INFP Anime Characters (A Detailed 9+ List)

In this brief guide we are going to provide a list of INFP anime characters and talk briefly about their character traits.INFP anime characters

  • Alphonse Elric (FMA: Brotherhood):Chiyuki (Death Parade)Crona (Soul Eater)Isla (Plastic Memories)Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)Rakka (Haibane Renmei)Rena Ryuugu (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)Rinko Yamato (Ore Monogatari!)Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte)Shinji Ikari (NGE)Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki)

  • An Overview on INFPsINFPs are one of the rarest types of personality and also not much rare but they are still not much which might result in them being misjudged and misunderstood by others.They are more dominated by their introverted feelings and have a really high desire to get personal authenticity from other people or those around them.They are more or less true to their core and try to be genuine in every field of life they are currently working in.They have their own unique spelling out of the work they are doing and they are more comfortable in their own personal way.They will mark their own uniqueness to everything they are doing or wearing in their own way, it looks casual at first sight but when looked carefully it can be seen that their uniqueness is always present in it.Even if they are writers or knitters, they are painters or sculptors or do anything, they are always creative and imaginative in their own way especially when their creations are helpful to others, they are specifically happy and joyful about those.INFPs are not only introverted by nature but they also like to mix things up and become bored by going along with the same routine each and every day.They will change their surroundings around them or they will change their appearance or different routines after a specific period of time.It can be either the settings of their home or their daily life or their appearance overall which can be different from the appearance they had some years ago.This is because they enjoy variety and to be different from time to time and to be the same for years makes them feel a little down or is not in their nature.Among other features of an INFP, they are also sentimental of feelings for their heirlooms or things left over to them by their ancestors or the ones in history.They hold onto them with passion and it brings out their precious memories to them which is in their own way precious to them.They can relive all of those memories related to those things and can recreate the exact sensation and feelings related to it in their mind and through their senses fully.It is really hard to get these things away from them as they keep these things close to themselves.Because of their strong sentimental feelings they are really good at calling those memories and will often tell stories related to it to the people around them.There have been a fair number of fiction characters of INFP personality because these personality characters are more funny and entertaining related to other anime characters.One of the INFP anime characters is Anne Shirley from Anne of the Green Gables which is entertaining and does not let you feel bored.There is also a common phenomenon in the anime community that the INFP anime characters that are male are mostly hated or disliked by most of the fans meanwhile it is quite the opposite for the female INFP anime characters and they are mostly seen positively as fragile, cute and creative from the majority of the people.This might bug some people but that is high most of the community see them in the fiction world, some of the exceptions and some of the most popular INFP anime characters will be discussed here.INFP anime characters differ from ENTJ anime characters in the most remarkable ways. Click to learn more.Alphonse Elric (FMA: Brotherhood): (An incredibly popular male INFP)One of the most popular INFP anime characters that are male is the Alphonse Elric from Brotherhood as INFP anime characters are the most idealistic of all other types of characters, they are also always looking to find more meaning and beauty in everything around them are mostly optimistic and open to accepting everything and others.Although they are strong optimists, they can be quiet or shy but can still come out to be friendly and open towards others after the initial period.They love peace and harmony and have a strong desire for everyone to get along well and want to keep the order going so there is no issue with things, they tend to get upset if there is a situation when the order of things crumbles and things start to go down.Though INFP anime characters are mostly flexible and laidback, they are mostly resistant and opposite when their beliefs or values are challenged.The most important thing for an INFP is that they love peace, creativity, beauty, and doing things the right way in accordance with their own personal beliefs and values.Among all the types of INFP, there are some who are reasonably comfortable with things and are stable, the assertive ones and there are also those who are not mentally and emotionally stable and are facing considerable problems throughout their lives.We are discussing most of these INFP anime characters here on this list. We are gonna start with the following :Chiyuki (Death Parade)Chiyuki is an INFP anime character who is more close to being an INTP personality because of the way she gives preferences to logic sometimes instead of her own personal values.Chiyuki was included in the list to show that not all INFP anime characters are hopelessly sentimental and can also think on the basis of logic sometimes.Although she mostly uses logic because of a tragedy she also gave into her emotions and became suicidal as she is a turbulent variant in nature.INFP Anime Characters (A Detailed 9+ List)Crona (Soul Eater)(Crona’s sex and gender are never revealed in the anime)Crona is a textbook INFP anime character who is of turbulent type but in the latter half becomes more stable after being treated kindly and accepted into the society by others.Even though afterward, Crona still is kind of melancholy, but it is still amazing though after all the things they have been through to be still that much positive about things.Isla (Plastic Memories)Isla is a highly private and introverted INFP anime character.She is a loving, kind, and spiritual kind of girl but is not very expressive.It takes some time for her to be open towards others and for others to understand her fully. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)Kaneki can be termed as poor in the anime as his tale is full of tragedies and end up losing his mind because of his turbulent nature.He becomes a ghoul and is being tortured for days even after that pointlessly by another evil ghoul.Although the story arc of Kaneki is not very productive or good, his character is still good as he had strong morals and loved books and hanging out with his friends when he was happy. Rakka (Haibane Renmei)Rakka is another of the INFP anime characters who is deeply loving, smart, sensitive, and idealistic and loves peace and harmony.She is also looking to find the deeper meaning of her existence and is positive in nature.Like other INFP personality types, she is a little ditsy around the edges but is hella cute. Rena Ryuugu (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)Rena is another one of the INFP anime characters who is mostly mentally unstable in Higurashi and is often seen as a frightening character.She will resort to any type of violence, threat or underhanded tactics to get what she wants and in any way she can.On the other hand when she is mentally stable, she is kind of the most adorable character there is.She is shy, friendly, and quiet between others, she is optimistic, humble, thoughtful, accepting, excited about the things she loves and is always considering the feelings of others with a strong sense of harmony and having high morals.Rinko Yamato (Ore Monogatari!)Rinko is one of the most beloved and popular INFP anime characters, she is a good example of a happy and mentally stable INFP anime character.She has her own unique way of thinking and what she loves or likes, along with it she is also idealistic, kind and optimisticINFP Anime Characters (A Detailed 9+ List)Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)There are many people who do not like Mob and are only watching the show because of other characters but in general he is one of the most popular INFP anime characters.The mob is another case of a healthy INFP who is kind, forgiving, genuine, quiet, thoughtful, a little spacey, and serious about his personal values.He is the one who is always looking at the bright side of things.Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte)He is one of the top five most popular and favorite anime characters and there might be so much to talk about him but let’s be brief.Shinichi is one of the INFP anime characters who have similar qualities to that of the other characters on this list.He values his ideas more than others and also seeks meaning in things.Shinji Ikari (NGE)Here is one of the most favorite characters of others, Shinji who is one of the most turbulent INFP anime characters and is also famous for getting onto the nerves of viewers.He has been brought up in a negative environment which has resulted in him having multiple traumas that go on increasing with time and is extremely unstable.Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki)One of the most intensely and widely hated INFP anime characters is that of Yukiteru, he is in no way admirable even though there might be a time when you feel sympathy towards him and can understand his feelings and empathize with him.He does not always give it his all and does not try his best even before he goes through the trauma of the survival game.Yuki is another turbulent type having a lot of disorders including the ones related to anxiety.He is also likable in multiple ways and it is still hard to see the positive of things related to him but once you can understand him, it is still hard to hate him but sometimes you just love to hate him.There are also other INFP anime characters, Toboe from Wolf’s Rain, Atsushi from Bungou Stray, Vincent Law from Ergo Proxy, Rikka from Chuunibyou and Other Delusions, Watanuki from xxxHOLIC, Arita from Accel World, Kokutou Mikiya from Kara no Kyoukai, Myuuto from Princess Tutu, Bertholdt from Attack on Titan, Nunnally from Code Geass and others.Aside from INFP anime characters, there are also ISFJ anime characters who differ slightly in their personality traits.

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    INFP Anime Characters (A Detailed 9+ List)FAQ about INFP Anime CharactersWhat anime characters are INFP?Some of the examples of INFP anime characters are :Alphonse Elric (FMA: Brotherhood)Crona (Soul Eater)Chiyuki (Death Parade)Isla (Plastic Memories)Arita(Accel World)Who is Infp compatible?Although any two individuals who are well developed can be compatible with each other and can enjoy a healthy relationship.INFP is most compatible with ENFJ or ESFJ as the most dominant introverted feeling, it is best matched with a partner who has the dominant extroverted feelings.References7Mononoke (2019): Idealists: Examples of INFP Anime Characters

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