INFP Jobs to Avoid (7+ Jobs)

Myers-Briggs presented a personality test based on multiple-choice statements that help to assess the strengths and dark sides of the employers by identifying 16 various personalities. 

This personality test helps access employers during employment opportunities in a way that identifies their potential to work, ability to learn various skills, enhance the existing abilities, and various other personality characteristics that make you able to get a job and the best person to be hired in an organization.

But at the same time, this personality test has some drawbacks such as it cannot help an individual to identify her own personality, strength and weakness, natural impulses and encouraging points in life, The best career for an individual in future and what career paths should be avoided in future.

In this article, we will discuss INFP jobs to avoid. 

INFP Jobs to Avoid

Here is a list of some INFP jobs to avoid:

  • Military
  • Sales.
  • Law.
  • Auditor
  • Dentist
  • Chemist
  • Financial Managers
  • Material Engineer

INFP best Qualities

People with INFP personality are composed of at least 4% of the whole population.

This uniqueness indicates INFPs 4 key personality characteristics such as how INFPs behave in a situation, react to various situations, and what they actually learn from their life.

Above mentioned characteristics are described below.

  • Introverted: INFPs enjoy their ability of creativity and perfectionism when they withdraw themselves socially. They have the potential to focus more on their creativity as compared to logic and facts.
  • Intuition: INFPs focus their attention more on grabbing the opportunities, search for the realities about nature that help them in understanding the purpose of their existence in their world and their surroundings.
  • (F) Feeling: INFPs are sensitive, natural, and flexible in various situations, always seem to be involved in their creativity and also ignore the disciplined environment in professional settings.
  • (P) Perceiving: INFPs enjoy to stay alone, but enjoy the company of those who have similar personality characteristics and understand their point of view.

Core Strengths and Weaknesses

Myers-Briggs identified in their personality assessments some of the strengths and weaknesses of the people with INFPs personality that have a direct impact on their personal and occupational life.

Having an understanding of the strength and weaknesses helps them to overcome them and also work on the situations that serve as triggers for stress and how to deal with it.

INFP Strengths

  • Idealism: INFP personalities enjoy their creative ability and also utilize it while facing various conflicting situations in life. INFs always consider their norms, values, emotions, others’ perspectives while making an important decision.
  • Integrity – people with INFP personality always give priority to genuineness and quest to know the truth that is related to their existence and the world they are living. They respect their values and often seem eccentric and unusual. They also have a non-judgmental attitude toward others and try to accept others as they are.
  • Compromise – INFPs make compromises in life without any fear of failure rather than they prefer to help others and achieve their goal. They have the ability of patience that helps them to listen to others’ points of view and encourage them also INFPs motivate and help others for the attainment of their goals.
  • Dedication – they often show the characteristics of zealousness and enthusiasm in attaining their goals that are related to their meaning of life and the truth about the world. They do not seek pleasure in materialistic things such as wealth, fame, social status, and money.

INFP Weaknesses

  • Impracticality – people with INFP personality are very determined and enthusiastic about the attainment of their goals in life that they often make impractical decisions in life.  
  • Sensitivity – the ability in INFP personality of kindness and understanding for others no doubt is a great personality characteristic but it also has a dark side such as their over-emphatic attitude often makes them sensitive about various situations. A sudden shift can be seen in their temperament if anyone violates INFPs values and they often try to avoid conflicting situations.
  • Selflessness – INFP personality sometimes acts as self-sacrifice and altruistic by listening and considering other opinions and compromising their creativity.  They try to maintain peace by avoiding such situations that need to be addressed properly.

INFP Jobs to Avoid

Although, INFPs have a magnanimous and rare personality in the world that fits in every situation still there are some INFP jobs to avoid in order to maintain mental peace and work on their creative ability because some of the INFP jobs to avoid consider not to be well-suited for their natural traits.

Some of the below professions are considered as INFP jobs to avoid being identified by surveys in the over-all population.

1.  Sales

The salesperson is considered one of the INFP jobs to avoid because of the number of reasons such as any task that promotes competition among colleagues in a professional setting also raises various conflicts among the employees.

Any profession that promotes such conflict is not considered good for INFP’s personality.

INFPs do not have a greedy nature.

They are not the disciple of money and wealth but this profession may attack their personal and moral values and promote the feeling of anger and distress that’s why it is considered as one of the INFPs jobs to avoid.

2. Military

Showing obedience toward the rules and regulations of administration also follows the same routine every day is considered as INFPs jobs to avoid while making their career in the future.

Military professions require the ability of sympathy and kindness for others but INFPs have a natural tendency to be bizarre and eccentric.

Military service demands the people that can obey them rather than violate their rules and regulation but in the case of INFPs personality they are totally opposite such as they always use their ability of creativity while solving their problems in life, believe and apply the notion of “think outside the box”.

In military service, these characteristics have no worth.

3. Law

Law is also considered as INFP jobs to avoid because they always value their ethics and have an intrinsic ability to fight for a reason and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

But making a career in law can create hindrance in their intrinsic honesty because they avoid fighting when they don’t want to either it’s related to them personally or for others.

It is also predictable for lawyers to communicate with various people but INFP is not used to dealing with different people rather than having only 2-3 friends with whom they share their secrets.

4. Material engineer

Materials engineers are considered in one of the INFP jobs to avoid because it involves the development, practice, and analysis of material in order to create various products such as computer chips.

The overall work is related to dealing with metal, plastic and other materials to generate a unique object that also fulfills the requirements of the company.

INFPs no doubt enjoy the creativity involved in this profession but working in a specific timeline and a structured environment can make it boring for the INFP personality.

5. Auditor

An accountant or auditor is well-known for organizing and analyzing the financial archives in a company.

They work for the company by checking the financial reports and also keep an eye on paid taxes in the proper time duration for the stability of the company.

But in the case of INFP personality, it can kill their natural ability of creativity by working with the past figures and dealing with the numbers every day that is why it is considered in one of the INFP jobs to avoid.

6. Dentist

The dentist is considered one of the best professions for some people but in the case of INFP jobs to avoid it is considered one of the worst professions.

Because dentists deal with the same routine every day such as treating the problem reported in the patient’s teeth, gums, and other parts in the mouth also provide a similar precaution about protecting the teeth and diet options to secure oral health of others.

7. Chemists

Chemists are the ones who learn about the atomic and molecular intensities and also the different methods in which a specific material responds to other molecules.

They apply their knowledge in creating unique products also improving the previous ones by testing them in various conditions.

It is also known as one of the INFP jobs to avoid because it raises conflicts and damages their mental peace by ignoring their inner self and working hard in making the various products.

It may also cause betrayal from their natural goal to search for their meaning of life.

8. Licensed paid nurse

Licensed paid nurses work according to the requirement of the situation such as they encourage the teaching of other nurses that help them to determine the way of family members while dealing with their relatives that are not healthy enough, feeding infants, laboratory tests, also taking care of the elderly.

In case of INFPS it is considered a good profession because it allows INFPs to help others but it also comes in the way of their creativity, new ideas and need to stay in their boundary to listen their inner self that’s why it is also considered as one of the INFP profession to avoid.

9. Financial managers

 The financial manager is also considered in the list of INFP jobs to avoid. Financial managers take the responsibility of dealing with the economic environment for a person or for an organization by creating the financial reports and analyzing them and also make plans to deal with future crises and balance financially the organization by making long term goals.

INFP is not a profession that enhances creativity and appreciates their unique ideas.

FAQ about INFP Jobs to Avoid

What careers are good for INFP?

– There are some careers that are known as INFP jobs to avoid but at the same time, there are various other careers that consider the best match for an INFP personality because that may help them in enhancing their natural ability of creativity, quest to know and the search of the truth. Such as,

– Making a career in Fine Artist.

– Fashion Designer or work as a Graphic Designer.

– Multimedia Artist.

– Editor in films

– Convertor or transcriber

– Photographer for a company

Are INFPs successful?

There are also some INFP jobs to avoid because it may create hurdles in their way of success.

Because INFP’s success is based on achieving something by revealing their true personality and work according to their intrinsic traits rather than modify their inner self for the sake of others and try to be someone.

Which is not good for their inner self. Making others happy is not the goal of your personality.

INFP just needs to focus on their true self this is the only way to achieve true happiness.

Is INFP intelligent?

INFPs are well-known for their ability to be a good teacher and writer.

They also have the ability of kindness, inspiration for others.

But they don’t perform well in the INFP jobs to avoid and be considered as dull workers.


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