What to Do When You Wish You Were Never Born? (+5 Relatable Reasons)

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What it’s like when I wish I was never born?

When you wish you were never born, it would feel like you are burdening yourself and hurting yourself because of your self-hatred.

Many people are not fans of handling situations that they would feel heavily burdened on.

This kind of fear can lead them to stressful reactions when they are faced with distressing situations.

Some people would even go as far as saying that life is too trying and wishing they were never born int he first place. 

You need to recognize that you are feeling this way right now and not being able to do anything about it yet.

Yeah, I know life sucks a lot but this doesn’t mean that you have to blame yourself for the faults int he world.

You have to realize that you are just generalizing from a hefty amount of experiences that can change over time.

The following is a story of someone who thought it will be better if she was never born.

She never wanted to end her life at that time. That thought had never crossed her mind at that point. 

But on many occasions, she had thought, even wished she had never been born in the first place.

She was then thinking that there weren’t going to be problems when this occurred.

If she wasn’t here everyone would get along as she thought. There would be no turmoil and no arguments, no anger, and no hatred in her life. 

There would be nothing at all as she perceived. She was even thinking that there would be happiness if this kind of situation occurred. 

Everyone would smile and be happy because she didn’t exist at all. She was even thinking how wonderful that kind of situation would be.

 She realizes many people may have had this thought at one point in their life consciously or unconsciously.

Maybe after a failing grade in college, where you worked so hard and believed you did your best where this kind of thought might linger. 

This kind of thought may even appear after a failed marriage. But if you just didn’t exist, then none of those events would have ever occurred in the first place.

The first time she ever had that kind of thought she was 10. She had lied to her father and step-mother at that time. 

Although she didn’t think it was a lie at the time, it apparently was as she perceived it.

She was tasked with writing a letter to her step-grands and she hadn’t even started it at that time. 

When her step-mother asked, she told her she hadn’t finished it yet at that time. She figured at that moment she would start the letter. 

Then she was asked to see the unfinished letter at that time. So she lied again and said she couldn’t find it after searching. 

As her parents were leaving for the evening they told her to better find it. So she wrote the letter at that time. 

Little did she know that her brother knew the truth and would later tell the parents. She was caught in not one but two lies at that time.

Her step-mother hated liars a lot. She was not sure of the exact reason why this kind of principle got stuck. 

It could be that her father abused and cheated on her mother when she was a child or maybe it was her own failed relationships before she met her father at that time.

There were quite a few for that time.

Her first punishment for the week was to stand in a corner facing the wall all day long at that time. And each time she would pass she would berate her for lying at that time. 

She would cry her eyes out because of this punishment. Her father did nothing about this kind of situation. 

On her way up the stairs, she proceeded to ask her why she even bothered with taking her in, why should she be left with heartache because she was such a bad child at that time.

If she didn’t feel sorry about lying before, she certainly did at this point in time. 

It’s like when someone kicks you when you’re already down feeling this punishment. And they keep coming at you, relentless in their efforts. 

Telling you why they hate you, how you hurt their feelings and how you’re such a bad person which can only serve to deter you to your frustration more.

And in that moment, she wished she could just disappear, that she could be somewhere else, anywhere but in that corner, in that house at that time. 

She wished she had never been born at all. She turned her tear-stained face towards her, locked my sad eyes with her angry ones and said in the smallest voice possible saying if you don’t want me, she’ll leave.

Her eyes lit up at that moment. And she winced as if she were going to hit her at that time. 

She immediately went to her room and packed all of the things that she had never given her into a brown paper grocery bag at that time.

Those things consisted of an old play coat, two pairs of underwear, a pair of socks, a pair of pants, two sweaters and a pair of pyjamas at that time.

This is where her grandmother told her that she didn’t want her in the house anymore.
So off they went with her bag on her lap at that time. 

Her father said nothing in the car at that time as well. They drove to a glass-covered bus stop in front of the church which was about 2 miles from where they lived at that time. 

He parked, gave her the brown bag and told her to get out. It was also freezing once she got out.

She sat at the bus stop in the freezing cold with her old play coat and brown bag crying her little heart out, so difficult she was hiccupping.

Wishing someone would see her and stop at that time. 

Wishing she could find her voice and call out to the man walking his dog looking at her curiously. Wishing she had the courage to walk to the church and ask for help at that time. 

Wishing she had never been born at that time. She was feeling hurt because she felt that no one wanted her.

She sat there for hours at that time. Not sure what kept her from going to the church but only fear, she guessed

Much later, her father pulled up and told her to get in the car. She did at that time. 

She asked where we were going and he said Home to her. She didn’t know what home meant anymore after that time.

The mother was outside and asked the father why she was still there. She thinks that she might have heard him whisper that he couldn’t leave her there.

Somehow she was permitted to stay and while she was relieved for a moment, the punishment was long from being over at that time. Her punishment was that she could not sleep in her own room at that time. 

She had to sleep on the floor in the dining room with a pillow and a blanket at that time. She could not even go into her own room or play with her toys. 

When she got home from school, she had to stand in the laundry room and do her homework leaning on the washing machine at that time.

She couldn’t eat dinner with the rest of the family at that time. 

She had to sit by herself at that time. And once everyone was done eating, she had to clean everything and wash all the dishes at that time. 

And then go to bed even if it was only 6:30 at that time. She was only permitted to wear the clothes that were in her brown bag at that time. 

She was not permitted a regular shower at that time. She was only permitted a birdbath in front of the sink in the half bathroom at that time. 

She thinks she wanted her to beg for forgiveness at that time. She had repeatedly said she was sorry and that she loved her but it was never good enough at that time. 

The words didn’t mean anything to her at that time. They were just that, words at that time.

This kind of punishment went on for a week at that time. No one spoke to her at home the entire time at that moment. 

She doesn’t even remember anyone looking at her at that time. She went to school tired, hungry and from what she can remember, dirty at that time. 

Her hair was so filthy after a few days she can remember when she would scratch her head it felt like something was crawling in it at that time.

Again she wished she had never been born at that time. 

If this was the life she was going to live she didn’t want to be here at that time. She had no one to talk to at that time.

She can remember thinking that if one person asked what was wrong she knew she would break down and tell them at that time. 

And she also knew if she did she would face the wrath at home at that time. She only felt fear at its intensity at that time. 

So she said nothing and tried to remain as small as possible to not bring attention to herself at that time.

And miraculously at the end of the week, she told her she loved her, nothing else at that time. 

And it was like the sun had broken through the clouds at that time. Nothing else was ever said about the incident or her punishment at that time. 

Everything went back to the way it was before at that time. Until the next time for this blogger.

Why would I wish I was never born?

There are a lot of reasons why you would feel that need to wish that you were never born.

You might be feeling the situation that has triggered to be overwhelming for your case which can not only make you think this way but also feeling suicidal and dejected from society.

You feel like you’re worthless to the people and society.

You need to realize that you are not the only one who is going through this kind of thinking and there are others who took care of it and some who haven’t.

You can still feel like you can live live life and try to find some snippets of life that can counteract you wishing you were never born.

The reason that you are sad right now is that your expectations may not have been met. You can change this by notifying your good and bad moments in life.

These experiences can help you form a more rational outlook in life instead of generalizing the fact that you wish you were never born.

You need to remember people who were thankful that you were there and these moments should be core memories if you want to continue on with life.

Should you wish you were never born in life?

No, you shouldn’t wish you were never born. You are still alive after all and you need to make the most of it until your time comes.

You can find the purpose why you are living and the best trait to do this is to wait. Trust me, it will be all worth it in the end.


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FAQs: i wish i was never born

Is it I am born or I was born?

It is I am born when it was meant for a present tense int he sentence or phrase.

You can use the I was born phrase when you are referring to something that happened in the past.

This kidn of phrase is also a passive form where the mother bears the child when she brings him or her forth where the child is said to be born. 

How do you use born?

You can use born by the following sentences such as the accent says otherwise but I was born in New York, you said you were born here, embrace it like a newborn child, I was born in America, she was born with a tumour, Lucy and Dora and Charles were born in China, and destiny was born less than a week after Josh died. 

What is the first form of Born?

The first form of Born is born where it is not a verb and has no tenses.

This kind of word acts as an adjective or a participle.

The verb to which this kind of word belongs is to be as in to be born.

In this case, its present tense is I am born with its present perfect tense I have been born. 

When did you born answer?

The answer to when did you born or where were you born will be your birthdate.

This kind of phrase can be translated to one of the options you have which would be when were you given birth to or when did you born.

This kind of phrase sounds like pidgin English. 

What is Jesus’ official birthday?

Jesus’ official birthday is December 25. Despite the fact that most Christians celebrate December 25 as the birthday of Jesus Christ, few in the first two Christian centuries claimed any prior knowledge of the precise day or year in which the Lord was truly born.


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