I want to cry but I can’t (What to do)

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How to cry when I want to cry but I can’t?

You might be the type of person who might not have the time to cry recently. You should take the time to cry when you need to cry.

Crying is important since this kind of behaviour can allow you to release the negative feelings that you have been feeling lately.

The following are the processes you need to do to cry when you can’t cry:

Letting the Tears Flow

You need to find a comfortable place for you to cry in. You can use your bedroom for your crying session.

You can also use your bathroom to get your crying out in this private room.

When you are having your vacation, you can find a quiet spot in the beach which can get you to release your crying.

You need to clear your head from distractions that might stop you from the crying you need to release.

You can do this by going to that special place where you can have your privacy to cry your eyes out.

You could try to talk to someone who can understand what you’re going through and the need for your space.

This person can act as your speaker when you are in need of private time from your other loved ones since you need to cry out in privacy. 

You need to spend some time getting all the crying out of your system. You can do this by making sure that you are able to get yourself fully immersed in the crying time you have set for yourself.

You need to understand that you need to let them out at that moment. So don’t be afraid to let it all out.

Feeling Comfortable With Crying For You

You need to forget about the prejudice surrounding crying. In this case, you should forget the lesson that some people have taught you where crying is for babies.

This can only lessen the occurrence of crying on your part which can only worsen your psychological complications right now.

You shouldn’t be anxious about engaging in crying at times that you need to.

You need to see the advantages that come with crying. You can use this behaviour to release the emotional tension that you have been feeling for a while or a long time.

You can also feel less numb when you are engaging in crying. This lack of numbness can be a sign that you are about to get better thanks to crying.

You need to give yourself permission to cry. You need to recognize that you need to do this behaviour for your psychological welfare.

You should know by now the signs that you need to cry. You can also reinforce yourself by being thankful that you can cry right now.

Using Tear triggers to Help You Cry

You can find some objects that can help you remember sad memories that have happened in your life.

You can look at old pictures of a lost loved one to make you cry.

You can also watch sad movies that could make you cry. The following are these sad movies that you can watch:

  • Steel Magnolias
  • Stella Dallas
  • Breaking the Waves as a sad movie
  • Blue Valentine
  • Rudy
  • The Green Mile as a sad movie
  • Schindler’s List
  • Inside Out
  • Titanic
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas as a sad movie
  • My Girl
  • Marley And Me as a sad movie
  • The Book Thief as a sad movie
  • Room
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • The Notebook
  • The Fault in Our Stars as a sad movie
  • The Giver
  • Up
  • Old Yeller
  • Where the Red Fern Grows as a sad movie
  • Hachi
  • Forrest Gump

You can also listen to sad music that can get you to cry.

You can listen to these songs on Youtube or other media that you find comfort in listening these songs in.

You could use these songs to help you cry when you need it. The following are these emotional songs:

  • (Not the Love We Dream Of) by Gary Numan as a sad song
  • (Lost) by Gary Numan as a sad song
  • (I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry) by Hank Williams as a sad song
  • (Hurt) by Johnny Cash as a sad song
  • (Tears in Heaven) by Eric Clapton as a sad song
  • (On My Own) by Les Misérables as a sad song
  • (Jolene) by Dolly Parton as a sad song
  • (Motion Picture Soundtrack (solo piano)) by Radiohead as a sad song
  • (Say it Like You Mean It) by Matchbook Romance as a sad song
  • (I’ve Been Loving You Too Long) by Otis Redding as a sad song
  • (How Could This Happen To Me) by Simple Plan as a sad song
  • (I Know You Care) by Ellie Goulding as a sad song
  • (Goodbye My Lover) by James Blunt as a sad song
  • (Carry You Home) by James Blunt as a sad song
  • (All By Myself) by Celine Dion as a sad song
  • (My Heart Will Go On) by Celine Dion as a sad song
  • (Young and Beautiful) by Lana Del Rey as a sad song
  • (The Ice Is Getting Thinner) by Death Cab for Cutie as a sad song
  • (Too Late) by M83 as a sad song
  • (Welcome to the Black Parade) by My Chemical Romance as a sad song
  • (With Light There is Hope) by Princess One Point Five as a sad song
  • (Apologize) by One Republic as a sad song
  • (Night Owl) by Gerry Rafferty as a sad song
  • (Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space) by Spiritualized as a sad song
  • (8 Billion) by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross as a sad song
  • (Cry Like a Rainstorm) by Linda Ronstadt as a sad song
  • (Shot) by Rochelle Jordan as a sad song
  • (The Call) by Regina Spektor as a sad song
  • (Blue Lips) by Regina Spektor as a sad song
  • (If You Could See Me Now) by The Script as a sad song
  • (Street Spirit (Fade Out)) by Radiohead as a sad song
  • (Remember Everything) by Five Finger Death Punch as a sad song
  • (Scars) by Papa Roach
  • (Var) by Sigur Rós
  • (The Man Who Can’t Be Moved) by The Script as a sad song
  • (Coming Down) by Five Finger Death Punch as a sad song
  • (The Scientist) by Coldplay
  • (Wait) by M83
  • (Wound) by Arca
  • (Echoes of Silence) by The Weeknd as a sad song
  • (Fourth of July) by Sufjan Stevens as a sad song
  • (One more light) by Linkin Park as a sad song
  • (Youth) by Daughter
  • (Don’t Cry For Me Argentina) by Madonna as a sad song
  • (I’m Sorry) by John Denver
  • (Iris) by John Rzeznik and The Goo Goo Dolls as a sad song
  • (Stay) by Blackpink
  • (Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story) by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton as a sad song
  • (My Immortal) by Evanescence

You can also write down your feelings when you’re feeling the need to. This can also help you cry when you need it.

What to do when I want to cry but I can’t?

When you want to cry but you can’t, you can do the following below.

You also need to understand that your behaviour might be a sign that you are repressing your sad emotions.

This kind of behaviour can only hurt you in the long run but you can still find other ways to make you feel more comfortable about crying.

The following are things that you can do to elicit crying behaviour:

Embrace Vulnerability

A lot of people have been victimized by some traumatic experiences in childhood where they were vulnerable to other people.

Some people might have experienced being betrayed before.

This can lead them to build walls where they don’t feel the emotional pain associated with these events.

This is why it’s going to be hard for these people to cry since they have built high walls for too long.

Open Up Pandora’s Box In You

Some people would use a box to hide their repressed feelings and memories to keep them from crying.

This can be very distressing since there is a need to release the tension that you have been feeling inside too long.

You could spend some time trying to open these boxes in a time that is comfortable for you.

You could do this in a quiet place and you can also do breathing exercises to control your emotional reactions.

Be Gentle With Yourself

You have to take note that you are in control of your life right now. You need to take some time in revealing all your hidden sad emotions.

You shouldn’t force yourself to feel all the emotions at once. You should only reveal those emotions once you are comfortable enough.

Boost The Signal To Your Crying

As mentioned before, you could use some stimuli that could help you cry. You could use movies and songs that could get you to cry.

You can also use a friend you can trust who could help you cry. This friend should be someone who is accepting of heavy emotions.

Many Medications Can Numb Emotions Which Can Be Causes To Your Non-Crying

There are some medications that can elicit crying behaviour in you. However, you can only do this when you are already prescribed with this medication.

Although you shouldn’t expect that this will always happen all the time. You should try the options above which are far better than this option unless you can take advantage of it.


In this brief blog, we have talked about I want to cry but I can’t, what to do when I want to cry but I can’t, why I want to cry but I can’t, and more information about I want to cry but I can’t.

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FAQs: i want to cry but i can’t

What does it mean when you want to cry but you can’t?

When you want to cry but you can’t means that you aren’t only a sensitive person or someone who cries while the situation doesn’t trigger enough emotions for you to cry but the combination of emotions you experience that bring you to cry may be different from others in terms of emotional threshold. 

How can I make myself cry?

You can make yourself cry by remembering a sad even from your past, trust the power of onions, open your eyes wide and don’t even blink, use the menthol method, use eye drops, yawn, listen to sad music or watch a sad movie, and gently rub your eyes. 

What is emotional blockage?

Emotional blockage is the general term for the barriers that keep us from thinking creatively in order to achieve our goals in life.

For instance, some people may have an easy time in the workplace and being friendly and familiar but when it comes to a romantic life, these kinds of people have this kind of blockage which doesn’t permit them to move forward.  

Can you cry to death?

No, you can’t cry to death. However, you can die of a broken heart and this kind of condition is associated with heavy amounts of crying.

I don’t know about crying to death but dying of a broken heart is a real thing where you can cry so much and are so sad that your heart actually swells up and can cause death.

Is it healthy not to cry?

No, it is not healthy not to cry. This is because this kind of behaviour is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration but it is also a healthy one.

This kind of behaviour is a natural method to minimize stress when left unchecked can have negative physical effects on the body such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.


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