INFP Church Worker (A Comprehensive Guide)

INFP personality type is also referred to as a mediator. The people of this personality type have different traits such as, intuitive, introverted, feeling, and prospecting.

The people with INFP personality traits are four percent of the total global population.

This personality type is rare and these are open-minded, creative, caring, and imaginative people applying all these approaches towards life.

People with this personality type are found to be genuinely idealists who are always in search of a clue in good and bad events and people and looking for opportunities to bring changes in things.

These people may be considered as reserved, shy, and calm but their passion and commitment can make them shine.

There is a feeling of risk of being misinterpreted among these people as they are comprised of 4% of the total number of people in the world but when they have found the people who the same mind then can spend time with them easily, with so much harmony which make them feel inspired and joyful.

In this article, we will discuss the INFP church worker. 

These people are driven by their principles as they belong to the diplomat role group, instead of logic, practicality, or excitement.

These people prefer honor, beauty, virtue, and morality when they are deciding to move forward.

They are the people with pure intentions and this is what drives them forward not the fear of punishment and lust for a reward.

Those people who have the INFP personality type feel proud of themselves and the personality trait they possess.

But, not all people can comprehend these feelings and the driving force behind them which can be damaging for them and can push them to be isolated.

When these people are giving their best, their personality traits allow having deep conversations with other people, finding it easy to use metaphors, parables, creating symbols and understanding to convey their thoughts and the ideas.

These people find it fascinating to be in the world of fantasies which is not found in another personality type.

Their visionary communication are so strengthened which makes it easy for them to do creative work and it is no wondering fact for people that most of the famous people with INFP personality are poets, writers, and actors.

It is important for these people to understand themselves and understand their place in the world, and these people do so by having their projection in their work.

Strengths of INFP Personality Type,


People with INFP personalities are admired by their friends and loved ones.

Their closed one trust them and think them to be dependable due to their optimistic nature.

These people are good and strong with their beliefs and just are misunderstood, which pushes them to be magnificently resistant to face difficulties. 

 Seek and Value Harmony 

The INFP people do not prefer to have powers over other people and also do not give attention to bullying behaviors at all.

They like to adopt a democratic procedure and strive to make sure that everyone’s voice and point of view is being heard.

Open-Minded and Flexible

These people with INFP personality types are open-minded and flexible with a live and let live attitude and they mostly do not like to be restricted by the rules.

As long as their ideas and principles are not challenged they also give the benefit of the doubt.

They are also supporting people’s rights to whatever they think is right.

Weaknesses of INFPs

Too Idealistic

The people with INFP personality tend to follow their idealism too much which makes them vulnerable to disappointment repeatedly.

This can also be challenging for them in their relationships as they won’t be able to idealize their partner and will idolize them, neglecting the fact everyone is imperfect.


When something gets stuck in their heads they can ignore the practicalities involved in it like simple happiness and day to day maintenance.

Sometimes they get too much involved and focus on their ideas that they will forget to eat and drink.

Take Things Personally

The people with INFP personality type tend to take criticisms and challenges personally instead of taking it as motivation to remodel their position.

They tend to avoid indulging in conflicts to a possible extent. Though, they work hard on aligning their principles and the perceived criticism into a middle ground which will be acceptable for everyone.

INFP Church Worker

The people with an INFP personality type are more creative and open-minded.

They have flexibility in their opinions and also listen to others with care and patience.

They seek harmony among all. All these characteristics can be well suited for an INFP church worker as well.

Here are some careers which can also suite to INFP worker in various dimensions and various departments of the church.

Following is the description of few INFP church workers:

Caring Listener

The people with the INFP personality type are idealists and have a harmonious attitude for other people.

Thus they are good at listening to the problems of other people.

INFP church worker can be given the role of a caring listener who is enthusiastic about listening to the other people and guiding them about the way forward.

The INFP church workers are creative and perceptive as well which helps them in influencing other people.

Here are some qualities of a good listener which an INFP church worker can benefit from.

Providing the speaker with your special attention

At this point, qualities such as multitasking and rapid refocus or too many insincere small talks can lead a good listener to troubles.

For an instance, if a person is of the kind who asks a person about how was her day and as she starts to talk about it you are constantly looking at your phone it will dispatch a message to the speaker that he is just pretending to be caring.

In an instance where you give your attention to the speaker but go too long where the person might feel that the listener is losing interest and he can tell her gently.

An INFP church worker who is a caring listener must be aware of this thing that he should let the speaker feel that he is being ignored.

Being Non-judgmental

An INFP church worker should remain non-judgmental while listening to the other person.

The speaker must not be let realize that he is not being accepted by the listener and the speaker should get this point that INFP church worker working as a caring listener is not judging him in any way.

For instance, the INFP church worker must avoid saying those things which can diminish or trivialize the issue of the speaker.

These things are such as “your issue will get resolved sooner, this will not last longer, everything is going to be fine, this is not anything etc. when the narrator is apparently aware and also is stressed being known to the severity of the issue and he wants to reach to a solution.

Another suitable approach to not to appear as a judgmental the INFP church workers should try putting them into the shoes of someone else, he will surely be amazed that how he will be acting if in their shoes.

Understanding the Speaker

An INFP church worker should understand what the speaker is saying or what he wants to say.

The words are generally formed and shaped by emotions. Try searching the emotions in the words of a speaker.

Does the speaker seem to be annoyed, afraid, upset, stunned, or aggrieved?

An INFP church worker in this situation should try to build a connection between the words of the speaker and his emotions as well.

For instance, the INFP church worker should try asking the question like “How does it feel?” or he should tell the speaker that he can feel his pain.

Being Silent

AN INFP church worker in the role of a caring listener should be aware of the fact that he should feel the need to say something instantly or at all.

If he allows the speaker to speak for a while and after he has finished allowing him to be silent for a while then he might break the silence and may come up with a solution he did not have in his mind before having the conversation with him.

This happens due to that that significant info comes forward by exchanging the emotions and words and by having felt that someone is listening in with positivity.

The INFP church worker must remember that being an empathetic listener is not all about him but it is about his need to demonstrate that he is aware of the answer, his need to interact or his need to look a certain way.

This is all about the speaker. Try to be genuine and authentic and which is generally grabbed by the speaker with a positive intent rather than anything dishonest.

Declaring Your Understanding

The INFP church worker should try asking open-ended questions and should be doing some replication of how he understands the position of the speaker.

For instance, he must try saying things “From what I hear, you feel scared of the consequences of such and such… am I getting you right?” Or, “I can see how this is making you feel sad.”

In the end, as an INFP church worker is trying to be a good listener he must remember that he needs the same meaning that there can be a time where he needs to listen.

Try to ensure that his family members and his friends to whom he can meet and speak to his mind and heart freely and flexibly without getting the feeling of being judged, get the feelings of care, being told what should be the next step without asking and without any interruption.

In the end, the process of listening and speaking being moderate is a healthier steadiness which he might wish to target to create links and become a valuable worker and a problem solver.

FAQs about INFP Church Worker

Q1. What is the INFP personality type?

The people of this personality type have different traits such as, intuitive, introverted, feeling and prospecting.

Q2. What are the strengths of the INFP personality type?

Very Creative



Seek and Value Harmony


Q3. What are the Weaknesses of INFP personality types?

Difficult to Get to Know

Take Things Personally

Dislike Dealing with Data 


Too Altruistic

Too Idealistic

Q4. Are INFPs rare?

INFPs are unique individuals with a rare set of abilities including the power to masterfully understand emotion and the human experience. 

INFPs are also rare, making up about 4 to 5 percent of the population.

Are you an INFP? You might be if you identify with these 12 less obvious INFP personality traits.

Q5. What should be a suitable role of an INFP church worker?

An INFP church worker can fit into the role of a caring listener.

Q6. What are the qualities of a caring listener?

Providing the speaker with your special attention
Being Non-judgmental
Understanding the Speaker
Being Silent
Declaring Your Understanding


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