I’m a broken person (7 signs of a broken person)

In this article, we will be discussing the phrase: I’m a broken person. We will examine the reasons that cause the feeling of being broken and signs of emotional disruptions, that lead to the feeling of being broken and how to deal with this uneasy feeling. 

I’m a broken person

The reasons for feeling broken varies from person to person. Some people feel broken due to their childhood experiences or due to the loss of a loved one or a friend. On the other hand, some others feel broken, when they lose a job, house, or after experiencing a serious form of illness. 

Feeling broken is something that can feel extremely overwhelming and intolerable. It can cause anxiety and unnecessary fears in you. Most of us deal with some kind of feelings of brokenness and pain. The important thing is to identify these feelings, recognize where they come from, and seek help when needed, to heal from these hurtful feelings and live your life peacefully. 

Why are you feeling broken?

The feelings of overwhelming sadness, constant frustration, stress, and altered diet and sleeping patterns are typical symptoms of a broken person. Certain people also report having physical symptoms, such as severe body ache and digestive problems. Increased anxiety and difficulty in focusing on important matters at hand are also signs of emotional breakdown and strain. Some of the most common and reported reasons are as given below:

Self-esteem issues

If you are someone who suffers from the problem of low self-esteem, it can lead to emotional vulnerabilities and disturbances. People with low self-esteem seek emotional validation from others around them and tend to be easily hurt, by the most trivial matters. Low self-esteem can make you feel as if there is something seriously wrong with your life. 

You might see yourself as someone who is not capable of being loved or respected. You will tend to put other’s happiness and needs before yours and do anything to please your loved ones. 

Lack of good communication

Lack of clear and honest communication, in any circumstance, could lead to emotional turmoil and severe unhappiness. If you cannot properly communicate your needs and emotions in any relationship, it leads to misunderstandings, conflicts with both your partner and yourself, and it makes you feel utterly bad about yourself. 

You will start to project your fears and insecurities on your partner or loved ones and will find it hard to honestly talk about your sincere thoughts and feelings. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Some people, after they experience emotional trauma tend to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, while some others stop experiencing long-term emotional attachment with other people. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be referred to as an emotional response to a traumatic event, such as abuse, neglect, witnessing a natural disaster, or being exposed to combat. 

It makes you feel overwhelmed and emotionally broken. Though PTSD is a serious illness, the symptoms are treatable and can be coped with effectiveness. 

Lack of support systems

A sufficient and quality support system that includes genuine friends, family, and acquaintances are necessary for anyone to get through the hardships of life. Inadequate support systems can make you feel dejected and broken quickly.

 Feeling isolated and not being able to talk about your problems to anyone would eventually start making you feel empty and exhausted in life.

All of us crave love, attention, and due respect from our loved ones. When we feel neglected, misunderstood, or hurt by them, it emotionally breaks us and makes it hard for us to overcome obstacles in life. 

Obstacles in coping

Inadequate coping skills can make you feel broken because you find it hard to handle daily life situations. It leads to the development of serious disorders such as eating disorders and substance abuse disorders. Lack of efficient coping skills only meant that you need to take time and learn effective coping skills that will help you to face your issues and challenges in the way you want. 

You fail to see your potential

When you feel emotionally down and dejected, you automatically fail to see your strengths and capabilities. You might be good at a lot of things and might have the power to think for yourself and come out of any problem that you’ve got to face. However, when you constantly see yourself as a broken person, who is not good for anything, it blurs out your potential capabilities and focuses solely on your weaknesses and fears. 

You let others rule your life

When you let your family or friends take all decisions for you, it could lead to serious problems in the future. It would make you emotionally dependent on your circle of people and you will start to dread making decisions on your own regarding any important matter of your life. You will slowly start to see yourself as someone who is incapable of doing anything on your own and will eventually question your worth.

How to cope?

  • Whenever you feel emotionally broken or exhausted, remember that you can anticipate and accept the changes that make way into your life. Nothing remains constant for a long time and life changes happen now and then. When these changes occur, learn to let go of unnecessary control and let yourself live in the present. 
  • Always know that you have a choice concerning any aspect of your life. Use your power of choice and exercise it to the fullest to live the life you want. It helps in changing your broken attitude towards life and to see yourself flourish into a better human.
  • Never hesitate to ask for help, when you feel ready and better. Seek professional help too, if the need be. Communicate your emotional state and express it in ways you find comfortable.
  • Focus and invest your energy in what brings you joy and address those things that are provoking hurt ad anxiety in you. Face them when you feel ready, while not missing out on the beautiful moments that occur in your life. 

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In this article, we discussed the phrase: I’m a broken person. We looked at the reasons behind emotional breakdown and feelings of being incomplete and incapable. We also discussed ways through which you can cope effectively, to overcome these feelings.

FAQs: I’m a broken person

What defines a broken person?

A broken person can be defined by characteristics of emotional victimization and fear of abandonment. Someone who feels broken or claims that they are broken tends to seek validation from their loved ones and other people and have a severe fear of being rejected or abandoned. They ardently believe that people who love them will leave them one day and do not love them as much they love back. If disruptions occur in their relationships, they tend to blame themselves for it and regard it as their fate or bad luck. 

They are emotionally imbalanced, at most times, and rely heavily upon people’s opinions and judgments about them. 

Can a broken person be fixed? 

Anything that is broken has chances of being back to normal again. When people feel broken and emotionally empty, they lose their capability to think and reason sensibly. They go into a stage of a complete shutdown and tend to withdraw from their normal lives. In such situations, one needs to breathe and start being aware of their prominent thought process that rules their day. With a little bit of intrinsic motivation, drive, and realistic thinking, anybody can bring a little balance to their life. 

Seek help if needed and address the problems that are bothering you and keeping you on the edge, rather than running away from them. take your own time to process your emotions and tell yourself that you’re still alive and that you matter to this world. Talk to your close ones and tell them about your worries and hurt feelings. Let down your emotional baggage and slowly start embracing the person you are becoming. 

Can you love a damaged person?

It is a bit difficult to date or be with someone who is emotionally disturbed, dependent, and fearful of being abandoned. Such people always live on the verge of things and constantly lookout for signs of problems in their relationships. They take a lot of time to pen up themselves and shed their layers in from of their loved ones and find it extremely hard to think of losing their loved ones. They possess quite a several insecurities and fears regarding loving and trusting someone completely, without hesitation. When you fall in love with such people, it can feel debilitating to fall out of love, as you will see how hard they love you, once they are ready to be themselves with you. 

What is being emotionally damaged?

When someone is said to be emotionally damaged, it means they have undergone severe trauma of some kind which has mentally, physically, and/or emotionally made them insecure, hurtful, and exhausted. 

Emotional trauma or psychological trauma is a type of damage that occurs to the psyche, after living through an extremely frightening or distressing event. This results in a set of other problems that negatively affect their psychological functioning and they find it nearly impossible for some time, to cope with their life as earlier. They start fearing everyone and everything around them and start to inhibit themselves from indulging in things they love to be a part of.

Can you still love someone who broke your heart?

Yes. you can still have feelings for someone who ended a relationship with you or who hurt you. When you break up with someone, the feelings don’t go away instantly. They take their own time to settle and move away from your life. Anyone takes a sufficient amount of time to process the reality of a breakup and the emotional consequences that follow. You need to reach a point where you accept and acknowledge that the person is no more a part of your life and that you will need to move on to better things, waiting for you, next in line. 

It is a tedious and exhausting process. However, none of us are left with many choices, but to face our fears and challenges, thrown at us. 

How do you know if you’re traumatized?

Signs of trauma vary from person to person. It varies from typical symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder to a vague sense that your feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety are exaggerated.

In these situations, you could ask yourself if your anger, fear, or frustration seems much larger and dramatic than required or seems appropriate to the situation.

You can also look out for physical signs such as constant fatigue, disinterest in getting up from bed, uneasiness in the stomach, chest, or other parts of the body, without any explanation. 

How do you fix emotionally broken?

Here are some ways through which you can cope with an emotional breakdown.

Give your emotions space and time to be let out and be expressed
Slowly and steadily, begin to accept the fact that you are brave and that you can move forward from your current state.
Talk about your hurt and concerns to anyone with whom you feel comfortable and secure, when ready.
Cry. cry. Cry. cry all you want, whenever you feel like it, and never hold back your tears out of fear of being judged or criticized.
Start making peace with your past, one thing at a time.




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