In this article, we will discuss the topic “I hate driving.” We will present the reasons why you have negative feelings about driving.

You will also find some signs that can help you understand if driving is for you or not.

I Hate Driving: The Reasons Why

Here are some reasons that can make people say, “I hate driving”:

  • Traffic jam – Traffic jam is annoying, and it can be one of the main reasons why you hate driving.
  • Traffic cameras – Traffic cameras make you feel controlled while driving. Because of them, you have to limit your speed not to get fined.
  • The more people in your car, the harder it is to concentrate – This reason can be real, especially in the case you are a beginner in driving.
  • Parallel parking – Parking itself is often frustrating. Parallel parking can be even worse because you probably do not know how to do it. So this is another reason to yell, “I hate parallel parking.”  
  • Reckless drivers – Reckless drivers do not follow driving rules and can cause accidents or some damages. It makes you more cautious and sometimes tensed to drive. 
  • Bad roads – Bad roads that make difficulties for you to drive comfortably can also make you say, “I hate driving.”

I Hate Driving: Signs that Driving is Not For You

You can get a driver’s license quickly. However, it does not mean that you will make a good driver.

If you have the following signs, it can mean that driving is not for you:

  • Constant fear

On an empty road, you can drive relaxed and calmly, but when another car appears, you get afraid, and start to pull the steering wheel or close your eyes, and a real panic begins.

  • Frightened passengers

If your passengers always feel tensed and grabbing the handles beg you to drive more carefully, this is a signal that driving is not for you.

  • Aggression

In case you express your emotions violently, scream, use obscene language and argue with your passengers or other drivers thinking they are all idiots and do not know the simple rules, you should think about getting a psychological consultation. 

  • Vision problems

If you have vision problems, you should use glasses or contact lenses to see surroundings, signs, markings, and predict in advance the further development of the situation.

It will provide you and other people’s safety.

  • Fear from traffic policemen

Out of fear, you may begin to do stupid things and run into trouble. For example, you may break the rules right in front of a traffic policeman, and when you get excited, you can also raise his voice on him.

Problems may arise because of ignorance of the law and the rules of the road.

  • Absent-mindedness

While driving, you need to perform several processes at once. You must switch pedals and levers, watch over the situation on the road and signs, as well as the children sitting nearby.

If you concentrate on one thing and do not pay attention to the details, you can have accidents. 

  • Permanent fines

If you get a huge number of fines, fixed by traffic cameras and traffic police, you should think about it seriously.

Permanent fines can also make you shout, “I hate driving.”

  • Driving is unpleasant

If you prefer to use social transport or go on foot when possible, this is a sign that you do not like driving a car.

  • Odd expenses

You have to pay for petrol, also for insurance services and parking. It makes you say, “I hate driving,” and thinking about stopping using your car.

I Hate Driving: Confessions


Like, I despise it. I am 18 now, no license, and no car. I have had almost no motivation to get a license because I hate doing it. I have been driving for two years and still feel the need to ask questions to with whomever I am driving. I hate driving, especially in a town with many cars around and stopping and going. The highway is not terrible, other than when it is windy like today, and I feel like my car is going to be blown off the road. One of my biggest fears is dying in a car accident, so that is another reason I hate driving. I hate it. I can hardly talk to someone in the car with me because I am so overly focused on driving, so it is hard for me to have any conversation.


I have a car and have driven on and off for a few years, although I only tend to do local driving. I get nervous before I drive anywhere, and I hate roundabouts and changing lanes.


It makes me nervous, but only until I am actually in the car. Once I am on the driver’s seat, I am fine.

I had a couple of refresher lessons after not driving for a while a few years ago (Dh always had the car for work). I only had 2. When I asked to book the 3rd, the bloke told me I did not need it. He said my driving was okay and to get on with it. 

There are individual bits of road, though, that make me particularly nervous – those places where locals know how the road layout works, but anyone not familiar with it causes havoc.


I was a very nervous driver after passing my test. I would only drive around my town and the nearest town, that is about 10 miles away (where I had taken my driving test). It did not help by a prang I had a couple of months after buying my first car and just starting to explore a bit more. I also had this irrational fear that I would never find a parking space at my destination (because I was a lousy parker) and would drive around and around until I had to give up and drive home.

What solved it for me was getting a job that required much driving in a company car. I felt I was not always on edge at the thought of the car breaking down (I had no money, so I would not have been able to pay for repairs). I also just had to plug locations into my sat nav and go. It has taught me a lot about road positioning- for example, if I can see on my sat-nav that in half a mile I will be turning right at a roundabout, I know I need to get into the right-hand lane. Signs for roundabouts often appear too late!

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FAQs about the topic “I hate driving.”

How can I stop being nervous when driving?

You can stop being nervous when driving if you follow these tips:

– Re-learn the basics,

– Prepare your vehicle,

– Plan your journey, 

– Remain calm on the road, 

– Practice good driving habits.

Is it normal to be nervous driving?

It is normal to be nervous, driving if you are a beginner in driving.

However, if it does not stop by time and you feel anxious and panic while driving as soon as other cars appear on the road, you should pay attention on that signal and think if driving is for you or not.

Why do I find driving so stressful?

You can find driving stressful because of some factors like reckless drivers, bad roads, and parking.

When you are stuck in traffic, and the traffic light changes to green, the inability to drive can raise your stress level more

How can I drive in unfamiliar places?

Here are some tips that can be useful for you to drive in unfamiliar places:

– Pay attention to speed limits,

– Do not rely on GPS, ask directions from other people too, 
Pay attention to landmarks,

– Rent a car that can be comfortable to drive in those places,

– Drive slowly and keep calm.

How do I become confident about driving?

You can become confident driving if you:

– Drive as much as you can with another driver,

– Practice in a parking lot,

– Once you master the parking lot, start with back roads and gradually work up to busy streets and highways,

– Practice in different places,

– Drive different vehicles,

– Drive-in different weathers,

– Practice a lot.

How can I be confident in driving?

To learn how to be more confident driving, you can click here to get some tips from the video.


In this article, we discussed the reasons that can make you say, “I hate driving.”

You should be attentive to them and to the signs that can show that driving is not for you.

This article can be useful not only in case you have a car and you are a driver but also if you want to get a car.


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