INFJ Male (A Comprehensive Guide)

INFJ personality types are mostly considered to be caring, complex, intuitive, and gentle.

The traits of a INFJ Man

An INFJ man is likely to be someone who is very warm and compassionate, and they may make for great friends and romantic partners. INFJ men are also thought to be incredibly rare, and therefore very special. INFJ men are able to make easy connections with others, but in some cases, it may be very important to help the INFJ and keep them from hiding their light.

People with INFJ personality types have an artistic taste and a creative mind, letting their imaginations run wild for most of the time.

These people are usually on the lookout of hidden meanings and possibilities of the universe.

As INFJ personality types only make up one percent of the total global population, they are considered to be the rarest type present among all personality types.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail the characteristics of an INFJ male.

INFJ Male Characteristics

Here are some common INFJ male Characteristics:

  • They are warm
  • They are compassionate
  • They like to take care of people around them
  • They are good friends and romantic partners
  • They are thoughtful
  • They can be prone to sad moods
  • They may have low self-esteem

What are the Male INFJ like?

The INFJ male is considered to be incredibly rare, and some would agree that it makes them very special. The typical male INFJ will have a connection to others, and be very warm. This INFJ is likely to be thoughtful and compassionate, and this makes the INFJ male a very wonderful friend and romantic partner.

INFJ males have the tendency to take things in their own hand in both their professional and personal life, they also have the tendency to be disciplined in their daily routine and give utmost importance to it.

They give their best effort to any task they are assigned too and will find the most suitable method to get done with the task.

They do not stand still in their life and will keep on learning and expanding their horizons, they also always have a constantly changing to-do list which helps them keep their tasks in order.

INFJ males are mostly relying on their instincts to complete tasks and in their daily lives, this is instantly relying on without them realizing it.

Their intuition is so strong that they can perceive the results or understand the situation without being given a solid or any comprehensive explanation about the subject at hand.

As a result, INFJ males have a strong belief in their instincts and intuition and rely heavily on it.

They also know that because of their better understanding they are mostly right about comprehending a situation and what will be the best way to resolve it.

This heavy reliance on instincts can sometimes lead to a conflict between the inner and the outer world which can result in INFJ males becoming messy and disorganized.

We can see the indications of such a situation in some of the individuals around us which are normally as a messy desk because of an orderly tendency.

INFJ males can understand the situation and people better because of their intuition and instincts and can be known as having a mysterious understanding or sixth sense related to these matters.

They can sometimes understand the thinking of another person instinctively and act according to the situation without any prior notice.

For example, some of the people of INFJ reported to have a psychic nature like a strong feeling that something is gonna get bad for someone they love or something good is gonna happen to someone near to their heart and that thing ends up happening in the following days or even hours in some cases.

These signs when delivered to other types of people can be rejected and passed down as superstitious in most of the cases even other INFJs sometimes do not take them seriously. 

As a result because of the rejection from other people of their instincts and intuition some INFJ males start to show vigilance towards their inner selves and only communicate what they want to tell.

These people become more deep and complex to understand and tend to reserve themselves to their own quiet personal space and are the hardest one to understand.

They start to hold back one part of themselves in fear of its rejection and might result in avoiding communication with other people.

Many INFJ males might have developed some of the traits that go against the male stereotype, like hiding one’s own feelings and being untrue to themselves.

Because of the development of such feelings and holding part of themselves back confined in their own personal space, they start feeling unhappy, trapped and disingenuous.

However, once they overcome this phase and start to embrace themselves of these traits and learn to live with them while ignoring the expectations of society, they start to outshine themselves.

An INFJ male can be taken as an enigma, who is living a life full of contradictions.

Here we are gonna discuss some of the contradictions that INFJ males have to live with.

Some of them can be related to and are specific to the male gender while others are more general and can be found in both INFJ males and females.

Contradictory Traits of the Male INFJ

1. INFJ males are not materialistic but like quality and beauty

INFJ male is not materialistic in nature but they like to keep themselves well ordered and neat. It does not mean they want to show-off or something but rather they will like to be looked at as a personality with grace or taste.

They do not desire many things but might take the best when they go for it. Some of the INFJs might also experience the syndrome which is known as “all or nothing” in some cases.

2. INFJ male is shy but wants close relationships

INFJ male is mostly shy of nature and is reluctant to make the first move but they really like to be in a close relationship.

They like to be in an emotional and in-depth relationship with someone with whom they can have conversations and enjoy the company of.

Typically, men are expected to take the lead but INFJ males are more reserved and quiet in nature meaning they rarely approach someone but once they have formed a relationship they do maintain it with full commitment.

3. INFJ male hates superficially but likes to look neat

Men are typically not into fashion or looks but an INFJ male likes to look good and enjoy taking care of his appearance and looks.

They are aware of the fact that they live in a superficial, materialistic, predominantly extroverted world which is quite opposite to the nature of an INFJ.

But in order to take the first step or to be noticed in life INFJ males understand that they have to take some measures and accept social ideas.

Once they embrace the social norms they dive towards the deeper and emotional side of things that is why INFJ males can be found in subjects like fitness, health, and fashion but also in more intellectual fields like art, science, philosophy, and psychology.

4. INFJ male can come across as cold and moody but are sensitive and emotional in real

INFJ male is introverted by nature and is mostly keeping to themselves that might result in giving a wrong impression of themselves to others.

They are always thinking of something in their head and there is a constant process going along due to which they can be absent-minded at times and might come across as moody and cold.

But in fact, their thinking is based on their deep, sensitive, emotional space.

Unfortunately, only those who are close to them can know the truth behind the expression and can fully experience and understand this side of INFJ male.

As society beats down a male who are emotional, sensitive, and empathetic so INFJ male ends up keeping this part of themselves hidden inside their own personal space.

5. INFJ male is either all or nothing

Typical men are considered to be in control and confident whereas INFJ males can lose themselves to extremes in the heat of their passion or situation because of their pursuit of idealism and perfectionism.

They will go in will all or nothing approach in more aspects of their life than any other personality type.

They will either complete the work given to them or will not bother doing it at all, in the same sense if they want to train or do some shopping either they will do it with their best focus or they will just ignore it and will not even try.

There is no middle level or constraint for most of the INFJ male and although they might do the work another day that too at the extreme level and are able to move from one extreme to the other in split seconds.

They have a thirst for more knowledge which requires them to be adaptable or have changing attitudes and they do have them but at extreme levels. 

6. INFJ male are stubborn but empathetic and understanding

People with INFJ personality are often referred to as “the confidant” or “the counselor” as they are understanding and emphatic in nature with their intuition helping them out in different situations.

INFJ male is also emphatic and understanding towards other people’s feelings and opinions but in some cases, they can be stubborn and can ignore other people’s feelings and opinions because of their intuition and of the feeling that they are right and they know it.

7. INFJ male are usually rebelled but wants to be accepted

INFJ male is usually against the society that promotes the things that go against their nature and might rebel against it at one time or another.

Although they have a rebellious nature they still want to be understood, accepted, and welcomed by others.

They like to live in solitude but they also have a need to be in a trusting relationship which might go unattended because of them being male as men are supposed to be good with being independent but these emotional relationships are an important and crucial part of an INFJ male.

8. INFJ male can be frustrating and wonderful at the same time

INFJ males can be cheerful, wonderful, and frustrating at the same time.

They can be wonderful in a family gathering but can have a split second change in attitude because of some other accident which can result in being frustrated but trying to be wonderful.

This is the thing that most of the friends and family of an INFJ will say about them.

9. INFJ male is feminine, yet masculine.

INFJ males can encompass both qualities that of masculine and feminine in nature, they can cook, understand and be emotional.

Interestingly it is stated that INFJ males can relate to women better than men as women accept the emotional, sensitive side of an INFJ male.

Still, that does not mean that they can settle in relationships easily because of their idealism and perfectionism setting up high standards and their fear of rejection, INFJ male still has difficulty in settling in a relationship.

10. INFJ is romantic but has a dirty mind

INFJ males are romantic in nature but their mind is always going towards the dirtier side of things, they might look like a gentleman but also know when they need to stop behaving like one.

FAQ about INFJ male 

How rare is a male INFJ?

INFJ males might be the rarest of types available as they only make up to 0.5 – 1 % of the total global population.

What are Infj guys like?

INFJ male hates anything shallow but enjoys aesthetics.

They are complex by nature and have a depth to their feelings which are not easily visible to others.


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