INFJ and ENFP (A guide)

In  this article we will discuss INFJ and ENFP personalities. Different set of characteristics in an individual is known as personality.

Personality traits play an important role in deciding how a person performs in his life.

These traits also tell us about our reaction towards different events happening around us.

Briggs and Myers developed a theory of 16 personalities which are found in different individuals.

INFJ and ENFP are two of those 16 personalities found in human beings. Before we go into the relationship of INFJ and ENFP we should take a look at what INFJ and ENFP are.

We shall discuss the characteristics of these two types of personalities and then we’ll throw light at the interaction and relationship of INFJ and ENFP. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these personalities. 


They are known as ‘advocate’ personalities and these are one of the rarely found personalities.

They are making up 1% of the total population. They are born to leave a mark on the world.

They are born with a sense of morality and idealism but they are not idle dreamers which is a rare combination to find.

They are able to take solid steps in order to make their dreams come true. They are also inclined towards helping others like charity work.

They are opinionated and soft-spoken, strong decision making powers and are strong willed.

They are known to work with creativity, sensitivity, imagination and conviction and to create balance and not to have any advantage. 

Strengths of INFJ

INFJs are stronger in their imaginations and they have following strengths. 

  1. Creative

They are creative in nature and they use stronger and vivid imagination combined with much compassion.

They use their creative nature in resolving any type of challenges arising around them.

These challenges can be both technical and human in nature. They tend to find solutions for anyone they care about.

As the title of the personality ‘advocate’ represents that they find solutions to others and they are known to be good advisors and counselors.

A job as a counselor would probably be the best career path for them. They are also popular among their peers as amazing advisors. 

  1. Decision Making

They are creative and insightful in nature and they inspire people around them.

They are the ones to follow their ideas with complete faith and willpower.

They carefully plan about their decision and then execute them according to the best of the possibilities.

They plan in the best possible way to complete a complex project.

They always act on the insight and they don’t always see the way things should be.

Their strong will, insightfulness and creativity make them the best decision makers among other personalities. 

  1. Passionate

Once they are determined to do something, there is no stopping them.

Once an advocate has made a decision about following his passion, he will do anything to pursue it and will leave no stone unturned in order to complete the project.

Moreover, they always work for their goal with complete conviction and trust they don’t sit idly till their goal is achieved.

This determination and passion is an important part of INFJ personality. 

  1. Insightful

They are excellent at seeing through people’s motives.

They will look at a person and will tell you about the dishonesty or disingenuous motives of him.

Mostly, they step past the manipulation of a person and evil motives and move towards an honest discussion.

They are excellent at making connections between events and people. Such insight is really helpful for them in resolving matters and problem solving. 

  1. Altruistic

They are completely determined to make this world a better place and they take practical steps to do this.

Altruism is put to good use by advocates and they do not help others or support any idea just for their own benefit.

They actually support the idea which they think will bring peace to the world and will make this world a better place to live in. 

  1. Convincing

They are amazingly good orators and they speak with warmth and passion.

They have an amazing writing style which is good for the idealist in their audience.

They are great at speeches if the idea they are trying to advance is actually what they believe in.

Their speaking style is inspiring and convincing to their audience. 

Weaknesses of INFJs

INFJs have their strengths but they are also humans and have their weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the common weaknesses of INFJ personalities.

  1. Private about Life

They are extremely private about their personal lives and they take their own time to trust people around them.

They are believers of ideas but when it comes to trusting other people they are rather difficult to deal with.

They are most likely to present themselves as the person at the peak of an idea. 

  1. Receptiveness

They are more sensitive than anyone else.

They feel criticism strongly and take challenges to their heart.

They are extremely vulnerable to a conflict or criticism.

You can see their bad side at once if you criticize or question their motives, you are going to see them flipping out.

They have an ultra sensitive personality and it is sometimes considered a good quality but it can be a little problematic at times.

  1. Perfectionist

They can easily be defined by their pursuit of ideals.

They are more likely to be perfectionists and sometimes it seems like a quality in a few fields like business and politics.

However, it does not work in their favor because they tend to keep trying to find better options and losing the options in hand. 

  1. Easy Burn Out

They tend to exhaust themselves in order to find perfection, being sensitive and the urge to stay extremely private in their life.

It makes them feel burned out and they feel it difficult to find balance in their ideals and realities.

  1. Finding Reasons

The feel restless when they find out they are not doing anything for a cause.

They have to have a goal and they want to do anything serious towards achieving their goal.

Relationships of INFJs

They look for depth and meaning in their relationships and that’s why they tend to find out someone who is there for them always.

They do not like people to have only casual encounters but emotionality is important for them.

They want to connect with people and they keep spending time to find out the partner.

Once they have found a person according to their standard they offer a relationship which is a dream for a lot of people.

However, they have a poor tolerance towards challenges of sincerity in a relationship. 


INFJ and ENFP are both rare personality types.

They are known as campaigners and often known to be the life of a party.

However, they don’t like only the gatherings but also the connection they share with the people.

Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.

Strengths of ENFPs

ENFPs are humans and they have their own strengths just like other personalities. Let’s take a look at the strengths of ENFPs.

  1. Observant

They are highly observant to the details of the events around them. They are vigilant and active and try to find anything and everything about their surroundings. 

  1. Curious

They aren’t interested in brooding about new ideas.

They do like to go out and experience things and they are not hesitant to get out of their comfort zones to get things done.

Their observant nature is because of their curiosity and their imaginative nature.

They are open minded and they see most of the things as big puzzles known as life. 

  1. Communication Skills

INFJ and ENFP both have excellent people skills which is good because they might not be able to share their ideas if they don’t have such excellent communication skills.

They are driven by conversation which seems effortless and easier. They enjoy both small talks and deep conversation.

  1. Enthusiastic

They are excited about their findings and they keep sharing it with people who are interested about knowing more about them.

They keep connections and ideas with other people and with this enthusiasm they make even more social connections.

Weaknesses of ENFP

The campaigners have their own weaknesses and they sometimes have problems when it comes to dealing with people.

  1. Difficult Focus

They are always excited and enthusiastic about almost everything in their life.

However, they have problems when it comes to focus on something which is part of their routine. 

  1. Problems in Practicality

They are great at conceiving ideas and convincing people to work on the project conceived by their ideas.

It is difficult to keep up with the administration and dealing with people with ENFP personalities. 

  1. Over-thinkers

They are not the ones who deal with things due to their face values but they look for underlying motives even in the simplest things.

They are the ones who can lose sleep over something which is bothering them.

  1. Easily Stressed and Emotional

They are easily stressed because of their over thinking and high socialization.

They are also emotional and get almost everything to their heart very easily.

INFJ and ENFP Functional Stacks

Inferior FunctionIntroverted Sensing (Si)Extraverted Sensing (Se)
Tertiary FunctionExtraverted Thinking (Te)Introverted Thinking (Ti)
Auxiliary FunctionIntroverted Feeling (Fi)Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
Dominant FunctionExtraverted Intuition (Ne)Introverted Intuition (Ni)

INFJ and ENFP Relationship

The relationship between INFJ and ENFP is pretty different and amazing one. Extroverted ENFP will have a compatible relationship with the INFJ.

The ENFP will be calmed by an INFJ while the warmth of the INFJ will also be appreciated by an ENFP. INFJ and ENFP have a harmonious relationship but ENFPs might feel bored by quiet INJs.

INFJ and ENFP both are of NF temperament.

FAQ about INFJ and ENFP

Are there any similarities between INFJ and ENFP?

Yes, INFJ and ENFP are both spiritual personalities and both are obsessed with people but for different reasons. Moreover, they both have tendencies to be hippies. 

How prevalent is INFJ?

It is the rarest type of 16 personalities making only 1% of the population which is the lowest prevalence of any type. 

How much is ENFP prevalent as a personality?

INFJ and ENFP are both rare personalities but ENFP is not a rare type and it is moderately common and is the fifth most common among women. ENFPs make up 8% of the general population, 10% of women and 6% of men.


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