List of ‘I Survived’ Books (9+ Inspiring Stories)

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Books in the I Survived Book Series

The following are the books in the I Survived Book Series:

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I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912 From the I Survived Book Series

This is the story of George who gets to go on the Titanic with his Aunt Daisy and his little sister Phoebe on the most fabled ship.

George is fascinated by the ship upon getting in. 

George gets to meet the ship’s captain and designer and even hears a rumour that there’s a mummy stowed in the ship’s baggage compartment in this ship.

However, he finds out that the ship has crashed to an iceberg when he was investigating for this rumour.

This book was considered as the winner of the 2012 Colorado Children’s Book Award.

I Survived The Shark Attacks Of 1916 From I Survived Books Series

A few years ago, the author reads an amazing book called Close to Shore about an incident I had never heard about which is a series of shark attacks on the New Jersey shore in 1916, that ended with attacks in creek miles from the ocean.

This story fascinated the author, especially the fact that back then people thought that sharks were tame and nobody believed a shark would ever attack a human.  

In this story, a boy named Chet Roscow comes to live with his Uncle Jerry who runs a diner in a small New Jersey town in this book.

He is enthusiastic to make friends with a group of boys who swim at the local creek and thrilled when they invite him to join them until he comes to the fact to face with a ferocious man-eater which was the shark. 

Strangely, researching the book didn’t make the author afraid of sharks.

They are incredible creatures and many species are endangered today which needs to be respected.

 I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 From I Survived Books

When the author first imagined this book series, the author thought that she would be writing about events that happened decades in the past.

But the author’s editors thought it was important to write about Hurricane Katrina which was the worst natural disaster in America’s history. 

The author took on the challenge and in the end this is one of the author’s favourite books in the series.

This story concentrates on Barry Tucker and his family who live in the New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward which is a neighbourhood that had been flooded by a hurricane years before in the book. 

The family plans to evacuate as hurricane Katrina is bearing down on New Orleans in the story.

But then Barry’s little sister Cleo gets sick, and the family has no choice but to hunker down at home in the book. 

Barry is swept away by the floodwaters and crosses paths with a killer dog named Cruz in the hurricane.

And through it all he learns that he is way braver than he ever imagined in the book.

I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor, 1941 From I Survived Books

Pearl Harbor was a surprise bombing attack on American military bases in Hawaii in history.

It was the event that shocked America and propelled the home country into World War II. 

In the author’s story, Danny Crane is a New York City kid, hanging around gangsters while his mom works 2 jobs to support him financially and personally.

When Danny’s best friend Finn is hurt in an accident, Danny’s mom decides she has to get him away from the danger of New York which is this incident. 

The family moves to Hawaii and soon find themselves in the midst of the horrible bombing attack.

I Survived The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 From I Survived Books

Leo is living all on his own in San Francisco, working selling newspapers and struggling to get by on his own.

When his lucky gold nugget is stolen by two young street thugs, he is persistent to get it back. 

But then the ground starts the shake and San Francisco is set afire in this book.

What amazed the author most while researching this story is learning how quickly this state bounced back from this disaster. 

Many believed the state would never fully recover. But within a few years, this beautiful city was rebuilt by dedicated citizens.

I Survived The Attacks Of September 11, 2001 From I Survived Books

Nothing is more important to Lucas than football but when he gets his third concussion, his parents decide it’s too dangerous for him to keep playing his favourite game of all time.

He is sure his Uncle Benny will persuade his parents to change their minds and he skips school to find his uncle at the firehouse where he works. 

But then a terrible attack occurs in New York City and Lucas is caught in the centre of one of the most terrifying days in modern American history which is this incident.

The author wrote this book after getting thousands of requests from readers and it has become the most popular I Survived book yet for readers.

I Survived The Battle Of Gettysburg, 1863 From I Survived Books

Thomas and his little sister Birdie have spent their whole lives as slaves on a farm in Virginia in this book. It’s a hard life but at least these siblings are together. 

But then one day, men come to take Thomas away and he realizes he has no choice since he and Birdie must escape to the North from the occurring battle.

With slave hunters on their trail, the siblings rush into the dark forest, beginning a journey they hope will lead to freedom for them. 

But soon the siblings are swept up into the bloodiest battle in American history which is The Battle of Gettysburg.

 I Survived The National Socialist German Workers’ Party Invasion, 1944 From I Survived Books

The author’s latest book is among the most challenging she has ever written. It takes readers back to a terrible chapter in history which is the Holocaust. 

At first, the author wasn’t sure if she should take on this topic but so many readers asked for a book about the Holocaust that she decided to try.

The author’s goal was to write a story that tells what it was like to be a Jewish child living in the time of the war but to also discover an aspect of the Holocaust that is not well known where that thousands of Jewish people fought against the National Socialist German Workers’ Party from secret hideouts hidden deep in the forests of Eastern Europe in this time.

The group was known as Jewish Partisans where many of these men and women were teenagers at that time.

This book centres on 11-year-old Max and his 9-year-old sister Zena whose lives in a quiet Polish town are shattered by the invasion of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party troops in the city.

Like millions of Jews across Europe, the siblings and their father are imprisoned in a ghetto which is a crumbling neighbourhood surrounded by barbed wire. 

As the story starts, the siblings are living on their own and their father was arrested and they fear they will never see him again. 

Max and Zena make a daring escape and cross paths three young Jewish partisans in the setting.

Soon the siblings are all caught in a terrifying bombing attack and it seems impossible that they will make it to safety from the war.

Though this is a work of historical fiction, all of the events are based on real stories the author has read in her research into the real lives of Jewish partisans at that time.

You can also check out the website for Jewish Partisan foundation for more information.

I Survived The Destruction Of Pompeii, 79AD From I Survived Books

This past November, the author travelled to Italy, to the ruins of the city of Pompeii to research I Survived #10 which is titled The Destruction of Pompeii.

Two thousand years ago, Pompeii and surrounding towns were buried when the volcano Vesuvius exploded, spewing millions of ton of molten rock and ash into the sky at the time of eruption. 

Pompeii’s beautiful homes and bustling restaurants and shops were buried under 25 feet of volcanic debris and not rediscovered until the 1700s during this time.

This city was a part of the Roman Empire as it always is. 

Walking through the ruins at that time, the author was transported to the days of the gladiators when people worshipped gods like Venus and Apollo at the old times.

Back in those days, nobody knew that Vesuvius which loomed above this city was an active volcano. 

In the days before the volcanic eruption, there were many warnings such as terrible smells and many earthquakes. But nobody imagined the disaster that was about to unfold at that time.

The author can’t wait for you to read this new edition of the I Survived Series for your reading needs.

The author’s hope is that it opens a whole new world for you which is that of Ancient Rome

I Survived The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 From I Survived Books

Oscar Starling never wanted to come to Chicago in this book.  But then Oscar finds himself not just in the heart of the big city but in the middle of a terrible fire that is occurring int he city.

  No one knows exactly how the fire began but one thing is clear where Chicago is like a giant powder keg about to explode at this time.

An army of firemen is trying to help but this fire is a ferocious beast that wants to devour everything in its path, involving Oscar.  

You need to read this story to know if Oscar survived the fires that have been devastating in history.

I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011 From I Survived Books

Eleven-year-old Dexter has always wanted to see a tornado in his young life.  So when he gets the incredible opportunity to go storm chasing with the famous Dr. Norman Gage which he has to say yes for the opportunity.

  Dr. Gage is the host of Tornado Mysteries which is a TV show that Dex and his older brother, Jeremy, watched every night until Jeremy joined the U.S. Navy SEALs and left Joplin in this story.

This young boy certainly knows how deadly tornadoes can be but this one isn’t heading towards Joplin and wouldn’t it be great to have a brave and exciting story of his own to tell Jeremy when he comes home from his career.

  But when the tornado shifts direction, Dexter’s bravery is about to get seriously tested in this book.


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FAQs: i survived books

Are the I Survived books real?

Yes, the I Survived books are real. These kinds of books were written by Lauren Tarshis in the early 2020.

These kinds of books are historical fiction books about children who survive various disasters such as storms, battles, wars, and wild animal attacks.

These kinds of books were published by Scholastic Inc.

Who are the main characters in I survived the American Revolution?

The main characters in I survived the American Revolution are Kevin Valle, Michelle, Hannah, Joey, Wesley, and Leslie.

These kinds of characters are trying to survive this kind of revolution in the book of this book series. 

Is I survived the shark attacks of 1916 real?

Yes, the I survived the shark attacks of 1916 is real. The books in these book series are based on real events.

This kind of book is first introduced in the summer of 1916 and the Jersey shore is being terrorized by a Great White Shark. 

What is Q reading level?

The Q reading level is the level of reading where it is related to readers who can solve new vocabulary words where some words are defined int he text and some words are left unexplained.

Readers who are at this kind of level are challenged by longer descriptive words. 

Who survived the shark attacks of 1916?

The one who survived the shark attacks of 1916 is Chet Roscow.

He is a 10-year-old who was captivated by the local news of a Great White shark which has been attacking and killing people up and down the Atlantic Coast.


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Lauren Tarshis. #4: I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor, 1941.

Lauren Tarshis. #5: I Survived The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906.

Lauren Tarshis. #6: I Survived The Attacks Of September 11, 2001.

Lauren Tarshis. #7: I Survived The Battle Of Gettysburg, 1863.

Lauren Tarshis. #9: I Survived The National Socialist German Workers’ Party Invasion, 1944.

Lauren Tarshis. #10: I Survived The Destruction Of Pompeii, 79AD.

Lauren Tarshis. #11: I Survived The Great Chicago Fire, 1871.

Lauren Tarshis. #12: I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011.

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