INFP Careers (5 great options)

People with INFP personality are overall 4% around the world; they are usually introverts, open-minded, sensitive, natural, and searching for new things and use all of these traits in their life.

They always look for a trace in any situation to bring change. Although they are reserved and shy people often consider them as arrogant and moody.

However, they feel comfortable and joyful with the people who have the same nature and enjoy a deep conversation and share their thoughts.

These people are full of fantasies and most of them are famous poets too. They understand their true personality while working with their ability of projection.

In this article, we will discuss the INFP personality and INFP Career. 

Strengths of INFP Personality Type

1.      Idealistic

INFPs are highly appreciated and respected in their friend circle as well as in family.

Their optimistic nature makes them trustworthy and sincere people and people often depend on them.

Although these people are misunderstood sometimes due to their principles, their rules help them to face any challenge in a naturalistic way.

2.                  Seek and Value Harmony 

People with INFP personality are democratic by nature; they respect others and expect the same in return rather than controlling others by showing their dominance and also avoid bully performances.

They listen to other opinion as well about a critical situation in work rather than making an individual decision

3.                  Open-Minded and Flexible

INFPs have some rules in their life but they are not restricted to those rules. They are unbiased and flexible and have a positive attitude towards life.

They find a logic behind everything so it’s not easy to challenge them also they have a back for people when they have the sensation to do so as an accurate thing.

Weaknesses of INFPs

1.      Too Idealistic

These personalities focus their attention on perfectionism that increases the risk of distress and disappointment over and over again. 

Sometimes they face a big challenge in their relationships because of their specific characteristics and unable to idealize their partner and forget the reality of this world that nobody is perfect.  

2.                  Impractical

People with INFP personalities focus their attention on a task and if anything catches their attention they are unable to get rid of it until they solve it even forget their daily activities such as eating and drinking just stay focused to solve the puzzle.

3.                  Take Things Personally

INFPs usually focus on every little detail that makes them vulnerable toward criticism and challenges and they often take other opinions as a part of their personality rather than take it in a positive way.

Although they work hard to maintain a balance between their rules and criticism that helps them in a positive way.  

Now we will discuss the best INFP career: 

What are the best INFP careers

These personalities choose those careers that have intrinsic characteristics of ethical determination.

They often avoid administrative approaches and work according to rules and follow procedures.  

  1.  INFP careers 1: Artist

This personality creates the artistic personality of individuals. They develop themselves in the domain of creativity and artistic capacity.

They prefer to lead those projects which are creative and depend on meaningful teamwork.

It includes graphic designing and illustrations as well.

The artist often tries to do new things but gain the things they think or lead are full of leadership and meaning.

2. INFP careers2: Mental Health Counsellor

The individuals who have the ability to develop these personality traits are often called the healer.

They become the cause of help or calm to others. These individuals like to work on the development of others. They often adopt a medical role and pursue this field.

They did a lot of accomplishments in this role and performed activities full of compassion. 

As they have the ability to be non-judgmental it enhances the task of a great listener which also helps people to reduce their anxiety.

These individuals use their strengths in a great way and run a soothing relationship.

3. INFP careers 3: Professor

These individuals are very knowledgeable and search for the truth and they can manage to deliver their knowledge in the small groups and classes.

The individuals often do a job as a lecturer till the university level. They are able to manage the classes till that level and share knowledge with great interest and values.

When these individuals are in the student role they share their core and beliefs and values with the others so this ability their heritage and reach their ultimate goal as well.  

4. INFP careers: Psychologist

These individuals due to their ability of good listening can perform the role of psychologists.

They can listen to others’ problems and grasp the issues of others.

If they pursue their career as a psychologist, they deal with a large proportion of issues of others and solve the others problems as well. 

They have problem-solving skills and their ability to deal with the problems help them to bright their career in this field.

5.INFP careers 5:  Social Worker

Due to personality traits, they often are very sensitive and have good listening skills and aim to achieve to help others, at last, become passionate about them and this leads to them as social worker and they get inner happiness after doing social activities.

They have specific goals regarding helping others; these goals provide them a direction and they achieve inner peace through this.

They have the ability of compassion and empathy and this is totally opposite towards money and status.

Thus their emotional state provides them a lot of respect and dignity and they always engage in these activities.

6. INFP careers 6: Librarian

As a librarian or always keeping themselves among books, they develop their personality.

As they like to spend more time with books.

These reading of books and immersion towards the books helps them to groom their personality and it more develops an introverted personality.

Due to these specific traits they are knowledgeable and very smooth in their goals and concepts.

7. INFP careers 7: Preschool Teacher

As we previously discussed, these personalities have the traits of empathic and sensitive for others.

.The individual with these personality traits easily plays a role as a preschool teacher and this role suits them and they can help those children who are in sloe in their learning problems.

As they have creative abilities, due to creative abilities they can develop these traits among the others students.

These individuals find very new and excellent ways to encourage others and guide them to search their direction in the right way.

The children who felt complex and wonder about their personality trend, these personality individuals guide them for education.

8. INFP careers 8: Special Education Teacher

Due to compassion, active listening, soft nature, and problem-solving skills bright their future as a special education teacher.

As they have the ability of creativity and they are able to engage the special students through their refined skills.

As they have the ability to reward students in different manners which helps to deal with the tantrums of students with special problems.

They can manage the small group’s tasks so it will be better for special students to engage them in small groups.

They also provide attention to every student and it is a well demanding thing towards the special education teacher.

This task also provides them inner peace.

9. INFP careers 9: Writer

The people with the INFP is a good writer and have a bright career towards article writing and blog writing.

They are able to write their creative ideas in a well-mannered and impressive manner. 

They have a bright career towards the writing content of business and writing in journals and in different papers.

They perform these tasks with full passion and initiate creative ideas whenever they write anything.

Their report to fulfill these tasks must be very satisfactory.

As they have specific goals and their goals helped them to even accomplish the big projects.

To perform in writing skills imagination and creative writing need to develop and these abilities are in them by birth.

Other individuals feel problems in concentration and imagination but these tasks suit this personality type very well.  

10. INFP careers 10: Fundraiser

Involvement in expressive projects that allow the INFP to use their empathy and mind’s eye will always be a great match.

To engage in the fundraising activities for charities or other good causes will appeal to the INFP’s idealism and ethics while allowing them the freedom to build one-to-one relationships with donors and to work separately.

As they have the intention to help others, so they engage these types of activities with full creativity and promote new ids to develop society.

Three Jobs to Avoid

1. Sales

They are not able to prove themselves. They are just able to work in which they can work on their own happiness and peace. 

They are being discouraged when they are in competition with others. This often increases anxiety in them and is very distressing.

They are even not able to work in this situation. In this situation, they aren’t able to achieve their tasks and goals.

They don’t have the goal of financial stability when anyone burdens them for financial strength, it becomes the cause of problems for them.

They always follow their moral values and ethics and after the distraction of these things became the cause of discomfort to them.

They are not career-oriented so this thing destroys them.

2. Military

The forceful activities like to follow the rules and to strictly follow the rules and work on the urgent task become the cause of discomfort from them.

They can’t perform the task in a strict environment and don’t work on themselves.

Due to their sensitive nature and compassion to work independently force them to work independently.

So under rules working demotivate them and lose their work and passion for work.

They have the problem-solving ability so they can’t work in an environment where situations and problems are never solved and the anxious situation remains.

They can develop their imagination skills under these circumstances and military jobs decrease their performance and abilities.

They can’t get their inner peace in this working environment.

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3. Law

Whilst the INFP’s morality and propensity to fight for a cause might point them towards a career in law, their inherent integrity would cause problems when they are asked to fight for causes that they don’t personally agree with.

As lawyers have the task to work or expected to interact with many different types of people and this wouldn’t come naturally to an INFP.

This thing became the cause of problems for them and they have introverted personalities so they can’t perform well in this field.

FAQ about INFP career

 What is an INFP personality type?

INFPs symbolize as the personality who is native, introverted or socially withdrawn, sensitive about some issues, and quest for searching for new things.  

What are the strengths of the INFP personality type?

People with INFP personalities are very imaginative, liberal, and flexible in their thoughts, search and maintain congruence in their life, and committed to their goals.


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