INFP in Team (A Comprehensive Guide)

People having INFP tendencies of nature, usually play a very good role during conflicts between teams.

They are tending to pick up any disagreement between others very quickly.

And they are often aware of the human dynamics to play during a conflict.

They play a vital role in a discussion group to keep the conflict getting worse.

The INFP in the team is good at it by birth. However, if someone will reject their ideas during a resolution of the conflict, their baked fire can be worse.

When other’s feelings need to be handled gently, The FP conflict style works from people who prefer INFP.

But in case if their approach is indirect, it could fail and the conflict will never get resolved.

In this article, we will discuss INFP in teams. 

Quick Tip for Those with Preferences for INFP.

It is correct that your approach is always value-based to recognize the impact of conflict at a certain moment.

You still have to be careful to acknowledge the feeling of all members of a conflict while resolving it; the backfire could be unbearable if others feel like their values have not been acknowledged.

INFP in the Team

INFPs Approach to build relationships:

INFP in the teams is tending to make space for others to participate fully.

They love to help others to admit themselves and make them believe in themselves.

They are by default, talented enough to read between the lines, hear the un-uttered words, and sense the things to be done.

They have a sense of purpose and ethics and their behaviors are made accordingly.

They want others as well to follow the same. They feel comfortable with their relationships in the team as they know the people’s intentions.

This helps them to feel good and make others feel good.

When they share something that is important to them, they honor and accept the valid communication and feelings of the teammates as well, and they expect the same from others.

They gently encourage their teammates; emphasize similarities to bridge gaps and differences.

They also take the help of stories and allegories to prove their words.

INFPs approach to deal with conflicts.

INFP in the team, if there is a conflict; usually they wait and see what is involved.

Then they will go with the flow, and reach deeper to the root of the conflict and then try to gather all to a common point where the conflict can be solved easily.

How to Forge Better Relationship with INFPs:

INFP in the team creates an environment of integrity and opportunities.

This environment develops a sense of unity, coordination, mental health, and progression in others.

You must endorse and encourage them as individuals.

Make them flexible, let them spend their energy to explain their point; do not criticize them while they are talking.

Don’t force them to be clear instead recognize the value in their impressions.

INFPs Approach of Working.

The INFP in the team usually keeps watching the team and goes with the flow at the start.

Once they have enough information they integrate it into a complete picture.

Playing with many ideas is their passion.

The INFP in the team will give their suggestions to keep things in the right direction if they sense that things are not going in the right track.

How INFPs Make Decisions.

The INFP in the team used to decide fast about things. They make quick decisions whether something or someone is corresponding or not.

They are quick in taking decisions, but slow in deciding what action to take or which direction to go.

First, they want to be sure about the information that they have received, and if they are clear and sure that the important values are not disturbed and actions will be according to the core values, then they will act quickly.

How INFPs Respond to Change.

INFP respond to change very positively. During a necessary change process, they hold on tight to their control in an artistic way.

During the process, they keep their eye on every minor detail. They show a very welcoming behavior to the change.

They input their creative ideas to the process with the intention of higher quality outcomes of the change.

The INFP at Workplace:

INFP in the teams and at workplaces are usually warm and quiet.

Being a social introvert they enjoy logical challenges and social features of the work altogether.

They become popular and make their values at workplaces and teams due to their nature. 

The INFP on the team is very good. They are social introverts. They always need a lot of social contact in order to be connected and healthy.

This quality is not found in many other types of social introverts. They preferred the work environment of such types.

Generally, they would love to prefer working with a small group of compatible people, but they can work on projects alone as well.

This makes a sense of connection for them; they always prefer a workplace where there is not a lot of teamwork.

Larger teams irritate and upset them. In such an environment they will become very unsuitable for the job; their productivity will be very low.

All-day they will just keep doing computer work and other types of work where human interaction is very low. 

INFP in the team or at work wants a purpose rather than only a job.

They want to make sure that what they are doing must align with their values and also adds some positivity to the world.

Because they have the said desire they love to be a part of such organizations that are adding values to the community. INFPs are naturally born for such kinds of workplaces.

They also are the best fit in the workplace that gives them the freedom of producing more creative products.

It relaxes their innovative minds by creating beauty and contributing it to the world.

For an INFP, creativity and adding value to the world is the highest goal of life.

Company and Society

INFPs love their independence. This sort utilizes extraverted instincts as their assistant capacity, which makes them amazingly autonomous and confident.

If when others try to control or direct them they also become irritated.

According to an INFP, to do work for other people’s expectations or being run or supervised by them is not only restrictive, but it’s also quite insulting.

This may prefer some freedom in the way they work and they don’t understand the reason for implementing schedules or rules just for the sake of having them.

Because of these INFPs aren’t usually a good match for traditional or highly structured workplaces.

The principles that join these work environments don’t fit well with their senses to investigate the world and the work they’ve been given.

INFPs they’ll never enjoy their time at work or be able to do their best work if they cannot see the sights.

INFPs love change and innovation. Their prior capacity is to the role, extraverted intuition thrives on a steady diet of new experiences, sensations, and ideas and they like to feed this role in every aspect of their life.

Because of this capacity, INFPs can be tremendously creative and innovative, that is why they unconsciously make sure they have a steady diet of change in their working life so they can keep learning and creating new things.

This gives them opportunities to change in the workplace because it drives them to do better work and be better workmates.

Abuse in the Workplace:

Although it is not obvious, usually INFPs are born very sensitive. They take things very rigidly.

When they are criticized by others or co-workers, they might act like they don’t care, they seem to be very calm and take things in a lighter mood.

This happens because their feeling function is turned inwards. But actually they take things so seriously; they take them to heart and react to it.

They keep thinking about the comments and looking for what they did wrong.

This feeling in INFP is so strong that sometimes they can be hurt by the comments from others, which are apparently harmless, that other people don’t even notice.

Actually, these kinds of people are having this bad habit that they pick up everything towards them and find fault or insult in them.

Sometimes due to this habit, they are being bullied and abused as well at their workplace. They make themselves so unhappy and an easy target for others by taking things so serious and deep.

Usually, they don’t stand up for conflict at first and they avoid it for as long as possible.

Rather they believe that they have done something wrong and they deserve the criticism, this is because they take comments so deeply and keep thinking about them.

Workplace Strengths:

The INFP in the team is very effective. They are very social and warm people.

They have a lot of empathy for their fellow workers as they actually understand others’ values very well.

They are dominated by their introverted feeling which is focused within. They understand very well about their emotions and motivations.

They know which emotions can be applied to others as well. This is a very uncommon level of understanding.

In a team or workplace where there is a teammate having such emotional aptitude and understanding, every team member can be a beneficiary.

Quiet peaceful working environments can also get benefit from INFP’s expressive astuteness.

INFP in the team and at work mostly are very friendly. At workplaces and teams, they create a very happy and friendly environment at their workplace.  

FAQ about INFP in teams

How effective an INFP is as a leader?

The INFP in the Team is very good.

Because of their passionate and inspiring nature, they believe in making the world a better place by being a leader.

They believe in the personal development of themselves and the people belong to them.

Generally, they prefer to stay out of the spotlight, but when it is necessary to defend their strong beliefs, they can step up for it.

Who would be the best match for INFP to marry?

Normally two individuals of any type can enjoy a very happy relationship if they are developed well enough.

But in the case of INFP, as their dominant function is introverted feeling, their best would be the one having a dominant function of extraverted feelings.

So we can say that the best match for INFP’s can be either ENFJ’s or ESFJ’s.

What is the best quality of INFPs?

Although INFP in the team is very good, they are good enough in learning languages at the level best.

Often their skills of writing, arts, poetry, and creativity in various fields like marketing, are considered as God gifted.

They love to do new things to increase their knowledge, that’s why they are considered very good students.

Arts film and literature can be their love and passion as well.

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