INFJ Growth (A Comprehensive Guide)

It is very important to grow for any individual. It is also very necessary to work on INFJ growth as well.

INFJ needs to focus on their judgmental aspects, they need to judge the situation in that situation when they get an intuition about any specific thing.

Furthermore, INFJ growth needs to focus on their judgmental aspects intentionally.

They often prefer to use their own judgment against their own ideas. 

In this article we will discuss INFJ growth.

INFJ Growth

What does Success mean to an INFJ?

Individuals who have an INFJ personality have the tendencies to work as an intense and perfect individual.

They have their own understanding and ideas about any phenomena. They want to flourish their ideas according to their own point of view.

It is very necessary for INFJ growth to consider the other’s perspective, although they feel happy to do service and have empathetic behavior towards others.

They have very deep insight into the aspects of life. They want to become an ideal personality in all the domains of life which are either difficult for them.

According to them the meaning of success is about their own level of understanding, their own perspective of accomplishment, their useful service to others, and their own point of view about the personal relationship.

Most of the time, they feel successful when they use their deep-rooted feelings or understanding of the help of others.

The INFJ growth most often leads them to pursue a career as a counselor, teacher, or the medical health-related fields.

INFJ Strengths to Flourish

For INFJ growth, it is very important to understand that the personality types they have are rarer and something gifted in them while compared with other personality people.

They more like to grow themselves related to natural phenomenons.

Once they know the growth points they can develop in an optimistic way and strengthen themselves as the content of the role.

Approximately all individuals who have INFJ personality traits have the following characteristics.

INFJ growth depends on the embracement of these strengths:

1.      INFJ individuals have more insight into the specific things which are not obvious to others.

They are able to see the patterns and meanings of the world. They can give meaning to specific objects in more than different ways.

They have the ability to deal with problems in a variety of ways.  

2.      When a goal is assigned to an INFJ, or if they decide a goal for them, they have the ability to reach the goal while adapting to different situations.

They are able to see the problems from many different angles.

3.      They respect the feelings of others and showed their concerns for others genuinely.

This is the natural ability for them to care and help others. Through this ability, in the end they are able to make great friends in their life.

4.      The INFJ has an attitude which is called “stick to it”. They do not hesitate to do hard work of accomplishment to any task.

They put their great efforts to complete the task which they have intuition is being good to be done.

This thing helps the INFJ to achieve the identified goals.

5.      Due to a perfectionistic and idealistic approach, they strive for the best and then perfect.  

6.      They remained focused, as they are very intelligent so it is not difficult for them to grasp big and difficult ideas.  

Potential Problem Areas

Although there are many strengths of INFJ personality people, there are some problematic areas that need to be tackled for INFJ growth.

There is also an associated weakness with every strength. Bad and good both have the compulsory elements of each other.

It is commonly considered that the very difficult situations at the end came towards easiness.

Although INFJs are very rare and intelligent people with many natural gifts.

The important point is that their negative points are also considered as natural gifts.

After discussing the weakness, we will be able to work on the INFJ growth in a better and productive way.

The majority of the INFJ weakness exists due to the dominant trait of the Introvert Intuition.

There is some weakness is described:

  • They often unaware that their care might be something which can hurt others
  • They do not consider the input of others and dismiss the input without really considering them
  • They have a strong judgment issue towards others and these judgments often fall on the wrong belief.
  • As they have the ability to analyze the problem from different aspects so they might always find others at fault for any problem that exists in their life.
  •  They have unrealistic and unreasonable expectations for others.
  •  They cannot bear or accept the weakness of others.
  •  Due to perfectionism, they firmly believe that they are always right.
  •  They are obsessed and passionate about that thing which is not important for others and seems unrealistic to the specific scenario
  •  They have a sarcastic attitude towards others
  • They have quick anger and get tense easily often in small things, this increases the physical issues such as high blood pressure and difficulty in concentration.
  • They hold grudges and not forgive people easily.
  • They have difficulty in making decisions in an abrupt situation.
  •  They are not able to convey their feelings, thoughts to others.
  •  They consider  many tangents everywhere that they can’t stay focused on the bottom line or the big picture

Explanation of Problems

The different problems discussed above are the hurdles of the INFJ growth.

The ability to remain introverted is a problematic thing and it is very important for INFJ growth to maintain a balance between positive aspects and weakness.

They need to maintain a balance between their dominant habit and auxiliary functions.

Introverted intuition is a personality function in which an individual has the ability to see or analyze one problem from different aspects.

The information they get from the surroundings is often very lengthy and difficult for the common individuals to grasp, but these individuals grasp the knowledge.

Enough knowledge became the cause of their problem and develop an idea they have all knowledge.

It is the biggest hurdle in INFJ growth.

Living Happily in our World as an INFJ

Due to the lack of involvement and not caring attitude often these individuals do not fit in our society.

If they care about one they generally associate unreasonable expectations for others.

If these expectations are not fulfilled appropriately, then they feel disturbed and associated people also feel disturbed with them.

Specific suggestions:

  • It is necessary for INFJ growth that they develop the capacity to listen to others. They need to control their judgments about others. It took their efforts that they should try not to begin judging anything about the idea until you have understood it entirely.
  • It is important for them whenever they are talking with anyone, they should take a pause for a moment and look towards the specific person. They need to recognize the feelings of others and their own as well when they are talking. They must be aware of the person with whom you’re speaking.
  • If an INFJ personality individual is feeling down or upset, they need to adapt distraction techniques instead of expressing the anger such as walk away immediately, calmed down, apologize for leaving, and continue with what you were doing.
  • For INFJ growth it is necessary that they should identify the personality type of everyone that you encounter frequently in your life. Remember that people with the Sensing predilection need to be communicated within a direct, brief manner. Conclude the talk by giving specific answers such as “yes” or “no” answers.

Ten Rules to Live By to Achieve INFJ Success

  1. Feed INFJ Strengths! Involve the things which are associated with the intuition and get the way towards a service-oriented manner. INFJ needs to flourish this aspect as much as they can for their growth.
  2. Face Weaknesses! The ability to face weakness becomes the cause of strengthening them. Once they recognize the weakness it is possible for them to overcome them. Especially, struggle to use your own judgment against your internal ideas and intuitions, rather than as a means of disregarding other people’s ideas.
  3. Talk Through about Thoughts. It is important for INFJ growth to step through the intuitions in order to put them into perspective. They need to give time to themselves and must discuss their ideas with others. To accept their opinion of others helps them to grow. They need to find externalizing the internal intuitions to be a valuable exercise.
  4. Take in Everything.  They need to consider all the ideas, even those which are premature for them.  They need to respect the person who is generating new ideas. They need to finish the assumption that you already know it all. After all, everybody has something to offer, and nobody knows everything. According to Steven Covey: “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.”
  5. When INFJ Get Angry, they Lose. The passion and intensity are strong possessions, but INFJ growth needs to be settled as they will be very harmful if INFJ allows falling into the “Anger Trap”. It is important to consider that Anger is destructive to your personal relationships. Work through your anger before you impress it upon others, or you will likely find yourself alone. Disagreements and disappointments can be handled effectively in a non-personal and composed manner.
  6. Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture: INFJ needs to develop the tendency to become obsessed with details.
  7. Be Accountable for Yourself. Don’t blame the problems in your life on other people. Train yourself as a problem solver. No one has more control over your life than you have.
  8. Be Humble. INFJ needs to Judge yourself as severely as they judge others.
  9. Assume the Best. Take away yourself from the disequilibrium aspect of any phenomena. For INFJ growth it is necessary to understand that there is a light side to every dark side.
  10. Relax!  You need to understand that you also need to relax, for that it should be taught them how to effectively unwind. There are some activities which became the cause of calm e.g. exercise, restful sleep, go on vacation, Engage in relaxing activities, Take care of yourself.

FAQ about INFJ growth

How INFJ growth can be done?

These individuals have a natural talent for arts, sciences, and anything that lets them make use of their intuition.

They can boost their confidence by accepting their gifts, allowing themselves to serve others in any way they see fit, and giving themselves enough time to process and integrate new information.

Are INFJs individuals considered successful?

Yes, INFJs are likely to be successful because they are insightful, logical, and thoughtful.

3.      Why are INFJ considered so special?

They have a really hard time finding a match, they also have extremely high expectations from a partner.

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