In this article, we will discuss the topic “I hate college.” We will present the possible reasons that can make you say, “I hate college.”

Here you can also find some tips that can help you adapt to your college and reduce negative feelings towards it.

The Reasons Why I Hate College

Even though college years are considered to be the best years of people’s lives, there can be situations where you feel like saying, “I hate college.”

Here are the reasons why:

Your classes are boring

Because of general education requirements, you do not have enough freedom to choose only those courses that are interesting for you (until junior and senior years).

Adaptation difficulties

Is possible that you do not fit in because the campus is too big or because the conditions are changed and the situation is new for you.

It can cause adaptation difficulties, and make you think, “I hate college.”

You miss your friends and family.

Even if you had dreamt about living farther from your family, after some weeks without them, you can miss them and feel sad because of their absence.

You are burning out

When you start college, and by time you see that studies take all the time, and you do not get some time to do what you want, then you will most likely burn out.

Incompatibility with your roommate

In college, in stock, you do not choose your roommate.

If you are lucky, you may become good friends (or best), but in the case you have incredibly different personalities, your roommate will be a big reason to say, “I hate college.”

You do not like your major

Your major no longer aligns with your interests.

It makes you get distant from classes and reduces your motivation to study.

Facing reality

Before going to college, you can think that living alone will be easy, as you will cook and do laundry.

However, when you start college, you will face reality, and you will see that it is not that easy to live alone: you have to pay the bills, manage financial deadlines and other things that take time and energy.

You have not made any friends.

Not all people can make friends right away in new surroundings, so if connected to your character, you have not made any friends to talk, and to spend time and to share experience, you can feel lonely and isolated from others. 

Students’ Confessions, “I Hate college.”


I just recently started college after an uneventful summer and thought I would enjoy it. I struggle with anxiety, so I knew the first few days would seem quite daunting, but I figured that I would settle in and begin to enjoy it after a while.

However, this did not happen, and now the thought of college makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I took Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and psychology – believing that I wanted to pursue Physics in the future – but the only subject I am enjoying at the moment is Psychology, which I was not even considering continuing after A-levels. I have suddenly realized that I have no idea what I want to do in the future but am being forced to decide now, and I do not know what to do.

I loved most of the high school and was always an excellent student, but now I struggle not to cry in lessons and have even considered skipping class because I dread it so much. I have zero motivation to study outside of class and am therefore falling behind after just a couple of weeks.

I think I might be depressed, so I am going to the doctors soon, but I also have no idea how to tell my parents or my college. I struggle to even see my high school friends anymore because of our differing timetables and other friends that they have made. My classmates all seem friendly, but I cannot seem to start any meaningful, enjoyable conversations with them.


I am a junior in college, and honestly, I feel like college has only brought me anxiety, stress, and headaches. My social life in college is okay. I do not go to parties anymore, and I am no longer in a club since I am trying to focus on bringing up my low GPA. I still try to make sure I have a social life by trying to hang out with some of my friends at least two times a week. It is just hard for me to prioritize meeting more people or hanging out all the time when I am struggling in my classes. I am having a hard time balancing my social life, academic life, and mental health. How do you find the balance, and is healthy to dislike college at times?


The college has made me antisocial. I used to want to go out and hang out with my friends a lot, but now I want to be by myself. Moreover, the few times that I do hang out with my friends is to make myself feel better and so that my parents will not think I am a loser with no life. I am also depressed, and I am starting to think I may be bipolar. However, I do not think bipolar disorder is something you can develop, so I must have always been this way and just not noticed. However, if it is something you can develop, college did it to me.


This is going to be my second year, and I am just dreading it. I do not want to do it anymore. The work is useless and dull, and the only point of it is to measure how hard you are working compared to the rest of the classmates. Last year (freshman), I did not enjoy it. Come to think of it, all I remember from last year was going to classes. Far from anything fun.

It seems like everyone is having a vacation, and I am in prison. I was under the impression that college was supposed to be one of the best times of your life, but it is turning out to be the opposite. 

What to Do if I Hate College?

If you claim, “I hate college,” the things you should do are:

  • Figure out why – Have an honest talk with yourself and find out the reason what makes you hate college.
  • Join a club – Find out what clubs or organizations there are and join the one that is more interesting and appealing to you. It can be helpful for you, as you can meet people who are like you and have a similar mentality or at least interest. 
  • Make time to meet your friends – Inviting your friends to college or meeting them can help you feel better and confident. You will not feel alone, and you can also exchange your college life experiences; maybe you will learn something useful from them.
  • Think about changing majors – You may realize that the major is not as interesting for you as you thought. You do not have to worry much, because you can change your major. 
  • Check out other campuses – Even if you have already chosen a college, you should check out other campuses to see if there is another where you feel comfortable.
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FAQs about the topic “I hate college.”

What do I do if I hate college?

If you hate college you should try the following tips: 

– Figure out why 

– Join a club, 

– Make time to meet your friends, 

– Think about changing majors, 

– Check out other campuses, 

– Get psychological help.

How do you get through a college class you hate?

You can get through a college class you hate if you follow these steps:

– Go to the class, because skipping classes will worsen the situation,

– Try

– Do not procrastinate

– Talk to the professor

– Engage with other students

– Try to connect the class to something you do like.

Is it OK to fail in college?

To fail in college is not ok, because failing a college course can bring negative results.

For example, it can damage your GPA, endangering your scholarship.

Can I sit in on college classes?

You can sit in on college classes, but it depends on colleges; it is not allowed everywhere. 

However, you should know that if you sit in on college classes, you will not earn a grade or credits, as you are not registered there.

How do you pass a class you hate?

To pass a class you hate, you should:

– Try to keep your energy level up, so that you can pay attention to the class more accessible and be engaged, which will save you from boredom,

– Find something to enjoy about class and find a friend there,

– Daydream,

– Prepare for every class to avoid troubles with the teacher,

– Do enough to pass the class,

– Talk to your teacher after classes and tell him about your issues,

– Talk to a psychologist,

– If you see no solution, consider dropping the class.

What do you do if you are unhappy at college?

If you are unhappy at college, you should consider the following steps:

– Figure out why 

– Make friends, 

– Join a club, 

– Change your major if it is the reason,

– Check out other campuses where you can feel more comfortable,

– Meet a professional psychologist.


In this article, we discussed the reasons why you can say, “I hate college.” Reading it, you can conclude that even if you are already a student in a specific college, some ways can be helpful to solve your problems with college and overcome the hatred and negativity. 

Please feel free to comment on the content or ask any questions in the comments section below.


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