I want to run away (What to do now)

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In this brief blog, we will be talking about I want to run away, why I want to run away, what to do when I want to run away, and more information about I want to run away.

Why do I want to run away?

There are a lot of reasons you want to run away. You might be burned out about a certain
situation that has occurred at home or school or work.

You might be feeling overwhelmed about the certain situation that the only solution you can think of is running away.

You feel that you will be more liberated if you are able to run away from the problem.

There are different things aside from those situations that might have forced you to run away.

The following are these possible reasons:

  • People. You might need a break from people. For instance, as an introvert, I need a lot of time by myself and tend to feel drained quickly by social interactions, especially with strangers at any place I find myself with social interactions. Tired and out of sorts, I didn’t feel ready to spend several days in conversation-heavy contact with others at that time. Part of me felt guilty for not wanting to be around these people at that point. But it was nothing personal since I hadn’t even met them yet at that time. I just wanted some time by myself at that time. To prepare myself for this intense social interaction, I first needed to recharge my batteries with some solitude and you can learn more about introversion by reading Susan Cain’s Quiet.
  • Tasks and “shoulds” in life. A person took a trip during a busy time at work when he or she was feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. That person’s life felt like one big to-do list as perceived. And this really is a difficulty because at some level, self-control is a limited resource in most people’s lives. If we face constant demands to stay on task, whether through work, dieting or responding to the needs of others, we become depleted and find it hard to engage in more self-control in your life. Having depleted oneself through overwork, you may feel like I just couldn’t cope any more. To be at one’s best, one really must need some time to relax.
  • Negative thoughts. Before the person’s trip to the Southwest, he or she was in a dark frame of mind, one clouded by worry, irritation, and self-pity that were negatively correlated. One’s scenic drive did help where between the dramatic landscape and the pounding rock music, the person was swept up in the moment, carried away from one’s worries but only for a few hours. Although the drive was refreshing, in the long run the person wouldn’t have been able to escape one’s brooding thoughts through a change of scenery or location.

You should remember that you shouldn’t regret taking the time off for self-care. You can use this time to engage in self-care if you have been feeling stressed out.

What to do when I want to run away?

The following are things you can do when you want to run away:

Have A Clear Out For You

You need to find time to make your mind clear off from all the distractions that are trying to hurt you psychologically. You can try to do some exercises which can help you clear your mind.

You can also try to do some observing towards nature which can help clear your mind as well.

You can also use this time to clear your mind from the things that would hurt you.

Go On A Day Trip When You Can

You should take some time away from the pain in your life.

You can do this by scheduling a vacation ahead of time and making sure that other obligations are not distracting on that important day.

You can use this vacation time to think about the things that you need to tackle yourself. You need to make sure that no one bothers you in your vacation time.

Go Home

Sometimes, all you need to do is to take the trip back home. This can make you go back to the place that has always made you comfortable about yourself.

You can also reclaim the good memories that can make you feel happy about yourself.

You can also spend the needed time at home where no one can bother you without your permission.


Running away can make you feel like you are looking for a way to escape. There are other sources that could make you escape from reality even a little while.

You can also use books that could give you some advice on how to get some escape.

You can also use music to help you escape with something that could bring you to prolonged entertainment.

Don’t Take Action Right Now.

You can try some little things that can make you take action for the time being.

You can try to interact with the people who are stressing you out and making sure that they get the message that you don’t want to be bothered by them.

You can also use some planning time to help you know how to deal with difficult situations that can make you run away.

This planning can help you to deal with difficult situations properly.

Get Curious About Negative Grumblings in your life.

You need to listen to the thoughts that are negative in your mind right now. Yes, they can be very overwhelming for you but accepting can help them be more susceptible to your control.

You can try to listen to these thoughts at some time in the day where you can focus on these thoughts.

You can take this time to own these thoughts that are occurring in your head. 

You can also use this time to listen to your thoughts and getting enough time to concentrate on these thoughts.

You also need to accept all negative thoughts no matter how traumatic they are for you and you can always ask a therapist to guide you as well.

Don’t Take Thoughts Too Seriously In Your Mind.

You need to realize that you are just listening to the thoughts in your head no matter how negative they are.

Your thoughts are only there to reflect what you are concentrating on right now.

You can look at these thoughts as something for you to think about and not too much.

You can try to relax from your thoughts by meditating which can help you frm getting overwhelmed by your thinking.

Some breathing exercises can also help you to not get too overwhelmed by your thoughts.

You can also choose to preoccupy your thoughts through watching a movie or something ese that is entertaining for you.

Observe Your State Of Mind And Adjust.

You need to test if your mind is feeling healthy. You can also change your state of mind if it’s overwhelming to the point you can’t handle present society.

You can also try to do some productive work to make you adjust and let your mind adjust as well.

This can also be a great time for you to know how your mind works as well which can help you control it more.

Dwell In Possibility in your life.

You should try thinking that there are still chances in life whatever they may be whether positive or negative.

You should not be thinking only in optimistic ways or pessimistic ways entirely.

You can try to moderate your thinking by looking at the good and bad sides of life. This can help you be more rational about your state of mind.

You need to realize that life isn’t over but filled with coincidences and some consequences of your behaviours.

You should think about this first before trying to run away from life altogether.

I Remember I’m Not Alone And This Will Pass.

You should also realize that you are not alone in feeling this way. You should think that there are others who have passed through this stage in their lives.

You should be motivated that you will also have this stage pass through you like the others.

You can also use this time to let this stage pass through you since there might be some importance to why you are feeling this way.

You shouldn’t feel like running away from life is a solo thing that you have to face. You could use online forums if you are feeling this way and find others who have gone through this stage.

Reach Out

You might have this feeling for too long that you will need assistance in dealing with it. You can always talk to a professional who knows how this feeling feels.

You can also call a helpline if you are feeling the need to run away. You can find some articles online that could help you deal with this feeling.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about I want to run away, why I want to run away, what to do when I want to run away, and more information about I want to run away.

If you have any questions about I want to run away, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i want to run away

Can you legally run away?

No, you can’t legally run away, especially if you are a minor.

Although there are a lot of minors who leave home without a parent’s or guardian’s permission and are gone from the home overnight.

In most states, this kind of situation can face legal consequences between the affected minor and parents or guardians. 

Is it ok to run away from home?

No, it is not ok to run away from home. You can only run away when it is essential to run away from home.

You should also try to stay at a friend’s house first. It is excessively dangerous to be alone on the streets but you can use this kind of behaviour as a last resort.

You need to realize that running away from home can cause more grief to your parents and siblings than you can imagine. 

Why do teens run away?

Teens run away because of family difficulties. These kinds of difficulties can include fights over things such as money, strict rules or grades.

Alcohol or drug concerns can also play roles in this kind of behaviour in these kinds of people.

Most of the time, these kinds of people may do this kind of behaviour due to emotional, sexual or physical abuse at home. 

How do you survive a runaway?

You can survive a runaway by going to a place where you can casually ask the people about their experience with the place to decide, list of necessities, cash in hand which can make you survive for a first few days, and you can look for a job so that you have a source of income. 

What is the best age to run away from home?

The best age to run away from home is 17 years old or older.

This kind of teenager won’t get any legal consequences for running away from home.

If oyur child is below 17 years old, MCL 722 151 offers any person harbouring a juvenile runaway may be charged with a crime for aiding and abetting. 



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