I’m tired of fighting: Finding the strength back (13 simple techniques)

In this guide, we will talk about when you feel like “I’m tired of fighting” finding the strength back and continue fighting.

At times life gets so tough that we get tired of fighting against it and just want to give up. But you are stronger than whatever life situation you are in and that one-day things will get better. You just need to re-energize yourself and find the strength you have always had to fight back. You have the ability in you to fight life even when you feel tired of the fight. 

I’m tired of fighting: Finding the strength back 

In case you feel tired of fighting and are looking for a way to continue the strength to fight back, here are some techniques for you:

  • Remember why you are fighting
  • Step away from the fight
  • Accept life
  • Stop putting your life on hold
  • Show gratitude to life
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Be around your loved ones
  • Indulge in guilty pleasures
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people
  • Exercise daily
  • Practice meditation
  • Be compassionate towards yourself
  • Ask for help

Remember why you are fighting

In case you feel tired of fighting, remember why and what you are fighting for. Drive strength from it and continue fighting. We sometimes just need to remind ourselves why we are still here, it could be for our parents, siblings, friends, a loved one, or just our pets. It can also be the bucket list that you have always wanted to complete. Find your reason to fight and use it to get your strength back. 

Step away from the fight

Sometimes when we are tired of fighting, we should take a step back and see why our fighting is not affecting and changing our situation. Take a step back and examine your situation objectively. Sometimes we get so engrossed in just thinking about surviving we start to miss the big picture. So look at your situation from a fresh perspective and try to find a new solution to your problem. 

Accept life

Sometimes we need to accept the fact that certain things in life are not in our control and that no matter how hard we try they will never be. What is in our control is what you need to identify and then start to work on it. Differentiating between what is within your reach to change and what is not, provides us with a basis to prepare our solution. 

Stop putting your life on hold

When we get too busy fighting life we forget to enjoy living it. So instead of being tired of fighting and putting your life on hold waiting for it to get better. You need to start living life to its full extent, do today what you have been saving for tomorrow. Be it going on that trip you have been dreaming about or small things like trying out the new ice cream parlor around the corner. Do not put your life on hold expecting to enjoy it only when it is better and you are happier. Be happy now by doing what you want.

Show gratitude to life

Rather than being tired of fighting life, show life gratitude. It might seem easy to speak of but really hard to do. So start simple, identify one thing that you are grateful for today. It could be that you didn’t get late to catch the train or that your co-workers were good to you today. It could also be that thankfully you didn’t step into a puddle even though it was raining or that you did carry an umbrella today. It can be anything and slowly increases the number from one to five to ten.

Have confidence in yourself

If you are tired of fighting and want to give up because you do not feel like you can go on anymore. Remember that you are strong and are capable of dealing with anything that life throws at you. Have that confidence in yourself and your survival skills. Do not let life make you doubt your own capabilities and strength. You made it so far solely based on your inner strength and you know how difficult it was getting here. You have been fighting continuously every day without giving up, don’t give up today also.

Be around your loved ones

Being around the people we love can make us extremely happy as well as provide us with the confidence that if we were to fall or stumble there is someone who will catch us. Just having that surety can help give us the strength we need to fight back. So next time you feel tired of fighting, go hug a loved one and let them pick up your pieces and put them back together. 

Indulge in guilty pleasures

Do not stop your heart from indulging in the guilty pleasures it desires. Whenever you feel too tired of fighting, reward yourself for making it this far. That will help you feel re-energized and ready to fight back. 

Surround yourself with inspiring people

When you feel tired of fighting, look around, and see the type of people in your surroundings. Then ask yourself if it is because of them that I feel tired and low. Is that why I feel like giving up and ending it all. If you feel like that then remove the toxic people from your life and surround yourself with people who make you hopeful about the future and want to help you fight back. 

Exercise daily

Get into the habit of exercising daily as that will help you to not feel tired of fighting and give you back the strength you need. Exercise does not only make the body stranger it also makes the mind. People who exercise daily are able to have better clarity over their life and feel more in control of it. Exercising also releases happy hormones in our brains making us happier and more cheerful in life. 

Practice meditation

Meditation can help your mind relax and give you the strength to fight when you are tired of fighting. Many individuals think of it as a way to relieve tension and develop focus. In order to develop other beneficial behaviors and emotions, people often use the technique, such as a good attitude and mindset, self-discipline, healthier sleep patterns, and even improved pain tolerance.

Be compassionate towards yourself

Instead of avoiding our suffering or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism, self-compassion means being warm and understanding towards ourselves when we suffer, lose, or feel inadequate. Self-compassion provides a range of advantages, including giving us strength when we feel tired of fighting. During these moments, self-compassionate individuals understand that they are hurting and are kind to themselves, which decreases their anxiety and associated depression.

Ask for help

In case you feel too tired of fighting, seek help from loved ones or you can also seek help from a mental health professional. They can guide you on how to keep fighting. 

In this guide, we talked about when you feel like “I’m tired of fighting” finding the strength back and continuing fighting.

FAQs: I’m tired of fighting: Finding the strength back

What to do when you are tired of fighting?

When you feel tired of fighting there are simple strategies you can follow to make things better. Firstly apologize, it may sound quite easy but you need to make sure it is genuine and sincere. Next in case you are fighting, bite your tongue, and keep quiet if you feel things getting too out of hand and escalating. ASk the person for a break or a time out for both of you to assess and calibrate your thoughts and give yourself time to understand their point. You can also ask for time for you to go and sleep. This will help you have better clarity and will make you more susceptible to their viewpoints.  

How do you stop fighting in life?

You can stop fighting in life by firstly accepting how your life is right now. Accept the fact that this is your life but it does not have to be like this throughout, things change. You need to stop putting your life on hold and do things only when you feel accomplished. Start enjoying your life daily and live it completely. Practice being grateful and show your gratitude to life and to the people that are a part of this life of yours.

What to do when you always fight with your partner?

If you find yourself always fighting with your partner, you need to focus on a way to halt the fight before it gets worse. For that try to step away from the fight and have a cool-down period. Both you and your partner need to give yourselves time to understand what the other person is saying. Try to have fights or arguments face-to-face as you both need to be able to communicate and understand what the other person is saying and understand it. You need to remind yourself during a relationship why you are in a relationship and why you both are still together.

When do you stop fighting for what you want?

When you will stop fighting for things you want then the things that you do not want in life will make their way in. You will find yourselves in unwanted places or situations with people you do not like just because you stopped fighting. A famous Les Brown quote explains the same thing, “Life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over.” 

Why do I feel sick after an argument?

We feel sick after an argument because the cortisol in our body shuts down the digestive system inside for the preparation of any fight or flight situation. MEaning that the body starts to prepare you for any emergency where you might have to run away or fight the other person. The body also redirects the blood to more essential systems and organs now needed like the heart, lungs, arms, and legs. 

How do I calm my anxiety after a fight?

You can calm your anxiety after a fight by taking deep breaths in and out, it helps the body understand that there is no more fighting going on and cues it to relax. Go for a walk after a fight to release the pent up anger and frustration in a healthy manner. You can also listen to soothing music while walking and relax listening to the beats. You can make a cup of tea or coffee as this signals the brain that they no longer are in danger and can start to relax. 



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