I just don’t care anymore (What to do)

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What is anhedonia as the feeling of I just don’t care anymore?

Anhedonia is a feeling of I just don’t care anymore where you don’t bother dealing with the activities that are important for your hygiene and your financial living such as work.

This kind of symptom is very prominent in a lot of psychological disorders when affected people don’t care if they would get sick with their habits and activities.

This kind of symptom is dysfunctional for the affected person since it can stop his or her cleaning habits and her work or school habits that are necessary for productivity.

The following are the psychological disorders where this kind of symptom can occur and the factors that this symptom may occur:

  • Depression
  • Complex trauma
  • Substance addiction
  • Abuse
  • A major illness or disability in life
  • Loss of a loved one in life
  • Grief 
  • Social isolation due to coronavirus and shelter-in-place as occurring right now

This kind of symptom can also be manifested as a subtype in most affected people.

Types of anhedonia or I just don’t care anymore

The following are the types of this symptom that can affect the person who is experiencing this symptom:

Social Anhedonia

This symptom is the experience of withdrawing from social activities. This symptom can be seen when a person who is always social will not go through with social events anymore.

When you see this symptom in you or another person, you need to get it addressed immediately through professional help

This can help the affected person to know that there is no need to get rid of social obligations for the pain.

I just don’t care anymore (What to do)

Physical Anhedonia

This symptom can be seen when the affected person won’t participate in physical activities anymore such as exercise and sex.

The affected person won’t even engage in sports that he or she has always had fun.

This symptom can affect the person since exercise is very important in treating the affected person with this symptom.

The lack of this physical activity can only worsen the condition the affected person has.

What to do when I just don’t care anymore?

There are a lot of reasons that you could use as bases for you not caring anymore. There are different situations that one should not care anymore about.

It would range with situations that you don’t want to partake in any way. You could be trying to remove the possibility of romantic relationships in your life.

This kind of situation can be great since relationships can keep you from focusing on yourself who is in need of healing right now.

However, this not caring attitude when focused on activities that are important to you such as activities and education then you are in need of some adjustments that could still make you healthy in life.

You could make little adjustments that could still make you comfortable about carrying on with life with this kind of attitude.

For instance, you could try to get used to doing homework little by little despite this kind of symptom in your life. 

 You can use this trying time to think about the reasons that could be contributing to this kind of attitude and find some ways to minimize the occurrence of these causes in your life.

This is a method where you can minimize the triggers that have created this kind of attitude.

You don’t have to be resigned to have this kind of symptoms because of a certain traumatic experience in your life.

This kind of symptom can only make your true loved ones to be worried about you and want to help as much as they can.

In this case, you should not let them get too worried by getting yourself involved in some self-reflection of what may be done to deal with this kind of attitude in your life.

The following are things that you can do to minimize the occurrence of this attitude in your life:

I dated people I didn’t want to marry and I didn’t care anymore.

You shouldn’t be too hung up in some aspects that may have been done to you in your past relationships.

This can help you in doing this kind of attitude in your life and not get too disappointed when your relationship goes up in flames.

This kind of attitude can also help you in looking at broken relationships in a neutral light where you can understand each side of the story in the affected relationship.

This kind of learning can help you to be mature in the next relationship that you might find yourself in.

This kind of attitude should not be taken in the dominant field since your next relationship could be disrupted before it started.

This is because a not caring attitude in a relationship can be displayed in your partner that you don’t care about the relationship that you have with each other.  

There’s too much I don’t care about in relationships.

There is a need for you to know what you want in a relationship.

This can help you know what you need to know and tell your partner and what you don’t need to care for your partner since there is a need for you to treat the relationship in moderation since you still need to deal with yourself when you are in a relationship. 

This kind of attitude can be unhealthy when you keep it escalated even when you are already in a relationship.

You can use this kind of attitude when you need to deal with your traumatic experiences when you were once in a toxic relationship and you wish to share it to your new partner to enlighten him or her about your own struggles.

Of course, you can always choose to not have this kind of relationship at all and try to renew yourself and strengthen your present relationships with friends and family members.

This kind of situation can help you be more caring to people who are giving you the care you need back instead of people who are only there because you can give them care.

You can also use this kind of time to get closer to your family members who deeply care about you and you should try to only give this kind of attitude to people who are not that genuinely close to you.

This can help you in placing this kind of attitude who truly deserve this attitude due to their uncaring attitude.

You can also think on what you really don’t care about in the relationship and you need to be brutally honest to your present partner about it since this can show honesty in the relationship and help the partner understand your reason to why you have this attitude right now.

This kind of attitude can help in strengthening yourself which can help you feel less emotionally charged when a toxic relationship triggers you at the moment.

This kind of attitude can only bring you the need to get the time you need to take care of yourself and help you minimize the pain that is associated with a toxic relationship.

This kind of attitude can help you feel less stressed when a toxic person comes your way. 

Why don’t we care when it matters a lot?

We won’t care since we have already seen the negative effects of caring. Although you can still care in a way that won’t display excessive emotions that can cause negative reactions on your part.

You can also minimize the occurrence of psychological difficulties by having this kind of attitude.

This kind of attitude can also help you not care about things that don’t really matter such as gossip that is false.

What do we need now?

To minimize the course of these toxic relationships, you can do some self-esteem exercises that can help you in the long run.

You can do this to help you know what you want and apply this proper decision-making in your life.

You won’t even get victimized in social pressure which can only force you to do something that you might regret later on and this can only destroy yourself in the long run.

You need to do what is best for you and this is what matters the most.


In this brief blog, we have talked about I just don’t care anymore, why I just don’t care anymore, what to do when I just don’t care anymore, and more information about I just don’t care anymore.

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FAQs: i just don’t care anymore

What happens when you don’t just care anymore?

When you don’t just care anymore, you will find out that most people are not relying on you anymore as you did before.

This might happen when you are constantly their use when it comes to certain problems in their lives.

These people will get upset at you since you have become someone who doesn’t care about their needs and wants. 

What does it mean if you don’t care about anything?

If you don’t care about anything, this means you have a large amount of apathy which results in a lack of interest, concern or enthusiasm.

This is where you are suppressing your emotions so you don’t have to cope with them.

This kind of method can make you feel no pain, stress, and more negative emotions. 

How do I show him I don’t care anymore?

You can show him that you don’t care anymore by listening to what he has to say but don’t share too much on your part, after a few minutes or so, you should leave to say hi to other people, and you need to learn how to keep it to yourself.

These kinds of behaviours can make him think that you are not interested in him and that you don’t care to have a conversation with him because he’s not worth your time. 

What does it mean if you dont want to do anything?

If you don’t want to do anything, it means that you might be depressed or maybe you need to change something in your life.

This kind of attitude could be a sign that something isn’t right about you.

You might be unhappy which is a reason of this attitude. You should change something in your life to make this kind of attitude better. 

Why do I not want to leave the house?

You do not want to leave the house because you have agoraphobia.

This kind of fear is the fear of being in places or situations where escape might be hard or humiliating or where help is not available in the event of an unexpected panic attack.

This kind of fear can be considered as an anxiety disorder that can happen on its own but some people are still considering this fear as a complication of a panic disorder. 


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