I feel worthless (What to do)

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Why do you feel worthless?

You might be feeling worthless due to some different reasons why this is the current case. You should realize that you are not alone in feeling this kind of emotion.

A lot of people have their own reasons why they are feeling this way and the exploration of these causes can help you get this kind of feeling minimized in your life.

Many also feel so drained and exhausted by their feelings that they say things like, ‘ I don’t know how to feel anything’.

The following are the possible reasons why you are feeling this kind of emotion:

If someone else has been telling you that you are no good at all.

There are a lot of people out there who would say negative feedback about you because you are just there in your line of sight.

Most experts don’t understand why people say negative things about other people even when unprovoked by the other person.You might feel unhappy and worthless because of this reason.

Because of the constant criticism you get, you might start thinking like you feel bad and claim ‘I am worthless’. But even after all these feelings, your real aim should be to overcome them.

Osho is a philosopher who believes that no one should have the right to say something about you.

You shouldn’t let yourself be identified by others who don’t really understand you anyway.

If you’ve been telling yourself that you’re no good at all.

You might be the person who has been so used to negative things that people say about you.

This can make it difficult for you to say positive things even though they are present.

You should be able to say positive things about yourself without others’ validation.

This can help you realize that you are the only one who can say positive things about yourself and not others who might have other intentions for the charm.

You are comparing yourself to others almost all the time.

You might be the person who takes too much time looking at other people’s lives and wishing they were yours.

This can make you feel more worthless and the lack of a sense of gratitude can make you feel more horrible than you are right now.

Susan Biali Haas M.D. in Psychology Today states that you should be willing to practice a sense of gratitude for what you are right now.

You should work more on being a good example of yourself than let yourself fall in the temptation of comparing yourself to others.

You’ve experienced a significant change in your life.

You might be undergoing a significant life event that has made you feel worthless such as losing your job or having been separated from your significant other.

These kinds of events might make you feel disturbed about your life and you are afraid of what comes next.

Suzanne Lachmann Psy.D. explains that you might be prone to blame yourself when these events came into your life.

You should be willing to process the events in your mind and make some reasonable adjustments of what you are going to do about it.

You feel like everyone is against you almost all the time.

You feel like everyone is against when you are so used to them telling only bad things about you. You might generalize this event to everyone even those you haven’t met yet.

You should be able to think that maybe some people in your life were only giving constructive criticism and some are really just projecting their mistakes on you.

In this case, you should look at people objectively and away from those insecurities of you that were made by other people in the past.

You are negative almost all the time.

You might be the type of person who has the victim mindset. This can grow from the series of events that have made you feel worthless all throughout your life.

You need to know that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstance to make you feel somewhat better about yourself.

You might have found yourself to quickly blame others for the faults in your life.

Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev. has some great advice in Psychology Today on how to deal with a victim mindset where you have to stop focusing on the bad mindset which was created after those miserable events that you have endured in the past where you have to be blamed for things that weren’t meant to be made by you but others just find you a great scapegoat.

You can also try to change your mindset little by little to a positive mindset that matters most.

You should know that life can be worth living more once you are in the glasses of someone optimistic.

This can make you more opportunistic in life and find people who will be genuinely good to you.

There may be underlying health concerns.

You should consider the fact that you might be feeling under the weather right now whether physically or psychologically.

This can elicit the need to seek professional help to verify this current feeling.

You should be able to make enough time to take care of yourself when you have this sickness lingering. This is more important if you were prescribed for it.

You shouldn’t look at yourself as worthless since you have a dysfunction right now.

You need to see it as a timeout to what you really need right now.

What to do when you feel worthless?

There are many ways that you can do when you feel this kind of feeling.

A human’s self-worth is very sensitive from what most people observed since we tend to take desperate measures when you are losing this kind of characteristic in our lives.

For instance, we might try to get two part-time jobs or two full-time jobs just to make sure that we are still useful when it comes to financial aid in the family.

This kind of desperate scenarios may only prove that we are still feeling this kind of emotion in our lives.

This is why it is important to find healthy ways of making us feel our self-worth again.

Experts have sorted out methods that can help you gain your sense of usefulness when you have lost it.

You should use these kinds of methods to help you realize that you can still make a part with the people who you want to prove useful for.

These kinds of methods can help you reach what it truly means to feel useful and not those negative methods that can only prove to stress you out.

These kinds of methods can also help you grow into a person who is beyond the need for social validation.

You can start doing this kind of method once you are sure you can be independent and not feel this kind of negative feeling again.

You should also give these kinds of methods to a friend or another loved one who might be feeling this kind of negative feeling.

These kinds of methods can help these affected people realize that there is still meaning in life even though we have been through negative situations that make us think otherwise.

These kinds of methods will help you gain confidence or those other affected people confidence to keep doing what they need to do minimize this kind of negative feeling in their lives.

You can use these kinds of methods to find what you are meant to do in the future such as your future career.

The following are these kinds of methods that can be used to minimize this kind of negative feeling in your life:

Contribute to your community when you have the time.

The community can help you feel that you are still useful in life since you will be doing something for the people who have created your negative self-validation.

This kind of method can bring you to a sense that you can still do something for the people who have done you wrong.

You can use this kind of method when you are also feeling lonely with this kind of negative feeling.

You should be able to do this kind of method through volunteering.

Practice gratitude.

Gratitude can actually increase our mental wellbeing. This is because we know that we are happy about ourselves even if there are negative situations that are telling us otherwise.

You should use this kind of trait through journaling the good things that have happened each day.

You can also practice this kind of trait by thanking yourself that you are still alive at this point or any simple things that have happened in your life.

Acknowledge your accomplishments in life.

You need to record the good things that have happened to you. You can do this kind of method by using your journal and this method is associated with gratitude.

Practice positive self-talk almost all the time.

According to Lewis, people with a low self-worth find it challenging to speak kindly to themselves almost all the time.

This professional suggested that these affected people should try to collect inspirational quotes online that could help them find positive affirmations for them.

This kind of method can help these affected people to think positively as well. This kind of method can also help these people not feel this kind of negative feeling too much in their lives.


In this brief blog, we have talked about I feel worthless, why I feel worthless, what to do when I feel worthless, and more information about I feel worthless.

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FAQs: i feel worthless

Is worthlessness a word?

Yes, worthlessness is a word. This kind of word means a state of being unimportant and useless.

The adjective word which is worthless is the root of this word which has the meaning of without value.

Both of these words come from an Old English word where the meaning is significant, of value or appreciated. 

What is another word for not valued?

Another word for not valued is valueless.

This kind of word has synonyms such as of little value, of little worth, of no value, of no worth, of little financial value, without value, and meritless. 

What does God say about feeling worthless?

God says something about feeling worthless which is there may be times when you are like me who feel worthless, unloved or unappreciated.

The amazing thing is that God says that we are worth so much in His sight.

God is everyone’s refuge and strength who is a very present help in trouble.

Can a person be worthless?

No, a person can’t be worthless. There is no human being or animal that is described with this kind of adjective.

No one has the right to make this kind of declaration about any living being.

Even if the living being has befouled his or her life through whatever he or she has done, he or she is still considered to have worth. 

What things are worthless?

Things that are worthless are pre-peeled bananas in plastic wrappers, the ropeless skipping rope, and the pet rock.

These kinds of bananas are not really appetizing for some people since they are used to the fact that these fruits have their own peelings. 


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