In this brief guide “I hate cats“, we will discuss cats’ nature, how people perceived them, what are the reasons to hate cats, and if they are rational.

I hate cats: A little about cats. 

There are two ways to treat cats: Egyptian worship of European indifference.

Ancient Egyptians were worshipping the goddess Bastet, with the head of a cat. Therefore, they worshipped cats, too, as the goddesses’ presenters. 

What about Europeans, they used to bury cats alive in front of their houses, as a symbol of happiness.

The habit of keeping cats to catch mouses was also prevalent. 

French people were beating cats with chains because it promised a happy and lucky New year.

It is known that some medieval Europeans believed that cats led to the proliferation of the plague, and they did not like cats.

Without much doubt it’s fair to assume that this guide “I hate cats” could interest such people.

However, much later, people started to pet cats not only to catch mouses but because they liked cats.

The first exhibition of cats took place in 1871, in London.

Why are cats different?

Cats value themselves more than dogs. They understand what people want from them, but they do what they find right and what they want. 

Unlike dogs, cats recognize themselves in the mirror after looking at it for some time.

Cats also feel danger quickly such as gas leakage and other forms of danger. It is not possible to train cats.

A cat likes to walk alone, and show their advantages, superiority and agility to other cats.

People often say that cats love to steal, but it is not true; in reality, cats are beasts, and they are hunters.

If they are kept at home, they have to haunt things from home.

I hate cats: The century of cats.

The 21st century is the century of cats. The web is full of gifs, videos, photos and listicles of cats.

There are even cat celebrities like Monty, Cole & Marmalade, Lil Bub, Honey Bee, and others.

All of this can be very annoying for cat haters. You will likely see the sentence “I love cats” more than “I hate cats”. 

According to some studies, cat owners (cat lovers) are psychologically different from dog owners (dog lovers).

Research showed that dog lovers were 11% more conscientiousness than cat lovers; they prefer behaving as it was planned rather than behaving spontaneously.

I hate cats: Irrational reasons why

 There are some reasons why people hate or do not like cats. Here they are:


  • Cats are more likely to cause allergic reactions –

Cats lick their fur or skin a lot. Doing that, they spread allergens faster than dogs.

This also makes some people feel disgusted and say “I hate cats”.

  • Dogs can do tricks – 

Some people think that dogs can do tricks, and cats cannot. But let’s remember that dogs get trained to do those tricks.

Cats do not need to be taught to clean themselves, and they tinkle in their spot.

  • Cats are mean – 

Cat haters consider cats to be mean. But they should know that cats can be as different as people.

Some cats are mean and antisocial; some are easygoing.

Antisocial cats can make you think “I hate cats”. But even such mean cats can warm up to you; it can take time and some effort for you to get their affection.

  • Cats kill birds – 

Cats kill birds, but they do that because, as we mentioned above, they are beasts by nature. Cats are hunters, so they kill birds haunting.

In the past, they did it not to die from hunger; nowadays, they kill birds just instinctively for haunting. 

  • A cat scratched me as a kid – 

It can be normal to hate a cat if it harmed you when you were a kid but you should not hate all the cats just because of that mean cat.

The same is true about people; if someone hurts you, and you started hating people, you would stay alone.

  • Cats are creepy – 

They stare at me while I’m in the toilet? – Staring can mean just pure curiosity towards what you are doing.

  • They don’t come when you call – 

Cats do not arrive when people call them; they come when they want.

People can be like that, too: they do not go if you call them while they are busy or are sleeping; they come as soon as it is comfortable for them.

  • Cat litter is disgusting – 

Usually, cat litter stinks when the litter box is full and needs to be cleaned. So you should not blame the cat for it.

  • Cats are not needy enough – 

If a person keeps a cat for some days, they will understand that this is not true.

  • I am a dog person – 

Some people think that if they are dog lovers, they have to hate cats and the opposite.

But it is not a must; it is a matter of preference. 

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In this brief “I hate cats” guide, we talked about cats, their nature, the reasons why some people hate cats, and why they can be irrational.

You can watch the recommended videos, read the books, and use the sources that we have suggested. 

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