I feel no one can help me (7 ways to cope)

In this guide, we will discuss what to do when you have feelings that no one can help me. Remember that you are not alone and that help is just one ask away. 

I feel no one can help me 

Feeling like “no one can help me” can give rise to feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, loneliness, and isolation. These are not feelings that we wish to experience. But why do we then feel them? It is because when we look for help, we can not see a familiar face in sight. We feel like our family, friends or as a matter of fact, no one can help us. The feeling of loneliness and helplessness worsen our mental health pushing us further into the corner. We feel stranded and alone in this world with no one to reach out to.

You don’t need to let feelings like no one can help me bring you down. Remember that there are other people to whom you can reach out for help. These include:

  • Psychologists and counselors
  • Support groups
  • Facebook/ Twitter groups
  • Find a buddy on The Buddy Project
  • Pets
  • Book club
  • Meet up with people
  • Talk to someone on 7 Cups
  • Reconnecting with our circle

People who can help you

Some of the people you can reach out to when you feel that no one can help me are:

Psychologists and Counsellors

You can always approach a psychologist or a counselor when you feel like “no one can help me”. They are there to understand you and support you in whatever way you require. Be there for you and provide the comfort you desire. Psychologists will know what you are going through and be able to provide advice to get out of it accordingly. They are accepting without any judgment. 

Support groups

Different support groups can be joined in case you feel that  “no one can help me”. They are formed by who themselves felt like no one can help them and created a platform for people who sought comfort and didn’t know whom to turn to. These groups are attended by people who are going through what you are going through and have a real sense of what is going on with you. It provides you with a platform to interact with them, discover why are you feeling so, and how to stop or overcome it. 

Facebook/ Twitter groups

In case you are unaware of support groups in your area or they are far from your place of living, you can connect with people on different social media platforms. There are numerous groups on Facebook and Twitter that provide you with a platform to interact with people facing similar feelings and problems like you. There is a wide range of groups available that you can be a part of.

Find a buddy on The Buddy Project

Applications like The Buddy Project provide a platform for people who feel that no one can help me or I am all alone can find buddies to talk to. It is a space where people who feel that they have no one they can reach out, can reach out to each other and seek the support of each other. It is a way to help connect people who are looking to help and maybe just a friend they can talk to about what is going on in their mind and life. 


Sometimes looking for another person to confide your feelings in becomes a cumbersome task that we want to avoid at all cost. When we do not want to interact with humans but crave companionship, no one better than pets can help. Pets are your silent constant partners who are there for you always even when you feel that no one can help me. You can adopt dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fishes, or any other animal that you like. 

Book club

In case you are not looking for a support group but would still like to meet and talk to other people, join a book club. Book clubs provide you with a safe place to express yourselves and find like-minded people. It is a place where you can connect with others on a level that does not require you to be vulnerable. 

Meet up with people

Similar to book clubs there are groups one can join that engage in fun activities like hiking, walking, bowling, traveling to new places, or eating at new restaurants. You can find them online or on apps like Meetup and be a part of their group. 

Talk to someone on 7 Cups

An online platform like 7 cups provides you with a way to talk to a specialist about what you are experiencing as they provide free listeners who are there whenever you need to vent out what you are feeling. You can connect with others on their chat board and seek the comfort of those people who are sailing the same, no one can help me, boat as you. 

Reconnecting with our circle

Sometimes we might not be able to understand a person’s reaction to what we tell them. We might misjudge it and take it in a negative manner. This happens to all of us, what then becomes important is how we clear the misunderstandings. We need to reconnect with our family or friends and clarify what went wrong. Once we are able to get past the misunderstandings we will be able to connect with them and no longer feel that no one can help me.

How to help yourself

In case you are not looking for outside help, you can always help yourself. Remember that even if no one can help, you can always help yourself. Saying this is one thing but knowing how to is another. This guide teaches you how to be there for yourself when no one else is. Being the support you need. 

Be more compassionate towards yourself

At times we can be extremely harsh on ourselves and that can really bring us down. We need to be more compassionate and caring towards ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves, celebrate our strengths, and accept our flaws. The moment we accept ourselves, we can start to heal. We need to be kind towards our mental health and towards ourselves. 

Remind yourself that you are not worthless

Reminding ourselves after failing at a task that we are not worthless is very important. We need to remember that a failure or success does not define our capabilities or our worth, it is us who gets to do that. After a failure or downfall, the ability to pick ourselves up is within ourselves alone. We can not be brought down by environmental factors. 

Try reaching out to old friends

In case you do not feel close to your family or friends, try reaching out to old friends and acquaintances. If you feel that no one in your current circle can help you, broaden your circle and see if someone can. Reach out to old friends and see if they can help. Reconnect with someone with whom you lost contact and see if they are able to help you. At times you might find someone who experienced a similar situation like you and was able to successfully get out of it. You can seek their advice and guidance to help yourself out of the situation. 

Find new hobbies 

Finding new hobbies is an amazing way to connect with ourselves. When we try to discover ourselves we are able to find things that interest us and we can engage ourselves in those pleasurable activities. These hobbies can also lead to us finding a group of people who share a similar interest and we can form connections with them. 

Look for the support online 

Online platforms help bring the whole world together. It helps connect people from all around the globe and creates a network for people to interact and share their feelings and thoughts with each other. We can use that network to find online support from people who are having similar experiences to us or with people who can provide us with the guidance and help we need.

In this guide, we discussed what we can do when we feel that no one can help me. 

BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

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FAQs: I feel no one can help me


What to do when you have no one to turn to?

When you feel like you have no one to turn to and reach out to for help, you can turn to psychologists or counselors nearby to talk to. They will be there for you and understand what you are going through. Other than them you can turn to online platforms that provide support, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Other online platforms like meetup, Buddy project, or 7 cups can be turned to. 

What do you do when no one has for you?

Maybe your family or close friends are not there for you, but there are other people who are there for you and that you have. When you feel no one has for you in your life, you can seek the comfort of psychologists, counselors, and other online support groups who are really there for you. 

How do you get through the day?

Getting through the day can get quite tough at times and leave us with the feeling of unproductivity, guilt, and shame. This is what you can do to get through the day, take care of yourself, this includes simple self-care, next take care of your surrounding, like your pets or plants. Interact with your parents, close friends, colleagues, or people you hang out with. You can listen to music or read books or go for a walk in the park. 

Is there a cure for loneliness?

Yes, there is a cure for loneliness. According to experts, the most effective method is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which helps lonely individuals to better understand the reason for their loneliness and how their behavior might be working in a negative way when it comes to connecting with others. Other than that for curing loneliness, one needs to seek out the company of others and develop a strong social support system that they can fall back to when they feel lonely. 

How can I be happy alone?

To be able to be happy alone you need to understand that you are good enough all by yourself and that you do not need external happiness to be happy. You need to value yourself, your thoughts, opinions, and feelings, which in no way implies that you do not do that for other’s opinions and thoughts. You need to learn how to be comfortable in your own silence and be able to talk to yourself about your emotions and feelings. Learn to observe your body, how it interacts with your surroundings, and with others. 




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