INFP Preschool Teacher (A Comprehensive Guide)

INFP is a personality type. These individuals are idealistic and dragged by themselves by following their own core values and beliefs.

They have dominant traits. The INFP personality individuals keep themselves in a real situation and pass concern to others genuinely.

They give the meaning to truth and follow the truth for spending the daily life activities.

They have sensitive nature, caring towards others and deeply concerned about the growth of themselves and the individuals who are associated with them. Although they are dominant, they do not judge others.

They prefer to spend time exploring their own ideas and strengths. They are creative and artistic naturally.

In this article we will discuss INFP preschool teachers.

INFP Preschool Teacher

INFP preschool teachers are able to educate and care for the children who are very small in age.

They target the children who are very young such as from the age of 3 years till 5 years.

These students are not yet entered in the kindergarten or any nursery classes.

INFP preschool teachers teach them about how to read and write, about science subjects.

AS an INFP preschool teacher, they have the purpose to deal with the children as younger children with better understanding.

As a career of preschool teacher brings out an INFP’s to develop their personality trait such as creative skills independence and the need to develop meaningful relationships in the surroundings.

They can develop the children according to themselves. They are keen to develop them through transfer of their activities into them. 

As they have personality traits that they are committed to, so when they are in the role of teacher they guide properly to the students and groom them as they lack in their childhood.

They cover all the aspects which were missing in their life and they want the guidance from others.

They have an emotional sensitive nature and want to do service voluntarily and involuntarily.

When they are in the role of teacher they guide the students with the emotional tantrums through creative activities.

They schedule their activities as per compensating their lacking. 

They feel acknowledged and happy after serving as a teacher.

The individual with an INFP type personality might prefer to be and are a great teacher.

There is a verbatim of one of the INFP teacher that is “I’m an INFP who has worked as a teacher/educator for many years, it is really a great experiences as through this  I also develop myself and get extra patience and groom my personality”

INFP preschool teacher duties:

As an INFP preschool teacher they can perform the following duties:

1.  As an INFP preschool teacher, they prepare children for the school beginning or initial classes so that they can understand the basic concepts when they get admission in elementary classes.

2. They work with children as an individual or as one to one teacher and student.

They deal with the children according to their needs and the level of difficulty in understanding the subjects.

3. As an INFP preschool teacher, they mainly focus on the development areas of the children such as on the development of language, motor and social skills.

4. They are able to deal with the children’s problems so that children can learn from the world and develop their careers according to their interest.

This is the stage they can understand who to explore the interest and as an INFP preschool teacher they can help in exploring these ideas and talents.

5. INFP preschool teachers help the children to get involved in physical activity so they can manage their physical health with their school admission routine.

6. AS an INFP preschool teacher, they also have the responsibility to deal with the emotional and behavioral problems of the children so that they can aware the parents of children with proper time.

INFP preschool teachers love to develop themselves as they love to do problem solving approaches, creative writing and questioning , so they learn these abilities to the children as well.

They help children to groom by giving them examples through small storytelling and through creative plays.

Work Environment for INFP preschool teacher

INFP love to help others and as an INFP preschool teacher they can work easily for others.

These teachers majority of the time work in public and private schools and in charitable or religious organizations.

INFP individuals feel pleasure after serving these institutes.

Work Schedules as an INFP preschool teachers

When INFPs work in public school as a preschool teacher they usually work according to the standards of the school.

They set their whole year schedule as they serve 10 month to school and 2 months they get a break from them as a summer holiday. 

Like some preschool teachers they often serve on a voluntary basis in school.

As according to the weekly schedule they can usually work consecutive 8 weeks in a row and get one week break before starting a new class.

Education and Training

For working as a preschool teacher there are specific training requirements which they need to develop their strengths in this career.

The continuous training is very essential for INFP for continuing proceeding this job as a career development.

There are many certificate leads to the degree program to get certification of the specific domain.


If INFPs want to develop themselves as preschool teachers, they need to get at least a high school diploma for working as an early childhood education.

Therefore most of the INFPs work as a voluntary basis that’s why they can start working less education from the required education.

Generally in the other institutes and the high institutes often preschool hires teachers of almost doctorate and post dictate education specific related to the child development.

The education specially designed related to the children development, development strategies of the child, different strategies to teach young children and the evaluation process of children’s development.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations for INFPs

Different countries have different certification and licenses processes as a preschool teacher for private school, teachers and in organizations.

The INFPs need to complete the full degree of child development and have a special background about the child development course.

The volunteer experience helped them to get licensed easily.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. INFPs individuals have effective communication skills.

For pursuing as a preschool teacher it is important to develop good communication skills and develop themselves as a better individual so that they handle the parents issues properly as well.

It is necessary to communicate with children, family and colleagues about the student’s progress.

Communication skills are also included about all the skills through which we can communicate with others such as good writing skills, emotional skills and anything from which we can convey information towards others.

Emotional communication is very important when we are dealing with children.

Creativity. INFPs as Preschool teachers must plan lessons that engage young students.

In addition, they need to adapt their lessons to suit different learning styles. The most specific styles are included in which colorful and attractive activities would be preferred.

The students of preschool like to engage in different bright colors included, they attract those who are not giving their input and have shy nature.

The preschool teacher can engage by designing proper activities to introvert students as well.

Interpersonal skills. Preschool teachers have the ability to understand the children’s emotional needs and INFPs also are very emotional and prefer to deal with others more emotional branches instead of practical approaches.

The INFP preschool teachers can develop a good relationship with young students while developing their interpersonal skills.

This skill also develops their relationship with the students and as well as with teachers, colleagues and other teachers.

Organizational skills. INFPs as a preschool teacher need to be organized and need to plan the lessons and activities properly.

The lessons and proper scheduling helped them to manage the classes accordingly.

Patience. INFPs need to develop the habit of patience. With the working of young children they can help to far away their frustration and anger issues.

They enjoy most of the time with activities which are not able to become boring as well as their students.

For other individuals working with the students might be irritating due to their tantrums and problematic behaviors.

The INFPs develop and handle this habit properly by dealing with the children and overwhelming and difficult situations.

Physical stamina. INFPs need to develop physical stamina.

Working with children might become the cause of physically taxing, so preschool teachers should have a lot of energy to deal with the students.

Personality and Interests

INFPs as Preschool teachers usually develop their interest as a creating and helping hand.

For personality traits the individual can check the traits through by checking the different tests and come to know about the traits and interests.

As a creating individual, as INFPs have but need to develop this trait by considering the focus on being original and imaginative. 

The helping idea of the others influences the INFPs to assist, serve and teach others.

Job Viewpoint

There is an increased demand in the schools to focus on child development. It is very important to focus on the child’s early years.

The parents, teachers want to hire the proper preschool teacher for the children’s development and explore their interest through proper teaching.

The ratio of child development ratio is very necessary and the demand is higher among all preschool programs.

The age of the children is also higher in all the countries.

The children between the age of 3 to 5 years before enrolled in elementary school but now the trend has changed. 

As much as the population increases the development and era of children also makes changes.

 FAQ about INFP Preschool Teacher

1.      Are INFP good preschool teachers?

Answer: the personality of INFP suits the preschool teacher.

They have creative thinking and through this activity they can develop the student’s personality as well.

The positive perspective of the INFPs are positive and have dreamy nature which actually makes them  something which can make them truly inspirational teachers.

It also helped the students to see in the specific direction.

2.      Why do INFPs disappear?

An INFP needs to sheath for their recharge as they have the ability to develop and they worked to serve others.

Although this  is a very healthy thing!

So INFP fade in and out from time to time – just to take good care of ourselves because we feel so much.

3.      Are INFPs controlling?

They have the personality trait to finish Deep down inside, they have desire to develop as an personal autonomy.

Different extroverted judging types of different personalities (ESTJs, ESFJs, ENTJs, and ENFJs), they want little to do with organizing people, institutions, or projects. They need very little outer control.

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