I hate the world – Understanding the reasons why you

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why you are in a moment of your life where you just simply hate the world and how to stop the feeling.

I hate the world

There are moments in the life of a person where he feels happy. It likes to see how all things are going perfectly, where everything goes to its place. Perhaps you have experienced those moments where you simply feel grateful for everything and believe that nothing can go wrong. You feel like you have control of the whole situation.

But there are other days where you just don’t feel well. You perceive that everything around you is not working, that everything goes wrong and you don’t have the strength and capacity to try to solve them. You reach a point where you simply say: “I hate the world.”

Many times we get to the point of saying “I hate the world” and you might be wondering if it is normal to feel that way, and yes, it is normal to experience this kind of feeling. Human beings have different emotions and feelings, which we express according to the situation we face in our daily lives. It is normal to express a feeling of joy and emotion when something goes well, but it is also normal to express anger and sadness when something does not go as planned or give us some bad news.

In our current society, it is easy to sell an image that everything goes well, social networks have taken care of that. Many people see on the networks how people project themselves, they see that others get everything desired and give them the false illusion that nothing happens to those people and that their life is perfect. When you face your reality and see that things are not so simple you can get frustrated and hate everything around you. Be careful with this.

We must understand that, as humans we are, we have no control of all the phenomena that are around us. When we have a bad day, there is a part of the things for which that day did not go as expected that we cannot handle, but we feel bad because we believe we are to blame for this. We feel that we should have fixed the situation and instead, we did not.

There is a difference between expressing “I hate the world” in a specific situation or doing it continuously every day. There are situations where we feel that all the problems come together and make us want to escape and it is normal, but there are times where we live negatively every day. We are waiting for the worst and we are carrying that.

So that you can understand the reasons why you often say “I hate the world”, you must do an analysis and find out what led you to that point. Because you feel that the world is to blame for everything that is happening to you or maybe it is the interpretation you give to the facts so that you think you should hate the world. Understanding this you can apply some strategies to eliminate this feeling and live better.

You might hate the world because of the fact that everyone around you is going through the same difficulties (sonder).

Reasons why I hate the world

Each person has various reasons for expressing I hate the world. Any situation can trigger such feelings. From an insignificant act to a serious event that has marked the life of a person profoundly. Each person is different and gives an interpretation of the facts in the way they perceive them. For some people, any situation does not perceive it as something big, but for another person, that situation can represent the end of their world. Some of the most common reasons why a person says I hate the world are:

Losing a job

Losing a job is one of the worst feelings a person can experience. For some, it is not something so serious since they might hate the job and see the dismissal as an opportunity to get out of that place, but for other people, it is more difficult if their economic situation depended on the income of the job. A person who is the economic support of its family will feel a lot of hate for having lost its job. This feeling of hate mixed with worry and sadness can make me unfairly look at the world.

Losing a loved one

Losing a loved one either due to death or a breakup is another unpleasant and sad feeling. The person who loses a loved one due to death feels very sad. Sometimes he does not understand the causes of death and is filled with hatred and resentment. It can be seen in many cases shouting “I hate the world!” For having taken the person it loved. Love breaks also generate a lot of hate. A person who is abandoned in their relationship will feel anger and sadness. It doesn’t want to get away from the person it loves, but at the same time, he doesn’t think it’s fair that he’s going through that situation.

An accident

A person living a traumatic event like a traffic accident may think that the world is unfair because this happened. An accident that leads a person to a condition where it cannot move or lose one of its limbs can cause him to generate rancour and immense hatred of the world. It may become depressed, wanting to take its life and it is normal to hear it say I hate the world.

Low self-esteem

When a person has a negative perception about himself, he usually overturns the reasons due to others. It feels that the world is unfair because it does not possess certain things or that perhaps if the situation had been different if it had been in another position. People with low self-esteem perceive their way of being negative. They feel the worst, that nothing goes well and that the things that happen to them are because they deserve it. They see the world as a bad place, which has made it feel the way it feels.

A mental illness

Mental illnesses also play an important role. When a person suffers from disorders such as depression, they may find themselves in a very negative position. It makes no sense to live, they feel great sadness and simply feel hate for many things around them. They believe that life has not been fair and that feeling that way is what has touched them.

The causes for which a person can hate the world are many, and some of these were mentioned before. The moment you identify why you feel you hate the world, it is time to work with some strategies that will help you eliminate these feelings and live more positively.

One of the first actions that a person should take to avoid thinking “I hate the world” is to accept himself as he is. When people accept themselves as they are and do not compare their lifestyle with others, they live happier. If a person spends his time comparing himself to others and putting his self-esteem on the ground, he will think that the world is not fair and will generate hatred and sadness. In life all people will not always have the same, some people have more and others who have no less, but an attitude of gratitude and wanting to do their best every day helps to see things positively.

A person with low self-esteem focuses so much on what it says is “missing” that it does not focus on seeing all the good things it has obtained over the years. When a person adopts an aptitude of gratitude where it sees that his effort has paid off, it will begin to appreciate the world and not dwell negatively.

Another action that a person can take to end the recurring thought of “I hate the world” is to accept things that cannot be changed. Human beings do not have control of everything and many things have no explanation, but this does not have to be a reason for an impediment to not enjoy life and all the good things it brings. If you have lost a loved one, cry and live your duel, but then get up and be grateful to be alive and continue working on your dreams.

It is sad to lose someone because of a death or a breakup, but that sadness should not be carried for the rest of your life. Accepting some events that cannot be changed is the best way to live life.

Surrounding yourself with people with a positive attitude about life is also a good way to change these kinds of feelings. Personal relationships have a great influence on the way we feel and express ourselves. If you are surrounded by people with good spirits and who have good vibes, you will tend to act and think in the same way. Look for environments where people have a better perception of things.

Being grateful also helps in this regard. When we look at the good things we have and don’t focus on the bad or what we lack, we can feel happier. Acts of gratitude always fill the person with great satisfaction.

Another of the actions that a person can take to eliminate thoughts related to “I hate the world” is to seek professional help. If the person has such feelings accompanied by others that only contribute to their emotional deterioration, it is better to put themselves in the hands of a mental health professional. The professional will help you identify the reasons why you hate the world and how to change this feeling for a more positive one that generates well-being.

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FAQs about I hate the world

How can I stop comparing myself to others?

Accept that you have virtues and defects and that you are a unique person. Each person has what they want in life. Your happiness and the things you crave cannot be mediated by the wishes of other people, but by yours.

How to stop feeling envious for what others have?

Focus on the things you have and not on what others have. Do not get to thinking that you also deserve what others have, but that you are working hard to get what you want. Envy is a negative feeling that consumes you.

How can I be a more positive person?

To be more positive, learn to look at the good in each situation. If something did not go as expected, look at it as an apprenticeship and you know next time how you should act.

How to change the negative attitudes I have?

Learn to always perceive things in the best way, do not let negativism take force in any situation. When you have a negative thought about something, change it for a positive so that this type of attitude also becomes more present in your life.

How to change the thought that life has not been fair to me?

Search within yourself the reasons why you think the world has not been fair and analyze whether it is worthwhile to continue keeping them. Sometimes things are not going to work out the way you expect, but that does not mean that life is not fair. Learn to recognize that you have no control over everything and that there are things that have to take their course.


Expressing in various situations “I hate the world” is something that can be understood as normal, it is a way in which people express feelings about something or any situation that causes sadness or that they perceive as not fair. If you feel at that moment in your life where you simply say I hate the world, stop for a moment and analyze the causes for which you feel this way. As human beings we will not always have control of everything around us and acceptance is vital to be able to deal with certain events and see us from a negative point. The best thing you can do is try to maintain a positive attitude, although sometimes the situation may not seem like it, remember that things affect you according to the interpretation you give them.

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