and also make them feel proud of it.

INFP teachers can create such games or creative activities that might result in students getting more attached to their history and culture. 

They Are Passionate

One of the fundamental things that really help an INFP teacher is their excitement and passion for certain objects or their way of a teacher.

When an INFP teacher is really passionate about the subject then this excitement can be seen in the way they connect with their students and how they give them knowledge about the subject.

If the teacher is not passionate about the subject they teach, the students can be really down in the class and it really makes it harder for them to connect to the teacher to gain knowledge from him through lecture.

This case is rarely seen with the INFP teacher as they generally enjoy teaching by getting in-depth about the subject and coming up with new ways to keep their students excited and attentive in the lecture.

Their sense of passion for the subject and how to teach is really infectious and also goes through them to their students which further helps them to feel more engrossed in the studies and become better learners and gain knowledge with an active mind rather than becoming bored by the teacher.

INFP teachers are always enthusiastic about the way they are teaching and will always come up with new innovative and creative ideas to involve their students during lectures. 

They Are Inspiring

INFP teachers are mostly of the inspirational type, with their desire coming into play to help their students progress steadily towards the achievement of their dreams and goals.

They like to motivate them in going towards their goals rather than crushing their spirit in the classroom, they want them to feel more enthusiastic and excited about the future and what might it hold for them.

INFP teachers not only get their students excited but are also able to connect with them on a deeper level, they will inspire them to be themselves and dream about their goals and never be too afraid to go for them.

Their positive attitude and approach towards life and future can also help their students get a broadened horizon and be positive about their futures which can help them to avail opportunities and to take risks to attain their goals.

INFP teachers also like to get close with their students and give them the confidence and belief they need to achieve their goals.

They are also good at inspiring others and motivating them to go the extra mile towards their goal.

INFP teachers are also able to connect with them and understand their feelings and do not judge them straight away, this unique approach can make the difference in the lives of their students and can help them to push forward. 

They Want to Make a Difference

INFP teachers are there to make a difference in the world, they try to teach positive things to the students and to inspire them so they can bring about the change in the world.

They will think of newer more innovative ways to teach their students and to keep them active so they can learn more which can make a difference.

A career as a teacher is one of the best careers for an INFP to make a difference in the world as it helps them to connect with a lot of people which can later influence other people either through their work or personality.

Being able to affect the world in a positive way and to bring about a positive change is what keeps an INFP teacher motivated and he gives the process his all to make his students improve further and keeps a positive environment around them and keeps getting better. 

The Struggles of the INFP Teacher

While INFP teachers can have a great career, there are also some downsides for the INFP as a teacher.

They might face some struggles while teaching so it is best to single them out so they know about it beforehand. One of the biggest hurdles or struggles for an INFP teacher can be their sense of organization.

They might be distracted easily from their work of organizing their desk or cleaning up their desk or preparing their lesson plans or even put these things or lower priority than other things which might end up in them forgetting about these things completely and finishing them at the last minute as the last resort.

This can certainly end up in creating challenges for the INFP teacher, specifically in the cases where they are needed to be focused on a single issue but can get easily distracted by parts of their imagination and other ideas pouring into their minds.

INFP teachers can also struggle with emotions from time to time by being hard on themselves when they should not be and should be able to guide the person who is not doing well.

For instance, if there is a student well connected with them, they will blame themselves if that student does not perform too well in the test.

It is better for them to take a step back and set boundaries on how much they should do for their students rather than being too hard on themselves.

FAQ about INFP teacher 

Do INFPs make good teachers?

INFP can definitely be amazing teachers because of their passion for the subject and by thinking of more innovative and creative ways to keep students active and indulge in their lectures.

They are known as inspirational teachers because of their dreamy look and their positive approach towards life.

Can Infp be doctors?

INFP can dwell into a more personal type of doctor rather than a general one, like a general practitioner or a specific specialist who is not into surgery.

What career is best for Infp?

Some of the top careers for INFP are :

– Graphic Designer

– Fashion Designer

– Fine Artist.

– Multimedia Animator or Artist


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