In this brief guide, we will discuss the topic “I hate men.”

We will discuss the reasons why some women hate men and what they could do to overcome that feeling.

I Hate Men: What is Misandry?

Misandry is the hatred and neglect against men or boys in general.

Misandry can manifest itself in the form of discrimination based on sex, the humiliation of men, violence against men, or sexual objectification of men.

Activists of the “movement for the rights of men” believe that misandry is often found on the part of radical feminists.

I Hate Men: Do Feminists Hate Men?

Many feminists hate men, but it does not mean that all of them do.

There are some reasons why people think that feminists hate men. Here they are:

Some people do not differ misandrists from feminists

Misandrisм assumes hatred towards men. What about feminism? it is a spectrum of ideologies, political, and social movements aimed at achieving equality of political, economic, personal, and social rights for women or overcoming sexism.

Some feminists hate men.

Some individual feminists hate men; the majority of feminists may hate men. However, still, it does not mean that all feminists hate men.

You should not make an inference from particular cases to the general case.

People have heard that feminists hate men.

According to a study, the way you describe someone can affect the way you perceive their behaviour.

Some feminists do not address men’s issues.

Some feminists do not address men’s issues because they worry that then women’s issues will be forgotten.

Many feminists would like to see men addressing men’s issues without blaming women for all their problems.

The Reasons Why I Hate Men

The reasons for a woman’s hatred for her beloved man can be different.

Each person has her own, but there are several signs a relationship can collapse because of female hatred.

What are the reasons that make women say, “I hate men”? 

  • Betrayal – If the man betrays, everything related to the current marital relationship, it loses its meaning and depth from the moment the betrayal is revealed. Outwardly, a woman may seem calm, but she does not forgive infidelity and deeply hates the partner who broke her heart.
  • Pressure by the man – If the relationship involves rudeness, abuses, and physical violence, then it is quite possible that the woman already mentally broke up with the man.
  • Dependence on circumstances – Some women cannot ask for help from their family or relatives, because they live in another city, they also are not able to take care of children alone by themselves. Because of that, these women have to continue living with the men whom they hate, and because of whom they hate men.
  • Indifference – When the passion subsides, some men do not show much attention to the woman as they used to do. They do not talk to them much, do not give women flowers, or do not make time to prepare pleasant surprises. By the time it affects the woman, and they start becoming indifferent to the men, the negative feelings sometimes lead to hatred.
  • The woman has got a lover – The woman may have got a lover unexpectedly. Maybe she met someone in a shop or at work; then she started comparing her boyfriend or husband to that man. It can make her notice some disadvantages, which she did not see before. As a result, irritation smoothly turns into hatred.
  • forced to give birth to a child or do an abortion – A woman can very much regret and even hate her husband as a source of a wrong and dramatic choice. Such hatred will probably burn in her for the rest of her life, making her say, “I hate men.”

I Hate Men: Confessions


I am 26 years old; I am a beautiful and successful woman, I make good money, and I can afford a lot. My problem is that I hate men – literally everyone. It starts turning me inside out when someone compliments me or tries to hit me after me. I am sending everyone to hell, and in an insulting form, trying to hurt and humiliate as much as possible. I do not even want to communicate with them, considering them inferior lascivious creatures who think only one part. I understand that this is wrong, I suffer greatly from it, but I can not do anything about this feeling. I think it comes from my childhood. Dad drank, always cheated on my mother, did not sleep at home, and humiliated her. She was patient and let go of him, sobbing every night in the pillow. I considered her weak, unable to repulse, and dump him far away. I always thought that I would find myself the perfect man who would be the complete antipode to my father. Time passed, studying at the institute, I fell in love. It seemed that here he was my prince – he looked after me nicely, did not drink, did not smoke, and made good money. We met for four months; life seemed like a fairy tale. And then one good day, I found out that he is married.

Moreover, he has a small child. He just tricked me – mean and reckless. Maybe I was guilty; I let him deceive me because love blinded me, did not allow me to look at some things objectively. I suffered for a long time. Gradually I began to forget to move away from unnecessary feelings. At 22, I met another man whom I also trusted, and he just robbed me afterward and fled to another. Since then, I am alone, I have become callous, fixated on work. I achieved a lot, but my soul is empty. Many of my friends are married, and EVERYTHING continuously complains about their husbands, they say how bad they are, men cheat, men do not earn, men stink, they act like pigs (I apologize for the expression), which makes me even more disgusted with them. They say how lucky I am that I have no such problems. Am I lucky? They do not know that almost every night, I cry into the pillow from the hatred that tears me apart from the inside, from the loneliness that I return to every night after work. Well, I can’t step over myself and forgive them for all my suffering in life, I can’t.


I don’t know what happened to me, but recently I began to hate men! I stopped counting them as people; I consider them stupid. They live only by instincts: they live to eat and have sex. I understand that this is not so, not everyone is like that, but I cannot help myself. I understand that I have to get out of this. Furthermore, nothing changes: you get to know someone, and they strive right to bed. It annoys me, and the hatred escalates! Ufff.

I Hate Men: Some Tips How to Overcome that Hatred

If you are a woman claiming, “I hate men,” and  you want to find a way to overcome that hatred, here are some tips that may be helpful for you:

  • Try to figure out the main reason that makes you hate men. 
  • Be conscious about your hatred; maybe a man made you hate him by his behaviour or in another way, and you spread the hatred over all men. All men are not the same.
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In this brief guide, “I hate men,” we discussed the reasons that can make women say, “I hate men.”

As you read, feminists and misandrists are different.

During your lifetime, it is quite possible to feel hatred towards men, but if that makes you anxious or annoys you, you can try some of the tips that we suggested above; they can be useful for you.

Please feel free to comment on the content or ask any questions in the comments section below. 


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