I hate me (why?)

I hate me – A brief guide to understanding the reasons why you hate yourself.

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why you hate yourself and how to work on it.

I hate me

Right now you might be going through a difficult situation or have not had one of your best days.

You feel that things are not going well for you and you feel so bad that you came to tell me I hate me.

It is normal to some extent to feel hate for yourself, people do not always have the same mood and any situation can cause you to change from one moment to another.

But what happens when I feel I am accompanied by something else?

Perhaps you have been feeling this way for a long time and you get to the point where you can no longer tolerate things.

You feel that you do not give the expected performance, you feel that nobody loves you or that you simply cannot get what you want.

We go through good times and not so good times. In good times we feel happy.

We feel that we can take the world ahead and that we are unstoppable.

We have the strength to fight with everything that comes upon us, but it is different when those times that are not so good, the hard times. 

When a person is going through a difficult season, he feels that the world is coming upon him.

It may be that in every aspect of your life things are not going as expected and you feel that you are not doing anything right.

Life is full of changes and we cannot control everything that happens around us.

I hate me is a normal feeling that many people experience in our life.

Not every day you have the attitude of looking in a mirror and saying: “I am amazing”, “I love myself”, “I am great”.

There are days where you do not feel that you are yourself and do not know what to tell you.

Sometimes you feel misunderstood, that you don’t fit in and that you don’t know where you stand and say you hate yourself for feeling that way.

Just as people express hate for themselves, they also experience other kinds of feelings and emotions such as love and sadness.

Don’t feel guilty if at some point in your life you say I hate me.

Every day comes with new learning and the emotions experienced are a clue to how you conduct yourself in life and in which things you need to improve and in which to continue as you go.

A person when it says I hate does it for several reasons, some of which he is aware and others who are not.

While it is true that expressing self-loathing is normal in most cases, knowing the reasons that lead you to hate yourself at certain times is also important.

How does the feeling of hate for myself affect my daily life?

As we mentioned earlier, it is normal to feel the feeling of hate from time to time since we will not always be in the same mood, but sometimes, when that “I hate me” prevails more than normal, it can interrupt the daily life of people.

You can analyze that when you express hate towards yourself, you negatively see them and it becomes more difficult for you to execute something.

When we have a negative conception about something or someone this interferes to execute something.

When you say you hate yourself you are loading your mind with thoughts that only bring heaviness to your life and interfere with your concentration.

When you spend time telling yourself repeatedly I hate you don’t give me space to see how a difficult situation you might be going through may change.

You are not able to do it then you resign and nothing good can come out. Remember that actions are thoughts.

Your perception of yourself will greatly influence how you execute your daily activities.

If you don’t see yourself capable of doing something, you won’t do it.

If you believe that all things go wrong, they will come out and if you say hate yourself, it is the image that you are going to project of yourself and the one that everyone will perceive.

How to stop hating myself?

There are several actions you can take to eliminate those thoughts about I hate me and related.

Previously we had expressed that feeling self-loathing at certain times is normal, but when this thought is constantly maintained and negatively interferes with our life, it is no longer and we must find solutions.

Among the first things you can do to stop hating yourself is to look for the source of this thought.

Research within yourself what are the reasons and reasons you have for hating yourself.

You are the only person who knows how you feel and what you think, you are the only person who can discover why you feel this way.

If you feel that you cannot identify why you feel so much hatred towards you and this feeling is accompanied by other symptoms that only make you feel worse, you can start looking for psychological help.

When you have already identified the reasons why you constantly say “I hate me”, it is time to work on them.

Sometimes the causes may be reasonable or not, but even if they are reasonable they should not be a reason for you to feel bad almost always.

We had previously mentioned some of the reasons why you may hate yourself.

Not doing something right or having caused some kind of problems can lead you to think like that about you, but remember that as human beings we are we make mistakes.

It is good to recognize mistakes, but it is also good to forgive yourself for having made them.

Do not let the guilt of having done something that was not right to stay present with you and not allow you to do your daily activities.

Another action to perform is to work on your self-esteem. When you constantly hate yourself, you don’t have a good vision of yourself.

You have very low self-esteem and it is difficult for you to see the virtues you have.

We all have flaws, but we also have good qualities and these cannot be tarnished by comments like “I hate me”.

Learn to accept when things go as expected and when they do not, and if any result as you want, there is no reason to punish yourself with negative words.

Also, keep in mind the way you take the opinions of others. Some people only seek our well-being, but their opinions do not determine how we should act or think.

Whether a person tells you that you are good at something or bad does not mean that it is.

Be careful with the things you hear or that can interfere negatively with your way of thinking.

Stay open to listening to the opinions of others, but at the same time analyze what you hear and take the good.

Working on oneself is something constant. You will not always feel good but you cannot always allow yourself to feel bad.

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FAQS about I hate me

How to handle negative opinions towards me by others?

Remember that people will always say two types of things: good and bad.

If someone says something that you didn’t like, you don’t have to take it so personally that it takes you into a state of anguish.

Learn to look at the good of each opinion no matter what they can say.

The way you interpret things says more than the opinion itself.

How can I manage the symptoms of depression?

If the symptoms of depression do not allow you to perform your daily activities and keep you in a low mood, it is better to seek professional help.

Depression is not a disease that heals on its own and if it is not treated it can get worse.

A mental health professional can help you overcome depression.

Why do I sometimes feel that others hate me?

Some of the reasons why you think others hate you are due to the perception you have about yourself.

The way you perceive yourself is in the same way that others can perceive you.

How to deal with a negative work environment?

One of the ways to deal with a negative environment is to ignore those comments that come from other people to cause problems.

Do not follow the same style that other people use, that can only cause problems.

How to eliminate negative thoughts?

One of the ways to eliminate negative thoughts is to replace them with positive thoughts.

You should not allow your mind to be filled only with negative things.

For each negative thought, add a positive one. Another way is to identify the causes by which you originate this type of thinking.

Knowing its origin will help you realize if it is worth keeping that kind of thought in your mind.

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Thinking and saying I hate is very common in many cases since we are not always going to feel positive and loving.

The important thing is not to let those moments remain permanently in our being and make us feel bad.

Do not let the perception you have about yourself be ruined by something you could not do before.

Remember that you are a valuable human being and that you are not perfect. Every day we are constantly learning.

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